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コロロデスク / コロロスツール. Principle use: PRODUCT Manufacturer: Ichiro Credit: Styling: Fumiko Sakuhara(White, Pink, Khaki) Material: koloro-desk: polyester plywood(base material: lauan plywood), White ash(legs) / koloro-stool: lauan plywood, White ash(legs), fabric Size: koloro-desk: W736×D556×H1318 / TH700mm koloro-stool: SH430 - W378×D434×H430mm / SH530 - W399×D469×H530mm / Seat - W313×D313×H30mm Design period: 2011.02-2012.06 Production period: 2012.05-06 Photo: Akihiro Ito Website: Shop: Ichiro-ilo is a series of furniture designed for the decorative plywood maker Ichiro.

コロロデスク / コロロスツール

The concept for the ichiro-ilo series is that of 'tools for the real you' – 'ilo' being the Esperanto* word for 'tool'. "koloro-desk – a place to 'nest' at ease" The koloro-desk has windows at various locations, opening to give a more open, accessible feel and when closed creating a small private room where no one can disturb you. 化粧板・家具メーカーの伊千呂. 商業空間、大手メーカーのキッチンやリビングの収納から子ども向けの家具まで、多品種の短納期で丁寧におつくりします。


私たちはお客様のご要望に合わせて、柔軟に対応しています。 Designer industriel. Space Craft: developing WikiHouse in New Zealand. Why design cannot remain exclusive. Open Source Ecology. Geodesic Dome plans. FabHub - Digital Fabrication Hub. Open Source Ecology. The AtFAB Walking Chest of Drawers. SketchChair by Diatom Studio. Open Source Beehives. SKINN. Shalesmoor, Kelham Island & Neepsend Network. Sheffield has a large number of vacant shops, in fact from our previous research in 2011 we found that Sheffield City Centre had 103 shops vacant.

SKINN. Shalesmoor, Kelham Island & Neepsend Network

That number is probably similar today. For a while we have been looking at ways to bring vacant shops to use and to make it accessible and affordable for start-up businesses, creatives and social enterprises. Last year Sheffield City Council has received a part of High Street Innovation fund to revive some its empty shops. It was decided to concentrate on Chapel Walk, as it had the highest potential for positive impact.

A key part of the project was to use one of the vacant properties on Chapel Walk as an incubation zone for start ups and aspiring retail business. The aim of the Chapel Walk Project is that incubation time in the shop will lead to retailers developing their own independent businesses and more high street meanwhile shops in Sheffield. As part of this SKINN has developed a set of furniture for the shop. Build Your Own CNC Workstation Cart. Recently we needed a sturdy, standing-height computer workstation for our workshop.

Build Your Own CNC Workstation Cart

So, we designed and built one. It has turned out to be one of the most useful things that we’ve ever made. And now, we’re releasing our design, so you can build one too! A little background: This computer station is the one that we use to operate our CNC router. Previously, we had been operating that machine from a laptop on a rolling tool chest.

Our workstation is CNC-cut from half-inch plywood. The top deck of the workstation is a flat surface 29 inches wide and 18 inches deep, situated 42 inches above the ground. Perhaps most importantly (and as we mentioned), there’s room to fit a second laptop up on top. The five drawers are wide and (front-to-back) deep inside, with an interior area of 28.875 × 16.25″. The drawer pulls are made from two layers of half-inch plywood glued together. Our other tool chests have a mixture of plain drawers and drawers with ball bearing slides. Nouvelle Fabrique - Roxanne Chair - Make it Yourself. AtFAB Open Source Furniture. My Nell. 20+ Open Source Furniture Designs. Open source furniture — Pedro Terra LAB.

Catalogue. DESIGNERiNNEN. CC-BY-SA 2.0 by Margit Greinöcker & Katja Seifert Margit Greinöcker *1974 Seit ihrem Architekturstudium an der Kunstuniversität Linz arbeitet sie an der Schnittstelle Kunst/Architektur.


Katja Seifert*1985 Katja Seifert studiert Architektur an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Sie nahm an verschiedensten Ausstellungen teil und gewann 2010 die Talentförderprämie für Architektur des Landes OÖ. CC-BY-SA 2.0 by Michael Holzer & Magdalena Reiter Michael Holzer*1984 Michael Holzer studierte Industrial Design an der Kunstuniversität Linz und arbeitet seit 2011 selbständig als Produkt- und Grafikdesigner.

Magdalena Reiter*1985 Aus dem Bereich des Produktdesigns kommend, arbeitet Magdalena Reiter als selbständige Künstlerin. CC-BY-SA 2.0 by Clemens Bauder & Klaus Michael Scheibl Clemens Bauder *1986 Die Arbeit von Clemens Bauder liegt zwischen Architektur, Urbanismus und Kunst. MOZILLA FACTORY SPACE / NOSIGNER™ OPEN SOURCE FURNITURE. Plastic palette raised floor / プラスチックパレット | OA floor consists of the plastic palette units covered with the wood panel.


Cables to every direction are concealed in the units by passing through that. We can use it by taking cables from the inspection doors which are set on every unit. | プラスチックの物流パレットでOAフロアを構築し内部にケーブルを通すことで、各所の点検口から取り出して使用可能です。 Plastic palette raised floor / プラスチックパレット | OA floor consists of the plastic palette units covered with the wood panel.

Opensource Furniture -Mozilla Module 3D Model- by mitsuhito. Box Wood Frame N1 by charlyoleg. Occasional Table by adampaterson. Table by IDKnight. One Day Chair by oomlout. OpenDesk - Design for Open Making.