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Audio - Listen to Africa. Kaira Konko Scout Lodge. © Listen to Africa Kumba is the housekeeper at Kaira Konko Scout Lodge in Soma, The Gambia, where we stayed for a few days.

Audio - Listen to Africa

In this recording, Bex joins Kumba, Kadi and Fatimateh in the kitchen (well, by the fire in the courtyard) and chats about The Gambia, the UK, this and that while cooking the evening meal. We’re not sure who was interviewing who here, so we’re posting it under people and travelogues, and we apologise for the sound quality in parts of this recording.

We’ve mentioned before that we’ll sometimes post contact details for grassroots projects we come across in case anyone feels inspired to donate. The Kaira Konko Scout Lodge gives young boys and girls a haven where they can work, play, learn and get involved in scouting. Date and time recorded: 17:44 local time, 18th October 2009 Location: Soma, The Gambia (view on map) Equipment: Beyer-Dynamic M58 via FEL MicBooster MB-1 to Fostex FR2LE Copyright: Listen to AfricaSubscribe to the podcast » Land Rovers, land yachts and living traditions. Posted: September 22, 2016 A journey to Chew Bahir, Ethiopia – Best told from the scribbles in Kingsley Holgate’s expedition journal… The three expedition Landies are loaded up with humanitarian supplies, a Zulu calabash of water from the Cradle of Humankind, a Scroll of Peace and Goodwill in support of malaria prevention and Elephant Art materials for kids.

Land Rovers, land yachts and living traditions

We’re off to the sound of marimbas and drum beats from Lesedi Cultural Village outside Johannesburg. A new adventure is about to begin. Once again we’ll need the zen of travel to be with us as we point the three Kingsley Holgate Foundation expedition Land Rovers towards a place called Chew Bahir, the Great Salt Ocean, situated in the cultural kaleidoscope of southern Ethiopia – close to the borders with unsettled south Sudan and Somalia on the Horn of Africa.

Here cattle wars are a way of life; AK47’s casually swung over the shoulders of tribesmen protecting their wealth. Africa Centre. Events Calendar Donate Online to Our Projects BaoBao Festival Resource Library Over 2,000 itemsBooks, maps, art, artifactsAvailable for loanContact us to develop an exhibit.

Africa Centre

Sense of Place and Community - National Geographic Education. Cultural Differences National Geographic. Sense of Place and Community. Iframe.html#pbid=a637d53c5c0a43c7bf4e342886b9d8b0&ec=hlc2oydTrId6NZRUgpKIBrDnS4859aEO&docUrl= Lost Boys: Migration & Cultural Interaction. AFRICA - Explore the Regions. Teaching Cultural Identity With Media And Film. Centre for Intercultural Learning. Centre for Intercultural Learning Home > Country Insights > Overview - South Africa Country Facts Links to the best Web sites for virtually every country in the world.

Centre for Intercultural Learning

Cultural Information Answers to your intercultural questions from a Canadian and a local point of view. Overview Capital: Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative). Area: 1,219,912 km² Population: 44,187,637 (2006 estimate) Language(s): IsiZulu - 23.8%, IsiXhosa - 17.6%, Afrikaans - 13.3%, Sepedi - 9.4%, English - 8.2%, Setswana - 8.2%, Sesotho - 7.9%, Xitsonga - 4.4%, others - 7.2%.

Religion(s): AFRICAN ARTIFACT SCAVENGER HUNT. Your Mission Congratulations!


You have just been selected by the National Geographic Society to take part in an artifact scavenger hunt on the continent of Africa. Your mission is to identify artifacts used by various peoples in Africa. Learn About It An artifact is a physical object that people create for a specific purpose. Think About It Look carefully around your environment. "Faces of Africa" Photographers on Their 30-Year Endeavor. David Braunfor National Geographic News October 20, 2004 Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have been photographing the people, cultures, and traditional ceremonies of Africa for 30 years.

"Faces of Africa" Photographers on Their 30-Year Endeavor

Between them they have published ten coffee table books and numerous articles for magazines, including National Geographic. Their photographs have been exhibited around the world. Faces of Africa: Photo Gallery One. Faces of Africa: Photo Gallery Two. Lost Boys: Migration & Cultural Interaction. Africa Behind and Beyond the Headlines.

Things Fall Apart

Libya in Roman Times. "Food Maps": Informative, Delicious, Freaking Beautiful.