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Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley.

Design thinking

Presentation Design. Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web - Piccsy Playground. Studio de direction artistique & de création graphique. Historique de l'impression typographique, letterpress. Janvier 2011 Permettez-moi de vous conter l’histoire de l’impression typographique (letterpress) et d’expliquer pourquoi chez Badcass nous sommes sous le charme de son sourire ravageur.

Erreurs de genèse Ce procédé d’impression naquit vers 1455 en Europe, le père du bébé s’appelle Johannes Gensfleisch (aka Gutenberg), un allemand qui a vécu quelques temps à Strasbourg pour retourner en Rhénanie peaufiner ses travaux avec la ‘mère’ du bébé, le jeune Pierre Schoeffer qui de son côté trouva l’alliage de la matrice composé de plomb, d’antimoine et d’étain. 10 Simple and Impressive Design Techniques - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Complex design techniques are often time-consuming and, well, complex.

10 Simple and Impressive Design Techniques - Smashing Magazine

Some of these advanced effects1 can add plenty of depth to designs, but when used in the wrong place, they do little more than distract viewers from the project’s intended focus. These effects may be precisely what a design needs to have the impact it requires, but even in these cases, they should be complemented by simpler effects. Simple effects and techniques are the building blocks of today’s designs. For example, what good is a stellar lighting technique2 if you can’t decide which colors to use or which text-based effects to use in conjunction with the effect? With a “less is more” mentality, we’ve selected 10 very simple and impressive design techniques that can drastically improve the performance and appearance of your designs.

For more techniques, you may want to look at our previous articles: The basics first. 1. Sadly, adding extra contrast is one of the most overlooked and under-used techniques. Just a Big List of Free Design Stuff. If you hang out on Dribbble, Forrst, or other design communities, you’ve probably noticed the recent explosion of freebies.

Just a Big List of Free Design Stuff

You can get free icons, fonts, textures, and even whole user interfaces! And although Christmas is over, I’m pretty sure people like free stuff all year round. So here are a couple of my favorite places to get your fix of shiny PSDs for $0. One of the first free PSDs sites, 365PSD promises a different PSD every day. Almost all of them are free, and you can also download whole-year packs for a couple bucks.


Graphic Design. Typography. Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Also known as International Style, the Swiss Style does not simply describe a style of graphic design made in Switzerland.

Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design - Smashing Magazine

It became famous through the art of very talented Swiss graphic designers, but it emerged in Russia, Germany and Netherlands in the 1920’s. This style in art, architecture and culture became an ‘international’ style after 1950’s and it was produced by artists all around the globe. Despite that, people still refer to it as the Swiss Style or the Swiss Legacy.

Web design

User Interface design. Product design. Design theory. The Grid System. 85+ Free Killer Resources Every Designer Should Know. What makes a web-designer a great web-designer?

85+ Free Killer Resources Every Designer Should Know

Guts and information – and bit of talent. All designers have to defeat the same monsters. Inspiration blocks;Lack of material, like and unvectorized logo;Poor quality images or their non-existence;Low or no budget;Unhelpful clients; New Media Designer. Pixel Perfection When Rotating, Pasting And Nudging In Photoshop - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement When creating Web and app interfaces, most designers slave over every single pixel, making sure it’s got exactly the right color, texture and position.

Pixel Perfection When Rotating, Pasting And Nudging In Photoshop - Smashing Magazine

If you’re not careful, though, some common functions like moving, rotating and pasting can undo your hard work, resulting in a blurry mess. But with some small changes to your workflow, you should be able to maintain the highest-quality artwork from the start to the end of the project. Pixel-Perfect Rotation If you’re not careful, rotating layers in Photoshop can damage them in a very noticeable, pixel-mashing way. When rotating layers with Free Transform (and some other tools) to exactly 90 or 270°, the quality of the outcome is determined by the layer’s size. In this case, the artwork is 20 × 9 pixels: even-by-odd dimensions. Typographical Map of the World.

Dear blank, please blank. Gerd Arntz - Preview. Amadana's Wonderful Cautionary Infographics - Boing Boing. Stuart writes: I was poking around over at Appliancist and they had a posting about a new toaster over by Amadana that looked pretty cool.

Amadana's Wonderful Cautionary Infographics - Boing Boing

So I hit the link to get more info. But at the bottom of the page, they had included some bizzaro info-graphics of thing you should not use the product for… First, Amadana is a Japanese company, which explains why they might not have realized that a scapegoat isn’t the same as an “acuarium.” But bless them anyway. The first row is for that toaster oven, the second and third rows are for an air purifier, while the last is for a hot plate.