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The Best Real Estate Articles From Realtors Around The Country.

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See some of the best real estate content from multiple bloggers. Featured content to help buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

The Best Home Selling Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Selling A Home. What NOT to do Before Closing on a Home that Could Derail Financing. 5 Ways Real Estate Agents Deceive Their Seller Clients. Real estate agents are people, and as with all industries, there are some who you prefer to work with, and some you don’t. When it comes to selling a home, some real estate agents will deceive their clients to benefit themselves. Not all agents are like this, but it is worth knowing the strategies such real estate agents use, so you can spot them and steer clear of those agents who are not worth your commission. Keep in mind all of these things are legal, but that doesn’t make them right for you! In fact, it is quite the opposite. There is a significant percentage of agents who will go out of their way to do “the right thing.”

These are the bad eggs you need to stay away from. Below I will separate myth from facts in the real world. 1. Dual agency is probably one of the worst things a Realtor can do for a client who wants to sell his or her home. The seller wants to sell for as much as possible, while the buyer wants to buy for as little as possible. What does this mean in the real world? Buzz Worthy Real Estate Articles | November 2017.

Well, the holiday season is now in full swing but that doesn’t stop the real estate industry. You may be surprised that thousands of homes will close over the next 30 days and tons of people will begin the new year in a brand new home. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, I’ve compiled my favorite real estate articles from November and highlighted them below. Click on the link in each paragraph to jump to the full article. Does the Home You Want to Buy Actually Exist? I’ve heard from many different clients, “If only I could place the home we saw today in the neighborhood we were at yesterday”.

Oftentimes the home we want is out there but we may get priced out or it may not be in the right part of town. Getting Your Home Ready for a Smooth Sale Let’s face it. 3 Basic Ways to Make Money from Investing in Real Estate You don’t have to channel surf too long to find a program on making money by investing in real estate. How Residential Real Estate Differ from Commercial Real Estate Transactions. Should You Improve Your Kitchen When Selling Your Home? by Anita Clark Realtor - Anita Clark Realtor - Exposure. 1. Paint your cabinets (and replace the hardware) The most expensive part of a kitchen remodel is the cabinets. And, as luck would have it, it's the easiest one to save on, provided that your cabinets are in decent shape.

Many kitchens have dated cabinets that function well, but just don't look nice. If you have oak or pine or some sort of brown cabinets, they are a real eye sore for today's buyers. Not only are they dated, but they are dark and make your space look smaller. So, rather than replacing your cabinets, paint them instead!

When you replace the cabinets, you are paying for the cabinets, demo and installation. For hardware upgrades, generally brushed nickel or a silver look is ideal, and this matches the stainless steel appliances (see below). 2. Replacing the appliances is an upgrade that usually more than pays for itself. It's most efficient if you replace the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove (of often microwave) at the same time, rather than doing it in piece meal. 3. 4. Do Home Buyer's have to get a Home Inspection? How Residential Real Estate Differs From Commercial Real Estate Transactions.

When people hear the term real estate it is often meant to cover broadly real estate in general. Basically the land and anything attached to the land like a building, home, factory, warehouse or something else. Within the real estate world itself residential and commercial real estate are generally looked at differently. Frequently agents specialize in residential or in commercial real estate since the way each are sold can be quite different. Residential real estate often has many more federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern the transaction whereas commercial real estate usually does not have as many restrictions.

This article takes a look at some of the differences in residential and commercial real estate. Financing Differences Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate payment due at the end). In order to encourage homeownership the U.S. Advertising Differences Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Bottom Line Additional Resources. November 2017 Real Estate Roundup. Coming towards the year end and what a great way to round out November than with some great real estate reads. Whether you want to buy or sell a home now or in the spring the articles in this month’s roundup include plenty of information to help both homebuyers, sellers and investors. Read on for some superb content from top notch bloggers around the net. Bathroom Renovations For Selling Your Home Bathrooms are one of those areas in your home where homeowners can get a pretty good rate of return for the right kinds of updates.

What better way to get more value out of your home than by making some updates to the bathroom. Things Professional Real Estate Agents Should Not Do Unfortunately the bar to entry for licensed real estate agents is quite low in many states. Smart Tips For Selling That Multi-Family Home Are you an inadvertent investor who got stuck with a multi-family home because you thought it would be a great investment or maybe you inherited it from a family member?

Bottom Line. Pre-Marketing Your Home During The Holiday Season - Lakeland Real Estate. Are you on the fence about putting your home on the market during the Holiday Season? Consider pre-marketing your home during the holiday season Welcome to Pre-Marketing your Home During the Holiday Season What is home pre-marketing? It allows you, the home seller, to market your home BEFORE it is listed for sale on the MLS. That way, your home can gather interest and be ready for showing when you are! Get The Best Of Both Worlds Pre-marketing lets you enjoy your home through the holidays all while garnering valuable exposure through a professional real estate agent – some people are already visiting when they are looking for a home. How Does It Work? The internet has no seasons! Here Some Great Reasons To Pre-Marketing Your Home Serious Buyers Will See Your Home.

Don’t Wait Till After The Holidays To Get Started You ask yourself this question over and over again wether or not should I sell your home during the holidays? The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family. SaveSave. Pros and Cons of Using a Lockbox. You have listed your home for sale and one of the questions that will most likely come up is whether or not you will allow a Realtor to utilize a lockbox on your home to gain access to the property. As a homeowner, you will need to provide permission to a listing agent to utilize a lockbox or not! What is a lockbox? A lockbox contains a key to the home. There are two types of lockboxes, there is a mechanical lockbox which generally has a combination lock, and there is an electronic lockbox which can be accessed by Realtors® and only is opened by authorized keyholders, and every single opening is documented in the lockbox and in a secure web server which alerts the lockbox owner!

The benefit of using a secure electronic lockbox is that every opening is documented and you know who is accessing the property. I prefer utilizing electronic lockboxes for this reason as you know and have a record of who is accessing the property. Keysafe/Lockbox Addendum and Tenant Permission to Access Property. Why Your Real Estate Agent Should Attend The Home Inspection. The home inspection is something that can make or break a real estate transaction.

The fact that many agents imply that they do not need to be present for such a major event is unfortunate. There are a number of reasons why the agent – buyer's or seller's - should attend the home inspection, not the least of which is that it is their job. The agent is hired to represent the client, and representing the client means being there when needed. The home inspection is no exception. The listing agent should be at the home inspection just like the buyers agent should! The home inspection is a major hurdle in a real estate transaction. Does it make sense that a real estate agent should skip it? The latter of which you don't want to get stuck with. 1. Realtors are not the only professionals that can range from amazing to terrible. Even if the inspector does their job by the book, they can still present information in a more dramatic way than is necessary. 1.) 2.) 2. 3. 4.

Real Estate and Millennials. There really isn’t a formal age range for where the millennial starts and ends, however, most researchers and statisticians have the starting birth in the early 80′s and the ending birth around 2000. So, for the purposes of today’s article, if you’re 36 or younger, you’re a millennial (also called Generation Y).

Today there are 75.4 million millennials which make this classification the largest generational grouping in the country. So, it’s no surprise that millennials also make up the largest generational group of home buyers, generating over $514 billion in the housing market last year. As a seller, should you cater to the millennial buyer? Absolutely! With this line of thought, its a great idea to keep this generation in mind if you do any upgrades to your home in order to sell. Furthermore, because this is such an internet savvy crowd, you need to make sure that your Realtor provides a detailed listing for your home along with many, high quality photos. Create a Open Floor Plan Go Green. What Home Should You Buy in Each Stage of Your Life?

Buying a home is likely one of the biggest purchases you will make, but most people don’t spend their entire lives in the first home they buy! There are many times in your life that your housing needs will change; you will need more space, a different location, or different amenities. This guide will help you decide what kind of home you should buy at each stage of your life. First-time Homebuyers The first step before you start any house search is to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

This will tell you how much money a credit union or bank will loan you for a mortgage. Take into account your lifestyle when looking for a house. Give yourself a cushion in your budget for costs like furnishing your house or home repairs and maintenance. Michael Corrbett, one of Trulia’s real estate experts, recommends that you stay in your first home at least five to seven years.

Growing Families When you start a family, you will most likely outgrow your first home. Retirement. Home Ownership is Key to Wealth Building. The Best Home Buying Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Buying A Home. Real Estate Articles November 2017. November brings a lot of great real estate articles to Google+. It has been a quite a task paring down the best of the best.

To add to the mix of our regular real estate bloggers, we have also seen a lot of different writers throwing their hat into the ring. Keep up the good work! And lets be thankful for all the great real estate articles this month. Condo Ownership Sharon Paxson in her article discusses condo ownership. In many areas owning a condo is much more affordable than single family home. Sharon also points out some differences. With common ownership there also comes rules so everyone can peacefully enjoy the complex. Understanding Seller Agency This month Joe Boylan discusses seller agency. In many states it can be common practice for a real estate agent to list a home as a Seller’s Agent or a Transactional Agent. A Seller’s Agent works for the seller and can advocate and counsel for the seller. Buying an Older Home Mortgage Advice For First Timers We love our pets! “Tiny” Living.

Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers. Buying a home involves a lot of lingoes that the average consumer may not either be aware of or understand. Considering that most people will finance the purchase of a home for a rather significant amount, it makes sense to get familiar with the real estate terminology that will likely be used not only by the real estate agent but also by the mortgage lender. Much of what first time home buyers need to know about the process centers around getting a mortgage. Listed below are the top mortgage tips for first time home buyers. Tips For First Time Home Buyers #1: Understand Your Numbers The majority of people that are approved to buy a home will be able to finance more than they perceived. For example, if your current rent amount is $985 per month, you might be surprised to learn that you could potentially be approved for a monthly mortgage payment of $1,300 or more.

But that does not mean you should look for a home that is at the limit of your ability to pay. #5: Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage. Key Bathroom Updates to Sell Your Home Faster. Do you just love those beautiful luxury hotel bathrooms that remind you of relaxing spa treatments and make you feel like a celebrity? If yes, chances are that your potential buyers also love them.

If you want them to think about having a lavish experience, you need to consider making the below bathroom updates to sell your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have a fairytale bathroom ready to be presented, which means they (you) have to invest in upgrades that will hopefully translate into a quick home sale and profit. So, if you want to transform your boring and old-fashioned bathroom into a space that your potential buyers will love and desire, but you do not want to overcapitalize, here is a guide for you. Remember these must-have elements and essential bathroom updates to sell your home quicker are designed to give your home its best opportunity to sell fast and make you a nice profit as well. Aim for Popular Colors Opt for Furniture Neutrals Choose the Right Tiles De-Clutter. Top Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring Realtors | Eileen Anderson, Realtor | Berkshire Hathaway. Are you looking to hire a realtor to buy or sell a home?

Don’t rely on your gut to choose a professional agent. Be truthful…How many of you hire an agent because there is a sign next door or you met someone at an open house? If you are buying or selling your home it is critical to your success to be asking the right questions to interview and hire a professional agent. Here are some questions you should be asking during the interview process. 1. It is very important to stay on top of the market and community happenings. Know Your Market! In a hot market you will want to make sure you can preview homes quickly and not get out-bid by another buyer. Availability and communication skills are very important. 2. Today there is continuing extensive training for realtors however there is no training like experience!

Becoming an agent is a relatively easy task – school, an exam, training and you have a license to sell! 3. 4. 5. Many people think that realtors have a salary but this is not true. 6. Best SEO Predictions For 2018 of 53 Expert Bloggers & Webmasters. What Credit Score You Need to Buy a Home. Checking your credit score can either be anticipated with great apprehension or become a badge of honor but nearly all of us need to have a decent score. These 3 little numbers can determine whether you’re able to buy the house of your dreams or move into yet another high priced rental. According to the National Association of Realtors, just 12% of home buyers in 2017 paid cash for their home.

So, the vast majority of us at some point in our life will need to get a mortgage. Although lenders look at your income, debt, and cash, your credit score is one of the first things that they check to determine if you can get a loan since your score plays such a big role in the mortgage process. They need to protect their own interests so lenders use your credit score to find out “how likely” you are to pay them back. Common Questions About Credit Scores & Mortgages Is my score good enough to obtain a mortgage? Check Your Credit for Free: WallethubCredit KarmaCredit Sesame. Preparing and Selling an Inherited Home. Top Homeowner Regrets - How to Avoid Buyer Remorse - Frederick Real Estate Online.

5 Tips to Sell your Home During the Holidays - Lakeland Real Estate. LUXURY RANCH RENOVATIONS - Shannon Holmes. Price You Set for Your Home Determines 9 Aspects of Selling Your Home. 6 Reasons to Own a Home - Harmony Realty Triangle. What Not to Do Before Buying a Home. Statistically speaking, many Realtor real estate market reports are unreliable and misleading. Understanding Your Relationship with your Broker-Seller Agency. 10 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Never Do. How to Make Your House FHA Mortgage Eligible. First Time Home Buyer? Steps to simplify the home buying process! Real Estate Leads: 100+ Ways To Get Buyer & Seller Leads In 2017. Building Relationships Should Be Your Number 1 Real Estate Goal. When It Makes Sense To Not Use A Real Estate Agent.

9 Reasons To Buy A Home In The Fall. Ready For Staging: 4 Repairs You Need Before Selling Your Home | Tenax Real Estate & Investment Properties. What Happens if a Wellington Florida Seller Receives Multiple Offers? Price Your Home so You Don't Leave Cash on the Table - Harmony Realty Triangle. Virtual Home Staging For Real Estate: Worth It? | Surge Realty Solutions. 10 Easy Home Staging Tips. Solar Panels: Are They Worth the Cost? Why Do Real Estate Agents Hold Open Houses on Behance. Are Zillow Home Value Estimates Accurate. Pros and Cons of a Real Estate Open House. Selling a Home Without a Real Estate Agent Might Not Save Money.

Zillow Estimates: Accurate or Inaccurate? Selling a Home Vacant vs Occupied. 6 Tips For Making Your Home-Buying Process Easier - Credit Sesame. Today’s Top 5 Concerns Home Buyers Are Worried About - Credit Sesame. Top Real Estate Influencers Share Their Favorite Marketing Ideas -- OutboundEngine. 4 Ways a Loan Officer Can Work Better with Real Estate Agents.

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