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Bonnets. Tricot et crochet. Ponchos, capes, pèlerines. CUISINE. 25 trucs culinaires maison qui révolutionneront votre quotidien. BEAUTE. Entretien. Bebe. Chale. Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog: Starflower Mandala: Row by Row. Two or so weeks back I posted my STARFLOWER MANDALA PATTERN The original plan was to provide photos of each row - but there was such a high demand for the pattern (long weekend = lots of crochet time) - so I decided to go ahead and publish with just the few photos of the first four rows!

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) Of people have by now made the Starflower Mandala (the pattern has been viewed some 65 000 times! - and counting!) YAY! My original STARFLOWER MANDALAS were crocheted with Stylecraft Special DK and a 3.50mm hook, giving a finished Mandala of 33 cm in diameter. The Starflower Mandala in this post was made with Raeesah Cotton Soft DK and a 4.00mm hook, giving me a finished Mandala of 45cm in diameter.

Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. By AnnooCrochet Designs So here I am, in Lanai Hawaii, facing the amazing ocean, and volcanic rock all around me, it is impossible not to feel the Immensity of the nature surrounding us, It is always an humbling experience to travel, Our world is an amazing place, I do not take my time on this earth for granted...I feel very lucky to be on this gorgeous planet of ours...Sharing this Mandala inspired ornament with you all seems so natural today, I chose a beautiful summer feel Cotton, but you can of course substitute it to any yarn you wish, and depending on your hook size and yarn, the ornament will have many different sizes.

Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired

Happy Crochet from beautiful Hawaii!!!!!!! You will Need: Hook Size: 2.5mm Yarn Dungarease in 5 different colors. Tapestry Needle Polyfill for stuffing.Stitches used in this project: sl st: slip stitch ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochet hdc Half double crochet. Ball: Make 2 half balls. Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. Little Spring Mandala. Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission.

Little Spring Mandala

Do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell the finished items you’ve made from my pattern! Clamshell Tutorial. Difficulty: Medium - ★★☆ (I've put this as medium because there are a couple of tricky stitches, but if you're a beginner, don't worry, I'll walk you through it, so don't be too put off!)

Clamshell Tutorial

You will need: This is just a tutorial to show you how to make the clamshell pattern, which you can then go on to use for whatever project you like. Cushions, blankets in all shapes and sizes, bags, wraps or anything else you can think of. Pom Pom Edge. I was looking for a cute border to put on a granny square blanket I just finished.

Pom Pom Edge

Mémos tricot et crochet français / anglais. Nous inaugurons une nouvelle catégorie sur Intheloop : la section « Boite à Outils », qui sera nous l’espérons, aggrandie au fur et à mesure.

Mémos tricot et crochet français / anglais

Opaline vous a concocté de jolies fiches pense-bête pour les tricoteuses et les crocheteuses. Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit. I hope you haven't forgotten me and my little space here.

ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit

In case you have, I have come with a free pattern for you to enjoy and remember me for some more time. I created this pattern long ago but due to my neck and shoulder pain I had to stay away from crochet and computers for a few days and eventually lost interest in it. Today I somehow regained my mojo and completed it. So here is the free pattern for you. Magic Spike Mandala Square - 12" Afghan Block. A mandala… square?

Magic Spike Mandala Square - 12" Afghan Block

Yes! I recently had a request come in asking me to turn the Magic Spike Mandala into an afghan square. I thought it was a great idea ( particularly for such a busy week). Here’s the result – the Magic Spike Mandala Square! A new crochet stool cover. Ta da!

A new crochet stool cover

A new crocheticious stool cover… I love how bright and cheerful it turned out. Would you like to make one of your own? Well you have come to the right place, read on… Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. Little Spring Mandala. Crêpes de semoule et Pain algérien. Batbout (pain cuit à la poêle) Dimanche 22 août 2010 7 22 /08 /Août /2010 00:18 Voici la recette des batbouts, ce pain cuit à la poêle excellent pour accompagner les plats salés (tajines, barbecues...) mais peut être aussi servi en version sucrée avec du miel et du beurre.

Batbout (pain cuit à la poêle)

BONNET EN CROCHET 6/12 MOIS - L'Ouvr'âge. Les points classiques - dérivés des mailles de base. Traductions d'Amigurumis au Crochet. Les Amigurumis sont des petits bêtes réalisées au crochet, elles sont d'inspiration japonaise, leur principale caractéristique est d'être minuscule...

Traductions d'Amigurumis au Crochet

A l'heure actuelle, il existe sur le net une folie de ces petites bêtes, c'est pourquoi j'ai décidé de leur consacrer cette partie. NB : je n'ai créé aucun de ces modèles, je propose juste ici des traductions de modèles étrangersPour accéder à la traduction, cliquez sur la photo Retour au Menu <A HREF=" Mesure d'audience, statistiques, ROI</A><BR><A HREF=" des meilleurs sites, chat, sondage</A> © Copyright 2001/2010, Passion-Crochet. Маленькая сова крючком. В этом мастер-классе по вязанию Вы найдете подробные иллюстрированные инструкции по созданию милых совушек росточком всего 6,5 см. Для вязания Вы можете использовать более тонкую или толстую пряжу, размер игрушки будет изменяться в зависимости от толщины выбранной пряжи. Берите крючок на единицу меньше того номера, который указан на пряже для достижения более плотного полотна. Пряжа. В мастер-классе была использована 100% хлопчатобумажная пряжа 92м/50г.Крючок размером от 2,5 до 3 или соответствующий выбранной пряже.Наполнитель для игрушки.

В качестве наполнителя можете использовать вату, сливер (неокрашенная овечья шерсть), синтепон, синтепух или поролон, нарезанный на мелкие кубики.Глаза для игрушек диаметром 9мм или же пуговицы, если специальных глаз для игрушек у Вас нет.Игла для шитья.Ножницы. Начнем вязание совы с глаз. 1 ряд: воздушная петля для подъема, 7 столбиков без накида (7 петель). Убедитесь, что ножка глаза проходит через отверстие, образованное 5-ю воздушными петлями. ♥ tuto chouettes au crochet ♥ - Tournicote...à cloche-pied. Koala Bear Amigurumi. I found a Koala Amigurumi Pattern in the Woman’s Day website and I have some off-white and gray organic cotton yarns on hand, so I made a pair of these small little stuffed koalas for my kids in reverse color. Some ideas to make it differently: 1.

This adorable little koala is about 3-5″ tall only (depend on your yarn and the matching hook size), install a key ring on it’s head and turn it into a key chain, hang it to the bag’s zipper. 2. If we sew the limbs closer to the center of the body and insert 4 small strong magnets to the tip of each limb, you can make it “huggy” and hug on a tree branch or at the edge of your curtain or your pencil, ruler etc… 3. And, and…. instead of poly-fills, stuff beads into the body to weight it down and with the magnets of it limbs, it can be a cute memo holder on your desk too 4. Find the appropriate positions for the ears, approx at the center of the vertical cross section of the head, middle of the height. Lastly, stuff and sew the limbs to the body. Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. Birdie Decoration.

This is my pattern/tutorial for a hanging Birdie Decoration. A completely useless object of course, but very cute all the same. It's an easy project to make, great for using up odds and ends of yarn and can be used in all sorts of ways to bring a little good cheer. This little birdie is made in four pieces :: a round flat circle for the body, a small triangle for the beak and 2 leafy shapes for the wings. There is also a hanging chain to make which you can decorate with flowers if you like, and the option of adding some dangly legs too. Mes favoris tricot-crochet Tuto Bordures au crochet. *Skip 2 stitches, then dc 7 times into the next stitch. Skip 2 stitches, then slip stitch into the next stitch.* Repeat between ** Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired.

Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging, tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, Cro-Tat, cro tat, edging, trim, tutorial. If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging©2001 - tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, tutorial, how to - Copyrighted.

Please copy, reproduce, collect or redistribute with permission only. Crochet Star Making - A Tutorial. Hello. I have been making crochet stars this week. For no good reason really, just because they're fun to make. So I thought some of you might like to have a bit of crafty fun too. These stars use up tiny amounts of wool, so get your scraps box out! How to Crochet A Curlicue.

Crocheting culicues are one of the most simple and fun things I've made in a while...oh and they are addicting too! For this I'm using an H hook and some worsted weight yarn I had laying around (here's a hat pattern for you I made a while back with this yarn) To begin, make a chain as long as you would like your curlicue to be plus 3 chains (the one shown here is 20+3), Then make one dc in the 4th chain from the hook, In the same chain, make another dc...

Now make 3 dc in each chain until you get to the end (here is how it looks about halfway through), See the curlicue starting to emerge? Comment faire différents travaux au crochet. Technique de sioux #1 : Faire du pain sans machine ni levain ni levure de boulanger. Oui, Madame.

Tout le monde le sait, les sioux sont réputés pour être des petits malins. Ils m’ont appris deux, trois trucs avant de presque complètement disparaître. A l’énoncé du titre, je sens que certains restent perplexes. Faire du pain sans machine, ok, ce n’est pas comme si j’étais la première à le faire. On a à notre disposition les meilleurs outils Low Tech du monde pour ça : les mains. Les épices rient ! Blog de recettes de cuisine aux épices... Cuisiner les épices devient un plaisir ! Vive le Crochet !!! Vous avez envie de créer mais vous ne savez pas trop par où commencer ? La technique du crochet tunisien. Cours de crochet tunisien. Le crochet tunisien. Dimanche 8 mars 2009 7 08 /03 /Mars /2009 00:01 Il y a plus d’un an, sur un salon de loisirs créatifs, Cendrine Armani présentait son livre sur le crochet tunisien (Ed.

Didier Carpentier), ainsi que les objets qu’elle avait réalisés pour l’occasion. La technique du crochet tunisien. Tuto Crochet Tunisien : point de base. Paradie du crochet - Le crochet tunisien. Comment faire différents travaux au crochet. Comment faire différents travaux au crochet. Au fil de ma fantaisie. Modèles pour Bébé au Crochet - Partage de modèles gratuits , trouvés sur le n...

Un site entièrement destiné aux crocheteuses pour habiller leurs bebes de douceur et de modernisme. Tableau de mesures pour faire des vêtements au crochet. Tuto le point marguerite - le sens de ma vie. Le gilet papillon - Oh bout du fil. Fleurs au crochet. Fleurs au crochet. Tuto le point marguerite - le sens de ma vie. ♥ ♥ ♥ Les Petites Créations de Rosalie ♥ ♥ ♥ Modèles crochet gratuits : Tous les messages sur modèles crochet gratuits.

Un site entièrement destiné aux crocheteuses pour habiller leurs bebes de douceur et de modernisme.