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San Diego, CA, Open Source Developers, Open Source Programmers & Consultants - San Diego open-source software makers meet up and geek out. A gaggle of software developers and an Internet celebrity sit down for a nighttime talk in the bowels of a massive computer-chip-development company ...

San Diego open-source software makers meet up and geek out

There’s no punch line, and for the San Diego techies who gather twice monthly in Qualcomm’s massive research facility to discuss the who’s who and what’s what of the computer world, this meeting was no joke. Rather, it was chance to network, to meet with kindred spirits and, perhaps most importantly, an opportunity to discuss some pretty geeky stuff.

Open Source Meetups near San Diego, California - Open Source Meetups - San Diego. Qualcomm Innovation Center Launches AllJoyn Open Source Project. SAN DIEGO, Feb. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

Qualcomm Innovation Center Launches AllJoyn Open Source Project

(QuIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), today announced the launch of the AllJoyn™ open source project, which is a peer-to-peer technology framework that enables ad-hoc, proximity-based, device-to-device communication without the use of an intermediary server. AllJoyn is designed to easily allow developers to create apps and services that leverage P2P connectivity, which can be established using any short-range radio link such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™, on any AllJoyn-enabled device without the need for a 3G network or Wi-Fi Internet access point. AllJoyn is designed to solve many of the complexities that currently exist in the peer-to-peer space; for example, the technology addresses transparent device and service discovery, networking functionality, message routing and also provides a security framework for encrypted and authenticated communications.

RELATED LINKS. Open Source Web Design San Diego. Open source programming language vs. proprietary applications in web design In developing websites for our design and SEO clientele, we implement the industry standard, open source programming languages of HTML5, CSS3 (cascading style sheets), with some jQuery and JavaScript scripting for functionality and interactivity.

Open Source Web Design San Diego

We also employ the use of a variety of open source web technologies, including code validators, web browsers, and content management systems (CMS). This page provides a definition and overview of open source, as well as a list of common open source technologies and key advantages for using open source. Most software that you buy or download is only available in what is called a compiled version. This means that the actual code created by the software developer (the source code) has been run through a program that translates the code (a compiler) into a format that can only be understood by computers. Open source software is produced under a completely different philosophy. Gina Trapani - The Official Web Site.

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform. How is ThinkUp different from a stats or analytics app?

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

Prezi Alternatives and Similar Software. List of Standards - Benefit Corporation. Benefit corporation legislation does not require a benefit corporation to use any particular third party standard to prepare its annual benefit report.

List of Standards - Benefit Corporation

Nor are they required to have that report certified or audited by a third party. The below list is not intended to be exhaustive and B Lab does not take any position on whether any third party standard listed (or not listed) below should be deemed acceptable. It is up to the benefit corporation, its directors, and ultimately its shareholders, to determine whether any particular third party standard meets the statutory criteria. In addition to those third party standards listed below, more than 100 'raters' of corporate sustainability practices are listed in the 'Rate the Raters' report published by the research and consulting firm SustainAbility. San Diego » EvoNexus. EvoNexus™ is the business incubator of CommNexus™, a leading non-profit high-tech trade organization based in San Diego.

San Diego » EvoNexus

Our mission is to stimulate the growth of new high technology companies in our region. EvoNexus is San Diego’s only community-supported, fully pro-bono technology incubator. We provide full services – furnished office space, domain experts and mentors, and the opportunity to leverage our wide network of business and VC contacts – to start-up companies striving to achieve sustainability.

And unlike many other incubators, we provide these services entirely free of charge. Our incubator companies are under no financial or IP-related obligation to EvoNexus when they graduate. EvoNexus statistics to date: San Diego » EvoNexus » Applicants. EvoNexus is San Diego’s only community-supported, fully pro-bono technology incubator.

San Diego » EvoNexus » Applicants

Our passion is helping startups grow. San Diego's New Downtown Incubator Opens Doors to Internet Startups. Bruce V.

San Diego's New Downtown Incubator Opens Doors to Internet Startups

Bigelow2/1/12 After previewing its expansion plans last summer, San Diego’s EvoNexus, the free startup incubator established by the non-profit technology group CommNexus, has opened a newly renovated downtown office space. A dozen early stage companies began moving into the incubator Monday. CommNexus founded EvoNexus in 2009, when San Diego’s innovation economy was reeling from the Great Recession. The incubator has taken in 14 companies so far, including six that have moved out of the EvoNexus incubator in University City. “As far as we know, we’re the only pro bono incubator in the country,” EvoNexus chairman Kevin Hell says in a statement issued late yesterday. Signs of Resurgence in SD as EvoNexus Opens Tech Incubator. Bruce V.

Signs of Resurgence in SD as EvoNexus Opens Tech Incubator

Bigelow2/17/12 It could have been just another lame ribbon-cutting ceremony. There was a proclamation signed by the Mayor and the San Diego City Council that declared Feb. 16th as “EvoNexus Downtown Day.” There were speeches, and Mayor Jerry Sanders and the VIPs crowded together with a pair of oversized scissors to snip a ribbon. Incubators: A Booster Shot for Tech Entrepreneurs? - San Diego Magazine - April 2012. San Diego startups are getting help from the big guys by Mike Stetz Posted Friday, March 16, 2012, 10:00AM EvoNexus building, downtown.

Incubators: A Booster Shot for Tech Entrepreneurs? - San Diego Magazine - April 2012

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“Adopt-a-Lot” program—Escondido, CA « No Vacancy! PGLA revitalizes and energizes communities and pedestrian thoroughfares by transforming unoccupied properties throughout Los Angeles County into vibrant cultural hubs through the 24/7 public presentation of art. Leadership Forums - 2012.   About PARK(ing) Day. Visible Alternatives, Part 2. Final-report_low-res.pdf (application/pdf Object) Empty Lot Syndrome. Students design projects for vacant Phoenix lots. No Vacancy! Regional Arts & Culture Council. 2011.0921T.pdf (application/pdf Object) Carolyn Law. Platform for temporary use. Temporary Urban Spaces: Concepts for the Use of City Spaces: Robert Temel, Florian Haydn. KnowledgeEngineeringE. Michael Wesch Keynote. Nanotechnology Education: Find It In Albany's Universities And In Its Nanotechnology Companies.

Location California 2009: California’s Green Advantage. NanoBusiness Commercialization Association. Open Yale Courses. Space, time and architecture: The growth of a new tradition - Sigfried Giedion. Sigfried Giedion. Heinrich Wölfflin.