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Get the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business! If you have planned to get a brand new WordPress theme website for your business, you are lucky enough to get a huge community that supports number of resources.

Get the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business!

WordPress site is well known free and open source platform which makes it easy for developers to customize in any way they want. To start with your WordPress website, you will definitely need a best WordPress theme to make your website stand out of competition. If you are a newbie and don't know what is theme, let us explain. Environment Slider WordPress Plugin. Events Manager – Premium Magento 2 Extension – Buy Online.

Wordpress Dev Course. Glossary Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. 10 Simple WordPress Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Website Fast And Optimized. A well-oiled machine works smoothly.

10 Simple WordPress Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Website Fast And Optimized

Just like in a real life, we always service and carry out maintenance activity for cars, computers, machinery so that they work as they are indented to. Well, then why forget your virtual online business? After all, it takes years of hard work and commitments to establish an online brand. University Slider WordPress Plugin. FAQ Manager - Magento 2 FAQ Extension. The FAQ Manager Magento 2 extension allows user to ask question to get answer from admin.

FAQ Manager - Magento 2 FAQ Extension

FAQ extension by Solwin Infotech will help you manage your FAQs. Customers have always lots of questions in mind before purchasing products and you are not always available there to answer these questions. Do not lose them just because of some questions unanswered. This extension will allows admin to add questions and answers and list them on frontside under particular category.

FAQ Manager Magento 2 extension will not require any technical knowledge, you can set your own faq page with list of categories and questions with answers. Boxy Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Avartan Lite - Free Responsive Slider. Version 1.2.1 : – Bug Fix: Fixed Youtube Video 2nd time slide focus issue – Bug Fix: Editor action button click issue – Enhancement: Page Builder support (Aqua Page Builder, Beaver Builder – Lite Version, Elementor and Divi Builder) – Enhancement: Update Font Awesome with new – Enhancement: Make compatible with WordPress 4.7.3 Version 1.1.1 : – Enhancement: Make compatible with WordPress 4.7 Version 1.1.0 : – Bug Fix: Background Color and Image Selection issue in slides – Bug Fix: Syntax error Version 1.0.9 : Version 1.0.8 : – Bug Fix: Admin UI Changes to make compatible with WordPress 4.6 – Bug Fix: Ask confirmation before delete all elements – Bug Fix: Update code to select editor action options – Bug Fix: Update Plugin Core files to fixed minor bugs Version 1.0.7 :

Avartan Lite - Free Responsive Slider

User Activity Log – Free WordPress Plugin. Does your site have many users for various admin side activities?

User Activity Log – Free WordPress Plugin

Deport Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Car Slider WordPress Plugin. Magento 2 Translation Extension. Want to get more hits on your store?

Magento 2 Translation Extension

Tips to Choose Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Blog or Website. We all know that how overwhelmed and excited one is when they are looking for website or blog theme, especially if that is the first online platform for them.

Tips to Choose Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Blog or Website

WordPress is an amazing yet easy to set up platform to build up your website. However it is not easy to choose a theme quickly because there are so many paid and free themes available on internet today. All those themes are designed with aim to fit your business category. Each theme looks better than the other. So how can you know, which theme is perfect for you? From the background colour, font type, font colour and font size to the margin size and widget positions, your website or blog theme will determine how it will appear to visitors. So, the first question that may come to your mind is: Should I go for free theme or paid theme? News Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Google Custom Search Integration – Magento 2 Extension. User Blocker – Free WordPress Plugin. User Blocker wordpress plugin provide the ability to admin to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.

User Blocker – Free WordPress Plugin

User can be blocked by Roll or username for specific day & time OR date range Or permanently. When someone tries to log in, and if that user blocked then a friendly error message is displayed on the login screen. You can unblock accounts at any time you want. Also admin can view blocked user list and quickly search user and unblock account if require. Key Features Counter. Video Slider WordPress Plugin - Avartan Slider. Fashion Slider - Responsive WordPress Plugin - Avartan. Magento 2 Extension, Image Zoom Extension.

Advanced Product Zoom Pro is best suited to provide product zoom functionality over product detail page for product images.

Magento 2 Extension, Image Zoom Extension

Customers can instantly view details of product without clicking on images and wait for the popup. Using JavaScript, the zoomed image shows on mouse over when the user hovers on the small image. Very easy to configure it will fit your website design without problem and it works in all major browsers, including the iPad and iPhone. Product Zoom Pro works best using two images, one low resolution of the visible image, and one high resolution for the zoomed image. If you only have one image available, Product Zoom Pro will still work if you scale down the image, although this is not recommended as your page load time will increase if you are loading larger images.

As a bonus, it will also provide gallery for thumbnail images with two different positions like Top, Bottom. Product Zoom Pro extension provides main three zoom types: Basic zoom, Inner zoom, Lens zoom. Easing. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect – Free WordPress Plugin. Do your site have more content editor / authors who upload contents? Do you site content managed by team of multiple person ?

Do you run a site with user submitted content? Finally ended up with duplicate content on your website or blog ? Duplicate content divide traffic and may be penalized by google for SEO ranking. So, You must remove duplicate content (post , pages etc) and also you have to take care of removed content URL to redirect to main URL. Now, with help of this amazing wordpress plugin called “Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect” you can find and remove duplicate content.

Key Features View Duplicate Content View all duplicate posts, pages, custom post type posts with full detail. Magento 2 Featured Products Extension. Featured Products is a free Magento 2 extension.

Magento 2 Featured Products Extension

It is an effective way to showcase your hand-picked products of your store in an eye-catching and attractive way. Displaying featured products on your eCommerce store is a great way to increase sales of some special products. With the use of this extension you can display a specified number of products in a grid layout with thumbnails of your products. The administrator can set any product as featured product very easily.

When the administrator selects “Yes” in the “Featured” attribute, it’s featured lock section will display that product block on the home page and depending on the configuration. All featured products are displayed in a slider with navigation arrows. There are three ways to display “Featured products”: 1. Let’s have a look at key features. Top 30 Most Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Blog or Website. It is quite tough to stand in such competitive market with just building a simple blog or website and wait for the result. Adding extra features to your blog or website is necessary to make its usability and rankings more powerful. Today, we have come up with a long list of some useful plugins for WordPress bloggers.

Hope this list makes it easy for WordPress developers to quickly pick up the desired plugin and use it without wasting any time in researching. Here we go: 1. SEO is essential to gain major traffic source from search engines. Download. Top 12 Reasons to Choose Avartan as Your WordPress Slider Plugin. Are you still wondering which WordPress slider plugin is best for your WordPress website? All in One Reservation - Reservation WordPress Plugin. Best Practices For Kickass Call To Action Buttons. So you have a great page with lots of amazing graphics and good content, still no actions?? Have you noticed your action driving elements closely? With action driving elements, we mean the buttons or links that converts a visitor into customer or permanent member. Today we will explain how to make your action buttons as persuasive as possible. It is really important to understand your goals as well as your demographics.

You may loose building connection with your potential customer, if you are not using the right call to action word. Appealing Colors: Although it is the small element in comparison to whole landing page, it should have its own strong impact. Use contrast colored button considering your webpage’s background color. If you are going to follow this article in real terms, start with this piece of advice. Color matters, hence Gmail tested shades of blue to check which one works for them.

Powerful Words: Sports Slider WordPress Plugin - Avartan Slider. Light Breeze Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Being a good friend isn’t always easy, but taking the time to nurture a lasting friendship is worth every ounce of effort. As the years pass, some people will stay by your side, but many won’t, and you’ll realize that each friendship you keep is priceless. We can be great Hair style+ is basically the app with huge collection of latest hairstyles to stay connected with the latest fashion trend around the world.

Hairstyle+ includes the finely curated collection of classic hairstyles for ladies including “Afro”, “Asymmetric cut”, “Braid”, “Bun”, “French braid” and more. WordPress Content Slider Plugin - Avartan Slider. Full Width Responsive Slider Plugin for WordPress - Avartan. Masonry Timeline Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Timeline Blog Template - Blog Designer - WordPress Plugin. Premium WordPress Plugin for Blog Page. For something as simple to use and fast as Blog Designer, It has huge number of powerful features. Whether you are someone running a site who wants to make a great first impression with beautiful photos and someone making website for clients. Fully Responsive Templates are fully responsive with any device. Browser Compatibility Templates are compatible with all major browser. 29 Blog Templates.

Features - Avartan Multi Purpose WordPress Slider. September 29, 2016 avartan For something as simple to use and fast as Avartan Slider, it has large collection of powerful features. Whether you are someone running a site who wants to make a great first impression with beautiful photos or someone making website for clients. Demo - Avartan Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin. Responsive Slider - Avartan.

Responsive WordPress Plugin For Blog Page. Blog Designer - Best WordPress Plugin for Blog Page Design.