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Why Should You Always Use a Theme From the WordPress Repository? In reality, when you are at the initial phase of building a WordPress site, a significant number of factors will be on the plan.

Why Should You Always Use a Theme From the WordPress Repository?

Starting from setting up the website, optimizing the site for SEO, maintaining the content strategy, social engagement – you don’t have anything less to do, to be honest. The popularity that WordPress has in terms of creating a business website excuses the overstatement of calling it the best platform to start with. With the increasing number of users, you can see a significant uplift in the number of available themes and plugins developed for WordPress. It’s incredible how multiple thousands of WordPress themes are being published – each of them is unique in terms of visual representation, features, and overall performance. 10 Best WordPress Auction Themes of 2020.

Top 15+ Best Podcast WordPress Themes for 2020. Are you planning to host your own podcast?

Top 15+ Best Podcast WordPress Themes for 2020

A WordPress podcast theme is the easiest way to realize your dream. It lets you create a podcast on your WordPress site with just a few clicks. They also give you the ability to connect to different social media platforms and reach out to millions of people around the world with your valuable offerings. In this article, we have brought a list of the 15 most popular Podcast WordPress themes of the year. Go through the collection, and hope you will find at least one that will match your needs. 15+ Professional Furniture WordPress Themes for 2020. 7 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Small Business Website. eLumine’s All-New Ready-to-Launch Demo Sites for LearnDash. LearnDash has been the people’s choice for creating and offering e-learning courses for their business for a long time now.

eLumine’s All-New Ready-to-Launch Demo Sites for LearnDash

While its easy course creation process is lauded all the time. You’ll soon realize there’s a lot more that goes into creating an actual e-learning website than what appears on the surface. Only courses do not, an e-learning website makes! Apart from course creation. There are tons of other elements you need to factor in a while creating an LMS website, such as: Supporting Pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Course Archive, Course Single, Course Templates, Course Buy, Blog Pages, etc.)Menu Setup to navigate to these pages.

These are incredibly vital elements that help in engaging with your visitors, thus, forming the basis and foundation of your LMS website. Do's and Don'ts when Choosing a Theme for your Website. How to Make a Food Recipes Blog With WordPress. If you’re a food enthusiast or an aspiring chef, sharing your ideas with others and receiving feedback comes with some degree of satisfaction, if not happiness.

How to Make a Food Recipes Blog With WordPress

Maybe, when you start writing about food, the floodgates just open, and you can’t stop going. But of course, you already know this; the problem is figuring out where to start. Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a WordPress Theme. You have to invest countless resources and hours to create a WordPress theme.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a WordPress Theme

It’s a laborious activity if you want to create a decent theme. A best-selling theme requires intense research, professional coding skills, much patience, solid marketing, and a little bit of good luck. Interview with André Jutras from Rough Pixels WordPress Theme Shop. In our series of interviews, we talk to André Jutras from Rough Pixels.

Interview with André Jutras from Rough Pixels WordPress Theme Shop

Rough Pixels is a WordPress theme shop based in British Columbia, Canada. They design and build attractive WordPress themes with the focus their themes should be easy-to-use, no plugin or page builder dependency, and the themes should work right out of the box. How 20 Popular WordPress Theme Providers Websites Looked in the Past. In today’s article, we take a stroll down memory lane and look back about ten years.

How 20 Popular WordPress Theme Providers Websites Looked in the Past

We take a glance at how popular WordPress theme providers website design looked like in the past. I hardly remember what websites I had at that time. However, I started with WordPress 2008 and I remember a lot of these WordPress theme providers listed in today’s article around the current time. I have listed 20 popular WordPress theme providers that have been around and in the business for over ten years. It’s incredible to see how their website designs have evolved and changed over the years. I have used two tools to grab screenshots and get information when these theme providers registered their websites. The tools I’ve used is the Wayback Machine – Internet Archive, which is a fantastic site to see how the web looked in the past. What Are the Best Selling WordPress Themes 2019?

The year 2019 is nearing its end, and we look forward to the exciting new year 2020 — a new year with new opportunities, new challenges, and new goals to achieve.

What Are the Best Selling WordPress Themes 2019?

WordPress is evolving, and the number of users and websites increases annually, and as I write this, WordPress is used by 35.3% of all the websites. Best WordPress Themes for Automobile Dealer Websites. If you’re assembling a vehicle vendor or vehicle listings site, at that point, the WordPress themes in this assortment can assist you with doing so rapidly and effectively.

Best WordPress Themes for Automobile Dealer Websites

A significant number of these themes are packed with valuable features. These features not just enable you to list the automobiles you have available to be purchased; however, they additionally offer your visitors the chance to do so as well. If you do empower these features, your visitors can make a profile and then add their vehicles to the site, all through the front end client submission forms.

100+ Best Premium WordPress Themes Providers 2019 - WP Pluginsify. There are a plethora of WordPress themes providers and companies around the world that focus on creating WordPress themes.

100+ Best Premium WordPress Themes Providers 2019 - WP Pluginsify

There is a vast selection of both free and so-called premium WordPress themes. When it comes to free themes, I recommend the WordPress themes repository with over 7500 themes. All themes are reviewed and checked, so they do not contain malicious code or other suspect malware. With premium WordPress themes, it is not as easy to point in any direction. 10+ Best Free WordPress Education Themes 2019. Going to school is learning for life. In today’s article, I have compiled a list of ten free WordPress education themes. Perfect for all of you who maybe want to start a school or education website. Or perhaps change the design and layout of your current website? 7 Legit Reasons Not to Use Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins. 15+ Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes 2019. Is Your WordPress Theme SEO-Friendly? Top 6 Things to Consider.

Choosing a WordPress theme that is SEO friendly is a smart call! It can be a real asset for your blog. Today, acquiring a decent place in Google search result is imperative. It increases your website visibility, which makes you known to your potential and target customers. It is always good to execute solid SEO practices. Creating a Wiki-Style Website Made Easy With These WordPress Themes. Ever thought of creating a knowledge-based wiki-style website for your audience?

What can be the easiest solution than choosing a powerful WordPress theme for the purpose? In today’s post, we will tell you about eight such modern themes. That can be your perfect choice for designing a brilliant knowledge-based website. All the themes in this list are super responsive to a range of plugins and offer great flexibility in terms of customization.

15+ Best Non-Profit and Charity WordPress Themes for 2019. If you are planning to start a charity website, then WordPress is one of the best platforms. There are numerous WordPress themes and also plugins available for charity, fundraising, and environmental awareness. In today’s article, I have put together a list of great non-profit and charity WordPress themes. No matter what your cause is. 15+ Best Free WordPress Travel Themes 2019 - (WordPress 2019) If you are you looking for a WordPress theme that is suitable for travel? Perfect! I highlight some of the best free WordPress travel themes available, and you can use them freely. If you are in the travel industry, have an agency, holiday, portfolio website or blog about travel, these themes can be of great use. It is always difficult to find a theme that suits your requirements. A big advantage is that most WordPress travel themes in the list also come with a premium version if you need additional features or more support.

Traveling and seeing amazing and breathtaking views and places around the world is fantastic. 15 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes To Download 2019. 15 Best Free WordPress Gutenberg Themes 2019. Is It Worth Paying for a Premium WordPress Theme. Free Travel WordPress Themes Gaining Recognition in 2019. When people seek traveling or taking a sabbatical to break free from the monotony of life. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is to take a step out from the comfort zone. It is all about depicting a story in the lap of nature and adventures. While some have made it their passion and reached to become a social travel blogger while there have been set of the companies who offer travel experienced like never before. There are so many factors where the internet has served as a boon to the online industries. Coming to that WordPress themes have come to be a blessing in disguise when it comes to the enhancement of the online businesses, regardless of the genre.

The Best WordPress Paid Themes for Your Online Business. In the virtual macrocosm, people are more and more drawn towards online platforms with alluring outlook with great contents. May it be online shopping or be it a blog, the internet has become a boon and same goes for the growing popularity of smartphones. Everything has become accessible with one touch. Businesses are making the pavement to showcase their online presence through the development of a unique looking website. Pergo Review More Than Just Another WordPress Landing Page Theme. 20 Most Asked WordPress Themes Questions and Answers. Can WP Themes be Edited in Photoshop? 10 WordPress & PSD Themes. In an ideal world, we don’t need to spend a fortune to build a website like a pro.

In the real world, it may cost you a leg and an arm to have a website like a pro. The good news is that even if you’re a newbie, you can get things done with just a bit of coding knowledge. Long story short: converting beautiful designs to fantastic website pages becomes a smooth track. The bad? What WordPress Theme To Choose For A Startup? How to Build Restaurant Website With Betasso WordPress Theme? A website building can be compared to cooking. It is almost the same process.

The only difference here is the place where this process takes its place. How to Submit Your WP Theme to The WordPress Repository. 20 Great WordPress Premium Theme Providers of 2019. If you want to buy WordPress themes, your first thought should be Themeforest—the most significant marketplace. You would be genuinely picky if you can’t find a proper theme for your project on Themeforest. Of course, some themes are probably below your standards, and you might not be satisfied by their features or support.

However, it makes sense to want something different, and fortunately, there are a few other cool places to buy themes. Many WordPress theme sellers don’t have a Themeforest marketing budget, and consequently, fewer people have heard about them. Still, these vendors have sold tens of thousands of themes, and many are well-known among the WordPress community. VMagazine Lite - A Free Multi Layout News Magazine WordPress Theme. What Are the Best Selling WordPress Themes 2018? Best WordPress Christmas Discounts & New Year Deals 2019.

Top 7 Awesome and Quality WordPress Slider Themes. 9 Awesome WordPress Themes Tailored for Tech Startups. It’s quite easy to start your own IT company, but the main issue arises with the result-oriented promotion of your business products and services. Thanks to the existence of websites, it has become quite feasible to face your competitors and arise as a ‘Winner’. Plus, running your corporate website using WordPress is definitely something that will aid you in receiving maximum ROI (Return on investment). 9 Simple and Easy Themes for WordPress Beginners. If you’re new to WordPress, then the sheer variety of themes that are available to you can be quite daunting. It takes time to know which themes are best suited for your website, and how to differentiate between them based on their cost, features, and functionalities. Learning the ropes of a theme and how to use it most efficiently can also take some time.

The 8 Best Startup WordPress Themes 2018. Best Halloween WordPress Deals and Discounts 2018. 15 Best Free and Premium Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes 2018. Pinterest is definitely one of our favorite social networks to share images and articles. Pinterest is a popular visual social network launched in 2010 with 250 million monthly active users. Users can upload, pin, or save images on so-called pinboards.

It’s a network for everyone. How to Choose a Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Business Niche. Top 10 Gutenberg Compatible WordPress Themes for Modern Blogs.