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Free #Crochet Pattern: Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf! The Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf is the latest addition to my Chevron Lace series of patterns – which includes the Chevron Lace Wrap, and Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts!

Free #Crochet Pattern: Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf!

The mitts are made with a great DK weight yarn – but there was lots left over. Triangles Crochet Scarf. Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern is super easy, hides a multitude of sins, and comes with just one rule: no stress allowed!

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

This finished scarf is between 50 and 60 inches long, and twists and turns on itself naturally – perfect for wearing doubled as a cowl, as well as long, tied, anything you can come up with! The little button tie embellishment is a separate optional piece, and instructions for that are included as well! The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf is a great one skein project that really shows off interesting and luxurious yarns. Perfect for thick and thin yarns, as well as yarns with long color changes, it can be made with any size hook and yarn – just start by chaining until you’ve got your desired length in a multiple of 7 sts plus 5 and go from there. Using this pattern, every cowl will be unique. Lacy Infinity Scarf, my free crochet pattern.

I finished my infinity scarf!

Lacy Infinity Scarf, my free crochet pattern

But it’s still at least a couple of months before I will be able to wear it as autumn arrives late to California. I’m not in a hurry though and I’m very much enjoying summer days. I’m more than pleased with how my scarf turned out. It’s soft and nice to touch. And it definitely looks much better on me than on the hanger in the photos. Wrap It Up Scarf. To Infinity and Beyond....... Ok, so there is no beyond, but I have made a couple of Infinity scarfs.

To Infinity and Beyond.......

This little one was made using one skein of Vanna's Choice in Mustard. The pattern I used was Caron's Bellflower Infinity Scarf. I needed another skein to make it long and able to loop around, but I didn't have one so a short one it is. It's very warm and would have probably been too thick looped around anyway. Has anyone else noticed that Mustard is a popular color right now? Now for my second one. Create: Basic Chunky Cowl Crochet Pattern. A while back purchased the most beautiful bulky yarn.

Create: Basic Chunky Cowl Crochet Pattern

It was love at first sight! It's the loveliest colour of yarn I've ever seen, not to mention it's as soft as a baby's chubby cheeks. Sadly, for quite a long time it lay aimlessly on my yarn shelf, beckoning to me daily to use it. Finally last week though, I thought of the perfect project to create with it! Callaloo Soup: Gone Cowl Crazy, Back Never. I absolutely love warm and cosy cowls during fall and winter.

Callaloo Soup: Gone Cowl Crazy, Back Never

And since I have started back knitting and crochet, I can happily make my own in as many sizes and colours as I desire! Now that it's September, and I am getting used to the idea of it growing cooler every day, I took back up the Calm Cowl that I started back in April and completed it last Thursday. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the quick snapshot I posted on Saturday. Now here it is in its full glory. I used Knit Picks Shine Sport cotton yarn in Clementine. This cowl is crocheted in the round, which I discovered I don't enjoy.

The yarn was a pleasure to use though, it crocheted up quite smoothly! I ended up only using three skeins of yarn instead of the intended four, mainly because I wanted to use the last skein for this delicious infinity scarf by Moogly. Pattern: crochet cowl. Crochet Infinity Scarf. Easy crochet infinity scarf Crochet Infinity Scarf – Today it’s 28 degrees Celsius in Victoria, BC (it’s typically about 18-20 degrees in September here) – not the sort of day to be thinking about winter clothing but let’s be honest, fall is right around the corner.

Crochet Infinity Scarf

This past week I started a new infinity scarf project. I made this pattern up based on a baby blanket I made last year that I absolutely loved. This pattern is so easy and has a really nice rhythm to it once things get moving along. Materials: 1.5 Skeins of Yarn – Bulky – I used Loops & Threads – Country Loom – Ocean Tide Crochet Hook – US K10.5/6.50mm Embroidery needle Scissors` Directions: Ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet (U.S.) Counting in 3’s, ch as many stitches as it takes to make a chain 60″ long (this pattern calls for original chain to be any multiple of 3 so just count “1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3…” as you make the chain and make sure that your last chain lands on chain number 3). Pavement Infinity Scarf! Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf - mooglymoogly.

The Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf is indeed the stuff dreams are made of.

Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf - mooglymoogly

Dreams of bright, bold hues, ultra modern color blocking, super chunky scarves and cowls, and infinite possibilities! Once the crochet pattern idea for the Neon Dreams Infinity Scarf came to me, it demanded to be made. I started it late one night, and had it finished by the middle of the next – a neon fever! And it packs a COLOR PUNCH! It’s long enough to wear a variety of ways, but anyway you wear it, it’s sure to get you noticed! Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue US – I hook, 5.5mm460 yds (8.9oz) total worsted weight yarn, in 5 colors (Bernat Handicrafter shown, approx. 92 yds of each)Stitch marker (optional)Gauge: 14 sts x 7 rows = 4″ in patternSize: 8″ wide x 78″ long (before joining ends to create infinity scarf)Notes and Tips: I’ve written the pattern in standard format, starting each row with a ch 3, which counts as the first st of the row. Written Instructions: (scroll down for chart!) Row 10: Repeat Row 9. Calm Cowl pattern by Suzana Davidovic.

Free Pattern: Hooked Holla Infinity Scarf. To celebrate both the end of NATCROMO (National Crochet Month) and Knit and Crochet Blog Week, I am posting my long worked on and much more difficult than I thought it would be Hooked Holla Infinity Scarf.

Free Pattern: Hooked Holla Infinity Scarf

Inspired by the knit Challah Infinity Scarf, this pattern was a lot of fun and very challenging to create. I think the results are stunning, so expect a few more variations in the future. You will be making two ribbed strands and one textured strand, then braiding them together, sewing together the ends and sewing together the strands in two additional places to keep the braid even. Materials: 500 yards worsted weight yarn (I used 3 skeins of Stitch Nation’s Bamboo Ewe, 2 in Mermaid and 1 in Beach Glass). J (6.0mm) Crochet Hook Tapestry Needle Abbreviations (US terms): SS (Slip Stitch) Crochet Skull Pattern. Shara Lambeth Designs: Skull Crochet Pattern. Hello friends!

Shara Lambeth Designs: Skull Crochet Pattern

Yes, here it is! As promised, this is my Skull crochet pattern. You can use any yarn you like, in any weight, just match your hook size to your yarn :-) You can do lots of fun things with your crocheted Skull. You could make a bunch of them and join them on a long crocheted chain to make some Skull Bunting, you could attach one to a chain to make yourself a necklace, you could use it as an applique and sew it onto to something fun, you could join them together, end to end, to make a VERY clever scarf :-) (check out my pictures for some examples :-) Scrap Love Scarf. This scarf is full of scrappy goodness. A simple vertical granny stripe shows off the many colors of all of your beautiful yarn leftovers. Alana Lacy Scarf, Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Ribbed Scarf. It’s like knitting, only better!

December 1, 2010 by admin Knitted scarves are beautifully and soft, but they take FOREVER to make (to a crocheter anyway) Crochet scarves are often kinda ugly and kinda stiff; crochet is more dense than knitting, and doesnt have the nice soft drape. That is, Until now! I experimented with a lot of stitches to find one that would LOOK nice (on BOTH sides of the piece, who wants a one-sided scarf?) , would FEEL nice (not too dense, and with smooth stitches that glide across skin as knitting does), AND that wouldn’t take too long to make. There were a few stitches that fit one or two of those categories; there is a single crochet ribbing technique that has a nice look and feel, but single crocheting an entire scarf takes awhile.

What I finally settled on is this beautiful variation of a half double crochet stitch. What this half double crochet variation does is allow the top of the crochet stitch, which looks like a line of knitting, to appear on the work: Shell Crochet Scarf (Unisex) My second crochet scarf for donation to the Orphan Foundation of America used red yarn containing flecks of green, blue, and gold which I paired with ivory, blue, and green yarns. The result is a funky, striped scarf that I wish I could keep. I’ve been working on this scarf while catching up on last season’s Drop Dead Diva, a recent television addiction on my part. This crochet scarf pattern uses the shell stitch which crochets easily and quickly. I was only slowed down by the changing of yarn colors (and by stopping to watch particularly dramatic DDD plot twists). Christmas Gifts: 90 Minute Scarves. So here are the scarves I made for my maternal grandfather and great-grandfather!

The pattern is so simple and it works up super fast. My Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Economy Soft Navy + Shaded Dusk and Cafe + Shaded Brown* *This color no longer includes the turquoise that it used to. Grab your size 11mm (or larger) crochet hook, and 2 skeins of coordinating yarn. You will work the 2 strands together as 1. Ch 12, then Triple crochet (Yo 2x before inserting hook) in the 4th chain from the hook, and in every ch across. Cascade Scarf « A little slice of life… Free Crochet Pattern L0074 Scalloped Cowl. Infinity Scarf: The Master Post! A note: Changes have been made in this post to address the myriad questions I have received about this scarf.

Please refer to this post for answers to your questions, and comment on this post with any other questions you might have. I will reply ASAP as well as update the post itself with my answer. Let me reiterate that this pattern is extremely flexible, so I am hesitant to provide you with things like yarn weight, hook size, number of rows, etc. Free Crochet Pattern L20141 Ridges And Ribs Scarf. Free Crochet Pattern 90594B Crystal Falls Cowl. People webs: pattern: chunky circle scarf.

Vertical Stripe Crochet Scarf (Unisex) Today, I’m displaying my third crochet scarf for donation to the Orphan Foundation of America. 81001AD. A Geek-Chic Craft Blog: Free Crochet Pattern: Zip Line Scarf. Free Crochet Pattern 80443AD Curly Scarf. Free Crochet Pattern 70603AD Crochet Ruffle Scarf.