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Braini: The Speeder Returns. Natalie Kosmina. On this page you will find all the information pertaining to piloting a drone with you thoughts: demonstrations, experiment descriptions, etc.

Natalie Kosmina

You can find a press kit here. If you liked the Brainy Drone demo, an exciting new project awaits. What is it about? The AR Drone 2.0 being a drone controlled by WiFi, sending commands from a nearby computer is easy. Thus, the commands produced by a Brain Computer Interface can be used to control the drone. Conceptual Imagination Imagined Movement. La première course de drones contrôlés par l'esprit s'est déroulée en Floride ! - H+ MAGAZINE. HERVE Capture 3. HERVE Capture 2. Cartographie spécifique aux Drones en France. Novaxud, la naissance d’un nouveau éco-quartier au Mans - Galerie photos d'article (3/9) PHOTOS CHAPELLE 4. Chapelle 2. Chapelle 1.

Hôpital Etoc-Demazy, Le Mans. Hauteur de vol. Cartographie spécifique aux Drones en France. Flight Assembled Architecture/Architectures volantes. Bionic Bird. The Auto-Follow Drone For Adventure Sports. Flyability - Drones for good. eMotionButterflies. Flying is a recurring theme in the Bionic Learning Network.


The developers channelled their knowledge gained from the projects on the BionicOpter and the eMotionSpheres into the bionic butterflies. Video: Watch Harvard’s Teeny-Tiny Robotic Insect Take Flight. It’s about the size of a quarter.

Video: Watch Harvard’s Teeny-Tiny Robotic Insect Take Flight

Its translucent wings flap a frantic 120 times per second. Its buzz involuntarily makes you aware of the hairs on the back of your neck. It’s a robot. The video above shows the RoboBee. It’s another step forward along two important tracks in robotics, as engineers try to miniaturize their flying machines and model them on living creatures. Harvard scientists have been working for a decade on the design, inspired by the biology of a fly (never mind the name). Shrinking a flying robot is harder than it might seem. The idea is to use the teeny-tiny robot for missions like environmental monitoring, crop pollination or search-and-rescue operations, making the Bee a host body for teeny-tiny cameras. Manufacturing challenges remain.

But in a press release, the manufacturers set out high expectations for the next phases of the RoboBee project. “Flies perform some of the most amazing aerobatics in nature using only tiny brains,” said Sawyer B. Go Back to Top. AIR Amsterdam - Rise with us. LOOP>>60Hz: Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra. Superman With a GoPro. Nadav Assor.

Ophan is an installation incorporating a physically restrained, customized hexacopter as a mechanized cantor, flying and reciting all 28 verses of chapter 1 from the biblical book of Ezekiel.

Nadav Assor

When Ophan is at rest, with no people present at the center of the space, the hexacopter softly hums, whispers, or even sings to itself (its favorite song is “Someone to Watch Over Me”). When a presence is detected in the space, the hexacopter’s rotors turn on and it takes flight, struggling against the cables that restrain it, singing and gesturing its way through all the biblical verses mentioned above, as sung in Hebrew in the Yemenite tradition by the Cantor Dan Jacobi. The Yemenite style of Cantorial singing-chanting (cantillation) is monotonous – that is, there is no melody, rather a droning recitation similar to other eastern musical traditions. Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme.

Elevenplay dance performance with drones at Spiral Hall. "Black Hawk Paint" (2008) by Addie Wagenknecht. What the drone saw – video. Omer Fast. Voir le portrait filmé de l'exposition : Basé essentiellement sur l’image en mouvement, le travail d’Omer Fast explore la complexité de la narration à travers une pratique qui trouble les frontières entre le « réel » et la « représentation ».

Omer Fast

Si l’origine de ses histoires est souvent documentaire, leur construction s’affranchit cependant d’une démarche naturaliste et résiste à toute conclusion ou révélation d’une « vérité » ultime du récit. Omer Fast s’intéresse au rapport entre individu et collectivité, à la façon dont les événements sont transformés en mémoires et histoires ainsi qu’à leurs modes de circulation et de médiatisation. Ainsi, l’artiste interroge les politiques de représentation, dans la continuité de projets qui, au sein de la programmation du Jeu de Paume, ont proposé de nouvelles formes narratives dans le champ de la vidéo et de l’installation.

Né à Jérusalem en 1972, Omer Fast a grandi au milieu de langues et cultures différentes. Fast est avant tout un narrateur. NEW YORK CITY DRONE FILM FESTIVAL. Drone Captures - Burning Man Art Festival. Video shows Dutch police training the birds of prey to take down drones in mid-air  From radio jamming to robots with nets, many ideas have been tested to down drones snooping where they shouldn't be.

Video shows Dutch police training the birds of prey to take down drones in mid-air 

But the Dutch National Police is taking a less technological approach to enforcing drone laws. A video reveals it is training eagles to catch the menacing machines in mid-air, taking them down in one fell swoop. Scroll down for videos The Dutch National Police is training eagles to catch drones (pictured) in a bid to safely tackle aircraft in secure areas or over crowds where they shouldn't be. The eagles are being trained to identify and catch quadcopters, which are proving increasingly popular Mark Wiebe, innovation manager of the National Unit of the police, said drone use is becoming more common, with people using them to take photographs, for example. But they can be dangerous if they fall from the sky above crowds of people. 'There are situations in which drones are not allowed to fly.