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> mais pas assez pour éteindre ces trucs qui pompent chacun autant qu'une famille. It’s easy to spot a future programmer. A Field Guide to Procrastinators - Which approach are you using today? Des projets open-source qui changent le monde. Ouverture, partage, transparence, inclusion et autonomie font partie des maîtres-mots de l’Open-Week qui se déroule en Ile-de-France jusqu’au 11 avril.

Des projets open-source qui changent le monde

Une occasion rêvée pour revenir sur de multiples projets développés dans un état d’esprit et une culture libres et ouverts. Ça coule de source Les partisans du logiciel libre, Richard Stallman en tête, savent à quel point leur vision du monde est politique. « Leur idéal se construit autour de trois valeurs« , explique Sébastien Broca, auteur d’Utopie du logiciel libre (Ed. First Things First 2014. Dita Von Teese to give keynote at DITA North America 2014 Conference. Note: This was an April Fool’s Day post.

Dita Von Teese to give keynote at DITA North America 2014 Conference

Dita Von Teese will be giving the keynote to DITA North America, The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) recently announced. DITA experts and other attendees are thrilled as they look forward to her keynote. “I kind of always wanted to see her at the conference,” said Don Day, father of DITA. “It’s just a natural fit.” While some were surprised at the selection of a burlesque dancer as the keynote for the conference, others assumed DITA, an XML format for structuring technical content, was named after the keynote speaker.

“It makes sense,” one said. Dita herself is floored to be the speaker at a large professional conference. Other conference organizers provided a bit more detail on the keynote speaker. “But you see, she’s more than just a burlesque dancer,” Priestley explained. “In a way, our fates are tied. “Much of her popularity is actually due to the rise of DITA,” explained Geoffrey James, a Google search analyst. Jcolman : Lies, I tell you—LIES! ... Curtrice : Today's #writer #quote: "The ... Briandavidearp: The amount of energy necessary ... Spolsky : british english is easy innit ... Zen and the Art of Insight Generation. It’s not even really up for debate.

Zen and the Art of Insight Generation

“Insight” is one of the things we value most in the world of creative problem solving. Despite its value, we tend to throw the term around pretty loosely in creative strategy circles. We talk about insight as though we agree on what the word actually means. And we tend to talk about insights as things that will emerge, predictably, out of research. “We do the research and that’s where insights come from. Dan Martell sur Twitter : "1970s lego had the right idea:... Financial Times sur Twitter : "Norway, Finland, Sweden and France are best for female executives, it would seem: The Ugly Truth About Meetings. Visually sur Twitter : "The Ugly Truth About Meetings. Angel Raúl Molina sur Twitter : "Meanwhile in the real world... Gartner updates top ten strategic technology tr...

Climat – Les spécialistes du GIEC proposent de vivre nu et de faire la fête en attendant la fin du monde. Berlin – Le Groupe intergouvernemental d’experts du GIEC vient de rendre public son cinquième rapport concernant l’évolution du climat.

Climat – Les spécialistes du GIEC proposent de vivre nu et de faire la fête en attendant la fin du monde

Le texte destiné aux dirigeants et aux gouvernements se veut plus pessimiste que jamais, puisque ce sont plus de 800 chercheurs qui recommandent de faire une grande fête, de vivre nu et de profiter à fond. La fin des haricots Le rapport synthétisant plus de 1200 études scientifiques tombe comme un couperet pour la communauté internationale. « C’est foutu, voilà » a déclaré l’allemand Ottmar Edenhofer, coauteur du texte. Cosmologist on a Tire Swing. Feitclub : The best thing about pregnant...

Dumb Ways to Die. This Is A Trent Reznor Song OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO with Freddy Scott. Un militant anti-écologiste meurt découpé après avoir tenté de prendre d’assaut une éolienne. Urbandata : Weeks of paid maternity leave,... Watch This Insanely Terrifying Supercell Thunderstorm. Of the four different categories of thunderstorm, supercell is the worst.

Watch This Insanely Terrifying Supercell Thunderstorm

A rare confluence of warm air and precipitation creates a mesocyclone vortex, a swirling juggernaut of a storm that produces huge quantities of hail and roars by at over 100 miles per hour, affecting the land for miles and miles. And this timelapse video shows one taking shape and letting loose its fury. On May 10th, a supercell thunderstorm smashed through Missouri, near Kansas City. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that hail "up to the size of softballs" crashed to the ground. Meanwhile, photographer Stephen Locke was there to capture the storm, with all of its wind, clouds, rain, and lightning. When May I Shoot a Student? BOISE, Idaho — TO the chief counsel of the Idaho State Legislature: In light of the bill permitting guns on our state’s college and university campuses, which is likely to be approved by the state House of Representatives in the coming days, I have a matter of practical concern that I hope you can help with: When may I shoot a student?

When May I Shoot a Student?

I am a biology professor, not a lawyer, and I had never considered bringing a gun to work until now. But since many of my students are likely to be armed, I thought it would be a good idea to even the playing field. I have had encounters with disgruntled students over the years, some of whom seemed quite upset, but I always assumed that when they reached into their backpacks they were going for a pencil. Since I carry a pen to lecture, I did not feel outgunned; and because there are no working sharpeners in the lecture hall, the most they could get off is a single point.

Le normcore: plus hipster que les plus hipsters, soyez fou: soyez normal. Peut-être avez-vous remarqué le retour du non-style: jeans délavés, polaires et baskets lâches.

Le normcore: plus hipster que les plus hipsters, soyez fou: soyez normal

Derrière cela se cache un concept. Les hipsters ont bouclé la boucle. A force de chercher la singularité, ils ont atteint une nouvelle frontière. Un horizon lointain, totalement exotique: la normalité. Spolsky : Apparently some of the ATMs... Played_well: Well played vandal well played. Britain in awe of rare Northern Lights. 11 Times 'The Simpsons' Predicted the Future of Technology. Pollution de l'air en France : deux associations déposent plainte contre X.