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How Not To Let People Walk All Over You. Co-authored by Payal Shah and Nainika Agrawal.

How Not To Let People Walk All Over You

It’s really easy to lose yourself to the people around you. Maybe you’re the one who stops studying the day before your final exam because your best friend has boy trouble and NEEDS to vent about what an asshole he is. Or the one who’ll trudge it up to the residence hall a mile away because the cute boy in your Psych 101 class said he needs notes for the quiz that’s in two hours. Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem? Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem?

Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem?

By Nikki Willhite It is always sad to see people with obvious low self-esteem. It is just as sad to see people build their self-esteem on "sandy soil. " Overcoming Self-Doubt. Choosing Your Own Life’s Adventure. “Death is not the greatest loss in life.

Choosing Your Own Life’s Adventure

The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.” – Norman Cousins. It is what it is – Expanding Your Comfort Zone Versus Taking a Risk. Distracted? Angry? Envious? Back when my son was 8 years old, he called 911 after I took away his Game Boy.

Distracted? Angry? Envious?

I wish I'd been studying Buddhism back then, because I probably could have handled it a lot better. I suspect I wouldn't have yelled at him while the dispatcher was still listening. And I bet I wouldn't have been quite so wracked by dread when the police were questioning us in separate rooms of the house—at least until I overheard the other officer ask, "She took away your " Most importantly, I know I would have forgiven my son much more quickly, and the whole thing wouldn't have felt so traumatic . I might even have gazed upon him with compassion. Looking back, I realize I was completely underutilizing my own brain . In contrast, practiced Buddhist meditators deploy their brains with exceptional skill. "What we're talking about is a long-term strategy for cultivating the heart and mind to fully draw forth the beneficial capacities of the human mind," says B.

The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others. By Leo Babauta We all do it: we look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too.

The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others

Or, alternatively, we scoff at what they’re doing and judge them, and see ourselves as better. One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior. Neither makes us happy. Let’s take a couple of quick examples. Example 1: Looking at Instagram I’m not an Instagram user, but family members are, and I see the kinds of things that are posted: people going to parties, to the beach, having a great dinner, traveling, going on a run, doing yoga … generally living an amazing life.

What Happened To All My Friends? I have no friends.

What Happened To All My Friends?

A statement thought by almost everyone after they graduate from college at least once… or, let’s be serious, at least once a week. When the Soul is Ready, the Soulmate Will Appear. By Sophia Elise As a love and relationship psychic I am inundated with questions about soulmates.

When the Soul is Ready, the Soulmate Will Appear

How To Simplify A Complicated Life. I’ve always been a hoarder collector by nature.

How To Simplify A Complicated Life

As a child, I had the eye of a magpie, collecting and displaying little things I’d find, but while this habit started out innocently enough, lately I’ve felt the need to simplify. Remember Jana’s recent post about feeling lighter physically? Well, for me it’s time to feel lighter spiritually. It’s time to un-complicate. There are countless articles, essays, blog posts, and lists available online, all offering up their tips and tricks for adopting a minimalist approach to life.

Write daily and look inward: I’ve always been pretty unsuccessful at keeping journals, usually only filling a few pages before losing interest. Let It Rain - Finding Gratitude in Grief. By Jennifer Deisher Contributing Writer for Wake Up World I Love the rain.

Let It Rain - Finding Gratitude in Grief

That Moment When You Realize You’re Stuck Being You For The Rest Of Your Life. I was sitting across from this blonde girl on the subway.

That Moment When You Realize You’re Stuck Being You For The Rest Of Your Life

Her haircut was all split ends and sharp and she held a viola case at her side and it occurred to me, for the first time, that I was stuck being myself for the rest of my life. Like, it just hit me that I would never be this blonde girl on the train toting an instrument. People I will also never be: someone who can pull off dark lipstick; someone whose bangs make sense; someone who can remember what she read in a book just a week ago; someone who wears nightgowns to bed and wakes up early to cook scrambled eggs; someone who sits at a desk and handwrites thank you notes, fondly stroking her own penmanship in a moment of self-reflection and gratitude; someone who handwrites, period.

The Best 10 Motivational Videos For 2013. Once in a while a video comes along that is powerful enough to transcend language barriers and speak directly to our soul. That’s why today I’ve decided to do a list with the motivational videos that had great impact on me and have served me as a motivational source almost on a daily basis. Dream – Mateusz M Key Quote: Most people they raise a family, they earn a living and then they die.

They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves. Happiness. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.[1] A variety of biological, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Various research groups, including positive psychology, are employing the scientific method to research questions about what "happiness" is, and how it might be attained.

The United Nations declared 20 March the International Day of Happiness to recognise the relevance of happiness and wellbeing as universal goals. Definition Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. How You Can Overcome Adversity. How You Can Overcome Adversity By Dave Cole Napoleon Hill wrote, "In every adversity, there is the seed of an equal or greater benefit".

Doesn't it just seem that the more you try to get things accomplished, the more problems and obstacles that somehow, just crop up and are required to be dealt with along the way? Becoming a success doesn't just happen. Everything seems to be going along pretty well, when all of a sudden....up comes this major roadblock.... seemingly, out of nowhere to try and trip you up. A Simple Thing You Can Do Today that Will Make You Happier. Email You know you are on the right track in life when you become disinterested in looking back, and eager to take the next step. Think about that for a moment, and ask yourself: What does my happiness feel like? Over the years, Marc and I have asked you to join us in examining the relationship between happiness and hardship. Hardship feels easy to define – a season of financial struggle, a time of personal loss, a period of life marked by tragedies – as the source of ongoing frustration in our lives.

Change your thoughts — to change your life. NLP Your Self. Aligning Perceptual Positions: New NLP Method. Aligning Perceptual Positions A New Distinction in NLP by Connirae Andreas, Ph.D. and Tamara Andreas, MM, ©1991 first published in Anchor Point, Feb. 1991 (Vol 5 No 2) – with minor edits April 2006 “Perceptual Positions” has been an important and useful distinction in NLP, one that can be used to enhance our flexibility, wisdom and resourcefulness. There are three major perceptual positions: SELF position is experiencing the world from my own position: I see and hear other people and the world around me from my own point of view, have my own feelings, etc.

This is also called association. OTHER position is experiencing the world literally from some other person's position. OBSERVER position means experiencing the world from the outside, as an observer. Brilliant people in many disciplines are able to shift their perceptual position flexibly, and this is a basis for their special skills. Many limitations have been usefully described as being “stuck” in one perceptual position. Chunking. NLP Articles Articles. The Top NLP Techniques. Need Some Motivation Right Now? Read This IMMEDIATELY. Good Habits for a Great Life! Techniques for Changing Minds.