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Curiosidades sobre "La Última Cena" de Leonardo Da Vinci. “La última cena” es una de las pinturas más conocidas y famosas de Leonardo Da Vinci, el humanista por excelencia del Renacimiento.

Curiosidades sobre "La Última Cena" de Leonardo Da Vinci

Muchos expertos la consideran una de las mejores obras de la pintura de todos los tiempos. Pero, ¿sabes qué tamaño tiene o dónde está el original? ¿Sabes por qué pintó Da Vinci esta escena o en cuál de los cuatro evangelios de inspira? Profeglés: Alternativas a Series.Ly. The Internet Arcade : Free Software. Internet Arcade by Sega software.

The Internet Arcade : Free Software

Emprendimiento: mi experiencia personal. Siempre hemos seguido con admiración las carreras de éxito.

Emprendimiento: mi experiencia personal

Está en nuestro ADN: estamos programados para triunfar, o al menos, intentarlo. 8 Soft Skills Tech Hiring Managers Covet. Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy.

8 Soft Skills Tech Hiring Managers Covet

In fact, there’s a talent shortage in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, which means that of the predicted 1.4 million STEM jobs that will be available by 2020, there will be a shortage of talent for about 1 million positions — or 70%. Millennials have proactively — and pragmatically — sought experiences that will make them leaders among their colleagues, and they’re highly proficient with technology. In fact, the younger the millennial, the stronger his or her affinity for tech. 8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance (and 4 Things That Don't Matter) This question originally appeared on Quora.

8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance (and 4 Things That Don't Matter)

When recruiters look through a stack of resumes for candidate screening, what is the vital information they focus upon? Answer by Ambra Benjamin, engineering recruiter at Facebook, previously LivingSocial, Google and Expedia. I think this varies from recruiter to recruiter and also depends on the role for which you're applying. For one, I don't look through stacks of resumes anymore. I hate paper. Sol·licitud. Villa at the Beach-Meco-Sesimbra in Sesimbra.


SoshiTech – Marketing Success Secrets for Tech Startups By John Ortbal It is estimated that 40 percent of venture backed companies fail; 40 percent return moderate amounts of capital; and only 20 percent or less produce high returns.

SoshiTech –

It is the small percentage of high return deals that are most responsible for the venture capital industry consistently performing above the public markets. So what separates the zeroes from the heroes? Thought Leadership is a Primary Differentiator. Cover letters: types and samples. You are here: Career Services > Job & internship search guide > Correspondence index > Cover letters: types and samples On this page: hard copy / e-mail differences | all cover letters should... | page margins, fonts sample cover letter format | letters of application or inquiry | info-seeking letters and follow-up The guidelines here apply to both hard copy correspondence and e-mail.

Cover letters: types and samples

(To decide which to use, see e-mail in your job search.) Main differences between e-mail and hard copy correspondence: Format: your signature block (address, etc.) goes below your name in e-mail, while it goes at the top of the page on hard copy. GDS, CRS, PMS, IDS, BAR, LRA, maxLOS,… How NOT to Write a CV! The 5-Step Editing Process for a Perfect Resume. You know that you should edit your resume before you send it off in the world, making sure it’s error-free.

The 5-Step Editing Process for a Perfect Resume

But to make sure that resume is in the best possible shape? You should really take the editing process a few steps further. Here’s the thing: Editing is more than just giving something a once-over to eliminate egregious typos and grammar mistakes. LinkedIn Headline: How To Write The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Headline. ¿Quiere desaparecer de internet? Siga estos pasos para borrar su rastro digital definitivamente. The Top Transferable Skills Every Manager Should Have. 7 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts.

Negative thinking can be a habit of mind.

7 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Thoughts sink in and linger there until you take action to get rid of them. When you first start thinking negatively, it can be tempting to try and force those thoughts out of your head. You try as hard as possible to stop thinking about them and push them out. Klout Training & Tutorials. Personal Development For Intelligent People. “With the pride of the artist, you must blow against the walls of every power that exists with the small trumpet of your defiance.”

Personal Development For Intelligent People

SERIOUS GAMES MARKET. Serious Games helping intelligence teams learn to take cognitive biases out of their decision making Related post: MACBETH, developed by the University of Oklahoma (OU), is the winner of both the “Best Business Game” and “Best Game Special Emphasis Adaptive Force Award” (judged by the Office of the Secretary of Defense among others), two of the seven award categories of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, at I/ITSEC 2013 hold last week in Orlando, Fl. MACBETH, which stands for Mitigating Analyst Cognitive Bias by Eliminating Task Heuristics, is a Serious Game created to train intelligence analysts and measure their proficiency in recognizing and mitigating the cognitive biases that affect intelligence analysis.

The objective of the game is to improve accuracy of credibility assessments, working as a learning system where players must counteract threats to American interests by using the intelligence data at hand without allowing their cognitive biases to cloud their judgment. Coca Cola ante una crisis de reputación. Coca Cola ante una crisis de reputación.

eTrends. Course Catalog for Online Classes. Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas. LinkedIn publica el ranking de los términos más utilizados por los profesionales en sus perfiles. LinkedIn recomienda buscar palabras más específicas para crear una marca personal sólida y destacar entre la multitud. Lil Bub Explores Her Facebook Likes in the 'Passion Genome' We all have unique passions in life. The Passion Genome is an interactive site that lets you explore the most common passion and shared connections on Facebook, much like the human genome project uncovers genetic similarities among people. Log on to the Passion Genome to create your own portrait and explore the full genome.

Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users today, and the average user likes an average of 40 pages, though U.S. Facebook users are more active, liking 70 pages on average. That means there are a lot of likes and connections to explore in the Genome. 8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy. A recent survey found that 70% of people are more likely to look for a new job after vacation. Realistically speaking, with the holidays and the accompanying vacation days just around the corner, there's a chance a few of your employees are looking to jump ship. And that's bad news for two reasons. First, if they're unhappy, that could reflect poorly on the company culture, morale and/or management. Second, it costs 20% of an annual salary to replace a mid-level employee, and it could cost 213% of a year's salary to replace a C-suiter, according to a study by CAP [PDF].

10 sitios web útiles que deberías añadir a tus marcadores. Internet es vasto e infinito como el universo, si algo no está en Internet es porque no existe, o está en construcción. University of Nicosia. The University of Nicosia is launching the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency that is offered to students worldwide through online and in-person formats starting in Spring 2014. The MSc in Digital Currency is designed to help financial services and business professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials and public administrators better understand the technical underpinnings of digital currency, how it will likely interact with existing monetary and financial systems, and what opportunities exist for innovation in digital currency systems.

The new Master’s programme will be offered both online and on-campus to students worldwide starting in Spring 2014. The language of instruction will be English. Additionally, UNic will make the first class in the degree pathway, Introduction to Digital Currency, available for free as an open enrollment, MOOC-like course, to anyone interested in learning more about the fundamental principles of digital currency. .com. Simplemente, emprende. Ponencia de @yoriento en #internet30. Simplemente, emprende. Coursera. Why You Should Remove Half the Stuff on Your Resume Right Now. There's tons of advice out there about how exactly to answer interview questions, what to wear to that interview and how to follow-up afterwards, but what if you're having trouble even getting your foot in the door? For many people, it isn't a lack of experience, education or training that is keeping them from getting a call back — or these days, an e-mail back.

Instead, it often comes down to how you're presenting yourself via your resume. As Co-Founder of HireArt, I see hundreds of resumes a day. The biggest mistake I see is people overstuffing their resumes, trying to cram every single activity, skill or job they have ever had onto one page instead of focusing on creating a coherent story. Free PSD Website Templates Page 9 of 87 (Total of 1039 PSD Templates) Dónde quedamos mañana? No me lo digas: lo adivinaré. Antes de la existencia de los teléfonos móviles, me citaba a menudo en determinado lugar y a determinada hora con un amigo para ir al cine.

Video muestra con niños la gran diferencia entre trabajar bajo presión o con tiempo para desarrollar la creatividad[Eng] gRole - Welcome to gRole. 8 Videos That Prove Math Is Awesome. Believe it or not, math is really an art. How to Job Hunt While Still Employed. It obviously makes more sense to look for a job while you still have one. After all, you won’t feel the pressure to pick any old job that you’re offered because you have to pay your mortgage, car loan, credit card bills or because the gap between jobs on your resume is growing wider and wider. That said, job hunting while you’re still working can present its own set of prickly problems.

Here’s how to safely look for a new job — without risking the one you currently have. Don’t be obvious. How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses. QUE ES LA ZONA DE CONFORT ? 10 Simple Google Calendar Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity. Patton Oswalt's Fake TED Talk Is Pure Nonsensical Inspiration. Migmagnific - Broadcast. 14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed. 39 webs para descargar e-books de forma GRATUITA y LEGAL. 10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do. 5 plataformas online para aprender casi lo que sea. Imagenes Curiosas. Marketing móvil. Crear una empresa en 3 horas por 71 euros.

Amazing Screen Technology : Samsung Flexible AMOLED. Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology. Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen. Webs útiles: 12 ejemplos que quizás desconocías. MADISON MK. Neurogaming – breaking boundaries between entertainment and healthcare. Resuelve todas tus dudas de BBVA Open Talent 2013. Home - British Pathé. LinkedIn compra Pulse por 90 millones de dólares y da un paso más en la creación de contenidos. Cómo superar la tortura de escribir cartas de presentación, sin morir en el intento. Adulto Superdotado. Feria de eCommerce, Marketing Online, Hosting, Cloud, Mobile y Social Media.

Mobile Marketing

El engagement no se consigue solo con cupones, ofertas y descuentos. Los radiólogos tampoco vieron el gorila. Carnovsky. Infografía: 37 consejos para sacarle más partido a LinkedIn. Convierte en el. Un blog de ciencia ficción en busca de un nombre. Cómo hago de LinkedIn mi herramienta de networking. Cómo ordenar tu identidad digital. The Brand Called You.