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ESL Business Resource Center - Advanced Lesson Plans. Advanced ESL resource for teachers who are teaching business lesson plans to advanced students.

ESL Business Resource Center - Advanced Lesson Plans

Comments Reply Hi mates, its enormous post about teachingand entirely explained, keep it up all the time. Beresford October 19, 2013 Reply Looks like some very interesting and useful stuff. MagiQuiz - Hilariously Illuminating Quizzes. Conversation Starters World. Listchallenges. Perfect Tense Game. You can set this page as a homework task for a group of students; doing so will give you a record of who has completed the task.

Perfect Tense Game

Visit the teacher's section for more information. You can share this page by using the link below. Updated January 2020 - changed 'been' to 'gone' in the first set of content, so that 'go' now matches to 'gone'. The sentence still uses 'been' in the phrase contruction part - 'He has been to America'. Sticky-Notes Generator - free online bloc notes sticky-notes generator create photoshop yellow notes image web 2.0 web site add post-it image free generator online bloc notes.

Phrasal Verbs ESL Activities Games Worksheets. ESL Phrasal Verbs Lesson - Reading, Writing, Matching and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 60 minutes This free phrasal verbs lesson helps students to learn and practice phrasal verbs with take, go, come and get.

Phrasal Verbs ESL Activities Games Worksheets

The lesson also helps students to understand what phrasal verbs are and how to use them. Give each student a copy of the lesson. The students begin by learning 16 phrasal verbs with take, go, come and get. Free elearning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19. 123 Homeschool for ME Free printable worksheets and educational activities, arranged by grade or subject. 2Simple Purple Mash, designed for children aged 3-11, offers tools for coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for math, spelling and grammar, e-books and more. 3P Learning 3P Learning provides learning resources for schools and families, with topics such as mathematics, spelling, literacy, and science.

Free elearning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19

Absolute Absolute, provider of network security solutions, is offering free access to Application Persistence for VPN for all of its Visibility and Control tier customers through August 31, 2020. Acessibyte Accessibyte Online is offering free access to its cloud platform of apps for blind, low vision, deaf and reading impaired students. ActivEd, Inc. Actively Learn This web-based reading platform aims to help students read deeply and think critically, offering thousands of texts and instructional aids in ELA, Science, and Social Studies.

Find your English sentence. Bitgab, the social network to learn languages. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff. EFL Multimedia TV lessons for English teachers. Skillswise - English Games. ESL Fast - A huge free online English learning resource. Listen, Watch and Speak English. Free materials for ESL/EFL teachers (and students). : Bryan Adams "Summer Of 69" (ESL LESSON) The video consists of 4 parts: Part 1 - gives interesting information about the song or the artist.

Listen, Watch and Speak English. Free materials for ESL/EFL teachers (and students). : Bryan Adams "Summer Of 69" (ESL LESSON)

ESL Song Lyrics. Welcome to the ESL Song Lyrics directory.

ESL Song Lyrics

Here you can find hand-picked songs whose lyrics contain at least five different examples of the grammar or vocabulary which they are designed to present or practise in the ESL classroom. - 480,437 sounds on 144,279 soundboards. Free English Language Teaching games for adult learners contact: send us an email The aims of this website This site aims to provide free, easy-to-use English-teaching activities which will generate lots of fun, dynamic communication in your classes.

It has been operating since the middle of November 2007. We hope you find it useful now, and we aim to expand and improve it over the coming months. Copyright Notice The material in this website is copyright. Short Stories with Questions. This page features 20 of my favorite short stories with questions.

Short Stories with Questions

These reading activities are perfect for classroom use. Written by some of the greatest authors in history, these stories are short enough to cover in a single class period, and rich enough to warrant study. I tried to select stories that students would find highly interesting. I chose stories with ironic endings, interesting twists, and clever plot movements.

The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. Free TV video lessons for English teachers. Picture Prompts. English @ the Movies. Endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases () TIMESAVERS. Timesaver Visual Grammar.pdf. 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. The latest insight on convenience, online, global trends and more. Business English: Talking about your company. You may need to present your company to visitors, potential investors or partners, or new suppliers and clients.

Business English: Talking about your company

Here is some useful English vocabulary to learn that will help you talk clearly, concisely and positively about what your company does. Giving the history of your company We were founded / set up / established in 1981. We merged with X company in 1990. We set up a subsidiary in the UK. The subsidiary was sold off two years after and the remaining company was split into five different divisions. We floated on the stock exchange last year, and we are now listed on the London Stock Exchange. All Things Topics - Home. Funny Newspaper Generator with Your Own Picture. Use this free online newspaper generator to create your own spoof newspaper articles.

Funny Newspaper Generator with Your Own Picture

Just upload a photo and add your own text. Here’s an example of what your funny newspaper article will look like: The actual page will be full US letter size, and you can download it as a high quality pdf to print on your home printer. You can upload your own photo to use, and type your article (or copy one of our example funny articles from further down the page). Your article can be as long or short as you like, and the rest of the page will be filled with one of our made up articles. ESL Song Lessons - - Songs For Discussion. ESL and EFL teachers looking for inspiration to stimulate class discussions will find this list of songs to teach ESL topics we’ve compiled a useful resource. Highlighted are songs available as complete ESL song lesson plans here on Business & Money Songs about jobs & work Shania Twain / Not Just A Pretty Face (lyrics) Dolly Parton / Nine To Five (lyrics) The Kinks / Nine To Five (lyrics)

Story Bytes - Very Short Stories - 256 Word Stories. PlayPosit (fka eduCanon) Rdlessons – Where learning English is fun. English Books Daily. Registrar. Materiales didacticos. Aplicaciones web 2.0. Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students. Create. Make Your Images Interactive. Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals.

The Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. Random Picker.