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Warmers (with a Business English flavour) Update. Thanks for visiting my blog! I was very happy to learn that this post was shortlisted for Teaching English – British Council blog award. If you decide to vote for it, let them know by ‘liking’ the post on their Facebook page: 10 simple and practical pronunciation activities – The TEFL Zone “Pronunciation is the way a certain sound or sounds are produced. Unlike articulation, which refers to the actual production of speech sounds in the mouth, pronunciation stresses more the way sounds are perceived by the hearer and often relates the spoken word to its written form.” Richards and Schmidt, (2010). When I first started teaching, which was right after CELTA, my idea of teaching pronunciation was basically individual and choral drilling. I thought that this practice was enough, until I started reading a couple of ELT books!

Perfect Tense Game You can set this page as a homework task for a group of students; doing so will give you a record of who has completed the task. Visit the teacher's section for more information. You can share this page by using the link below. Updated January 2020 - changed 'been' to 'gone' in the first set of content, so that 'go' now matches to 'gone'. The sentence still uses 'been' in the phrase contruction part - 'He has been to America'. This is a mini-game for practicing perfect tense sentences in English.

Ranking 10 Countries most affected by Climate Change 4. MADAGASCAR (Climate Risk Index: 15.83) Global warming and climate risks threaten the survival of the lemur and other endemic animal species on the island. Adverse weather events have also made the African country one of the most vulnerable to climate change with 72 deaths — 0.27 per 100,000 inhabitants — about 568 million dollars in economic losses and a drop in per capita GDP of 1.32%. 5. INDIA (Climate Risk Index: 18.17) THE GAME OF YOUR LIFE What did your parents call you when you were little? North or South? What did you want to be when you were little?

Story Dice - a creative storytelling tool from Dave Birss As you can see above, you get five story dice (or nine dice, if you prefer), each with a random image on it. Your job is quite simply to turn these prompts into a story. I recommend you try to work with the order they appear on the screen but if you’re finding it tough, you can do some swapsies. You also don’t need to take the image literally. You can use the dice metaphorically or as representations of other concepts. For example, a slice of pizza could represent food in general, cutting a slice out of something, Italy, gooiness, a chef and a heap of other more obscure things.

Ringsjöskolan's radio show "Summer talk" The Swedish radio show "Sommar i P1" is very famous and has millions of listeners. We are going to create our own radio show and we will use the same concept as in the famous program. Before we start our work, you will listen to a talk given by Maher Zain, who is a global music superstar with over 26 million followers on Facebook. His music is a mix between modern music from the East and the West, often with a religious hint. His show is about his journey to stardom and what he has decided to do with it. He hopes that his story will inspire many experiencing difficult and confusing times.

Phrasal Verbs ESL Activities Games Worksheets ESL Phrasal Verbs Lesson - Reading, Writing, Matching and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 60 minutes This free phrasal verbs lesson helps students to learn and practice phrasal verbs with take, go, come and get. The lesson also helps students to understand what phrasal verbs are and how to use them. Give each student a copy of the lesson. The students begin by learning 16 phrasal verbs with take, go, come and get. The students complete sentences by choosing phrasal verbs and writing them into sentences in their correct form. Climate Change & Flooding Sign Up to Receive Flooding Thought Leadership Climate change is increasing the risk of flooding in the US by rising sea levels, increasing extreme precipitation and total precipitation, intensifying storm precipitation, and increasing rates of snow and ice melt. Worsening floods due to climate change are putting a growing number of inland and coastal communities at risk. This year, the spring flood season is overlapping with COVID-19, multiplying the threat to communities at risk of being displaced by flood disasters.

Everything We’ve Learned About Modern Economic Theory Is Wrong Photographer: derejeb/iStockphoto The proposition is about as outlandish as it sounds: Everything we know about modern economics is wrong. And the man who says he can prove it doesn’t have a degree in economics. 5 creative Google Jamboard TEFL activities! - Level Up your Teaching Every now and then there’s an ICT tool that catches my attention. Unfortunately, the more years I spend teaching, the less frequently I like a tool a lot. Maybe it’s true when they say that you can’t teach an ‘old’ dog new tricks. Or maybe because, with more experience, there is a greater need for actually useful tools with real pedagogical value.

Free elearning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19 123 Homeschool for ME Free printable worksheets and educational activities, arranged by grade or subject. 2Simple Purple Mash, designed for children aged 3-11, offers tools for coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for math, spelling and grammar, e-books and more. 3P Learning 3P Learning provides learning resources for schools and families, with topics such as mathematics, spelling, literacy, and science. Skeletal muscle structure and function – Musculoskeletal Genetics The muscle system is responsible for movement of the human body, posture, movement of substances inside the body andfor the generation of body heat. There are approximately 700 known and named muscles and on top of that, muscle tissue is also found inside of the heart, digestive organs, and blood vessels. There are 3 main types of muscle in the human body:

Sounds from around the Home Quiz How many of these sounds from around the home do you recognise? The answers are at the bottom of the page. There is also a Slideshow version of this quiz. See How to Play for ideas on how to run the quiz and resources for making your own guess the sound quiz.