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Department of Classics (IES URBI BHI)

Euskal literatura

Greek theatre. Timeline creators. Chat stories. Convirtiéndo tu archivo. Videos Familia Romana-Orberg. Women in Titus Livius. Certificaciones latín. CLIL. Muñecas espia. Parroquia. BIS. Odyssey film. Multilingual exercises. Sofas. SMORE fyers. Artikuluak. Quora. Flipped classroom. Minoan civilisation. Oido. Indoeuropeo. Direcciones erasmus+ Photos. Presentations. Magazines. Rubrics. Interactive exercises. Resources. Bideo tutorials. History of Greece. Apolodoro. The incredible life of Marcus Poncious Eropaeus. Scripta. Ancient Greek. Plickers. EDpuzzle. AporTICs. Eduloc. Inspiring Learning Everywhere. Logo Design Free Logo Maker online Free Yourself Logo Design Logos in Minutes Fee Free logo creator Logo Maker.

Animaker, Make Animated Videos on Cloud for free. Etwinningbasquecountry. KULTURA KLASIKOA.


Latin. Women in ancient world. Map creator online to make a map with multiple locations and regions. Proyectos. Mythology. Latin expressions. Pensiones de jubilación en España por edad y años de cotización. Educacion digital. Gamification. European projects - Urbi Secondary School. General objectives of the project · To strengthen language competence through CLIL methodology (To study contents through a foreign language, English in our case) · To improve digital competence through the web 2.0 resources.

European projects - Urbi Secondary School

TwinSpace. For-erasmus - Home. FOR - Finding Our Roots. Finding our roots-FOR Erasmus + project. Liceo Classico Plinio Seniore. FOR - Finding Our Roots. This project intends to apply innovative CLIL method to multilingual learning-teaching system in upper secondary education, with the regard to develop academic language skills related to Botany vocabulary and mythology, and social language abilities in English.

FOR - Finding Our Roots

So, upper secondary pupils are going to work simultaneously on various contents in English (Botany related vocabulary in English and modern languages, classical roots of Botany vocabulary, classical myths and plants) belonging to more than one academic discipline: modern languages (English and partners` mother tongues: Spanish, Basque, Italian, and Greek), classical languages and literatures (Latin and Ancient Greek), classical culture (Mythology), natural science (Botany related vocabulary), and computers (on line platforms and applications). FOR project partners Varvakeio lyceum (Athens, Attike, Greece) is one of the 47 “Model Experimental” state schools in Greece that pursues “Excellence”. Participants in the project. Finding Erasmus. ePortfolio Europeo de las Lenguas. Etwinningbasquecountry. Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari review – how data will destroy human freedom. At the heart of this spellbinding book is a simple but chilling idea: human nature will be transformed in the 21st century because intelligence is uncoupling from consciousness.

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari review – how data will destroy human freedom

We are not going to build machines any time soon that have feelings like we have feelings: that’s consciousness. Robots won’t be falling in love with each other (which doesn’t mean we are incapable of falling in love with robots). But we have already built machines – vast data-processing networks – that can know our feelings better than we know them ourselves: that’s intelligence. Google – the search engine, not the company – doesn’t have beliefs and desires of its own. It doesn’t care what we search for and it won’t feel hurt by our behaviour. Forget ideology, liberal democracy’s newest threats come from technology and bioscience.

The BBC Reith Lectures in 1967 were given by Edmund Leach, a Cambridge social anthropologist.

Forget ideology, liberal democracy’s newest threats come from technology and bioscience

“Men have become like gods,” Leach began. “Isn’t it about time that we understood our divinity? Science offers us total mastery over our environment and over our destiny, yet instead of rejoicing we feel deeply afraid.”