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ID. Textures/ambiance. Tag/graf. Digital. Traditionnel. Paper Art Illustrations by Elsa Mora. Que ce soit des couvertures de livres, des œuvres pour des pages de magazines ou pour ses expositions personnelles, l’artiste américaine Elsa Mora travaille le papier et le modèle avec talent.

Paper Art Illustrations by Elsa Mora

Ses sculptures sont découpées avec précision et rassemblent parfois des effets 3D. Une sélection disponible dans la suite. Worldwide agents for illustration, animation, art and design. Joya , Contemporary Jewellery on Behance. Styles of russian folk painting on Behance. The Mythical Beasts of Painter and Street Artist Curiot. Painter and street artist Curiot (Favio Martinez) creates vibrant mythical beasts blending human and animal forms while alluding to a number of Mexican traditions including tribal art, the Day of the Dead, and various geometric designs.

The Mythical Beasts of Painter and Street Artist Curiot

The Mexico-city based artist grew up in the United States but moved back to Mexico a decade ago. You can see much more of his work on Tumblr or Flickr, and he also had a solo show earlier this year at FFDG in San Francisco. Book Art by Ekaterina Panikanova. I can’t remember how I stumbled on the work of Ekaterina Panikanova, but I am glad I found her stunning book page drawings.

Book Art by Ekaterina Panikanova

I’m no stranger to the delicacy and gentle touch needed to draw on aging book pages, so I can appreciate these even more. A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Panikanova was one day walking through a flea market when she stumbled upon a 700-page manuscript and “was struck by the difference between its original purpose and how it had ended up.” So, she bought it and used it as the base for a painting. Headsongs: Graphite Portraits Morph into Landscapes. Austria-based artist Stefan Zsaitsits creates large-scale graphite portraits of truly strange and wonderful characters whose bloated faces often transform into unexpected landscapes.

Headsongs: Graphite Portraits Morph into Landscapes

Some of the artists earlier portraits from 2010-11 (not shown here) were collected into a book called Headsongs. See much more in his drawing and painting portfolios. If you liked this, also check out the work of Pat Perry. Resistance 3 on Behance. Next Testament Comic Series on Behance. AYASHIOTOKO on Behance. Some portraits for WORTH`s list of the Power 100 on Behance. Superb Interface Designs by CreativeDash. Based in San Francisco, USA; the talented folks at CreativeDash are awesome at crafting their skills in UI/UX Design, Icon Design, 3D and Graphic Design.

Superb Interface Designs by CreativeDash

Their concepts and attention to details are quite exceptional and well-executed. Hope you like these amazing and superb Interface Designs. Great UX is about more than just looking nice - it is about feeling right and making the user an integral part of an experience. Too much going on and it distracts the user - too little, they struggle to figure out how to use it; there is a certain balance to it all. This is something we truly understand and implement into every app or website that we design. All Rights to CreativeDash Links. Commercial illustrations 2012-2013 on Behance. JTTE II on Behance. LE HORLA by G. De Maupassant - illustrated book on Behance.

©2010 ANNA+ELENA=BALBUSSO | | book "Le Horla", Editions Milan, France.

LE HORLA by G. De Maupassant - illustrated book on Behance

It is an 1887 short horror story written in the style of a journal by French writer Guy de Maupassant. “We was inspired by surrealism and metaphysical painting art” Acryic and digital media with hand-made brush strokes Awards: 2011 3x3 Proshow Illustration Annual No. 8, USA2011 American Illustration 30 selected USA2010 Society of Illustrators NYC, Illustrators 53 Annual Exhibition & book, USA “Le Horla” is an 1887 famous short horror story written by French writer Guy de Maupassantin the first person in the form of a diary.

Pawel Jonca Illustrations. L’artiste polonais Pawel Jońca a un style bien à lui : des illustrations aux messages subliminaux, parfois poétiques mais toujours plein de finesse.

Pawel Jonca Illustrations

Il gagne de nombreux prix, et travaille pour la presse polonaise et internationale. Une très belle carrière et des illustrations sublimes à découvrir dans la suite. Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park. South Korea-based graphic designer and illustrator Sunga Park has created these incredible watercolor studies of architectural landscapes… Sunga Park Le graphiste et illustrateur du Corée du Sud Sunga parc a créé ces études incroyables à l’aquarelle de paysages architecturaux…

Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

Work 2012-2013 B on Behance. 春风沉醉 on Behance. Summer 2013 on Behance. What's Inside? on Behance. ORBITAL MECHANICS on Behance. Heitor Seio Kimura Illustrations. Focus sur le travail de l’artiste brésilien Heitor Seió Kimura qui illustre les Yokaïs, ces créatures fantastiques japonaises.

Heitor Seio Kimura Illustrations

Véritable challenge visuel et hommage à la culture folklorique japonaise, l’artiste les représente superbement et graphiquement. Un travail magnifique à découvrir dans la suite. Portraits - Caricatures II on Behance. Brosmind Criminals on Behance. Commercial illustrations 2012-2013 on Behance. Nature Dreamy on Behance.