Líneas de tiempo

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Lineas de tiempo. Preceden - Make an amazing timeline in minutes. Explore and Create Free Timelines. Timeline. Lineup for witnesses Oswald taken to second lineup Deputy sheriff identifies Oswald Bullet 399 handed to SS Chief Rowley Air Force One arrives at Washington DC Oswald interrogated 2nd time Oswald at lineup Oswald named prime suspect on NBC White House claims no conspiracy Police arrives at Paines residence Air Force One airborne Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One Casket aboard Air Force One Oswald interrogation Oswald taken into police dept.


Kennedy's body arrives at airport Kennedy's body leaves hospital Bullet 399 handed to SS Agent Johnson Oswald arrested at Texas theatre Police radio of suspect entering Texas theatre Police radio from Tippit's murder scene TSBD declared secure Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital Police find white jacket Rifle found on 6th floor of TSBD Police radio describing Tippit's killer TV reports shots heard from Knoll Police says Tippit shot Oswald inside Texas theatre Hulls found on 6th floor of TSBD Tippit's body discovered Officer Tippit calls HQ twice Oswald seen at bus stop Kennedy shot. My Timelines. TimeRime.com - Homepage.