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How to design a great CLIL activity. A lot has been written about CLIL activities.

How to design a great CLIL activity

The very good book “CLIL Activities” by Liz Dale and Rosie Tanner, but also “CLIL Skills” and “The TKT Course CLIL Module” are very interesting reads if you want to find inspiration for your own CLIL activity. However, I still hear teachers say they think CLIL is a lot of work. They say they don’t want to ‘change their entire lesson’. They ‘don’t have time‘. I think this is nonsense. Bilingual Education & CLIL Projects - Proyectos en E. B. & AICLE. CLIL Resources & Tools - Herramientas y Recursos para AICLE. CLIL activities and materials. En esta entrada, me gustaría facilitar a los profesores CLIL enlaces útiles e interesantes sobre algunas de las materias.

CLIL activities and materials

Ni son todos los que están, ni están todos los que son, pero es cierto que, al ser un tema relativamente nuevo, hay poca literatura sobre él, lo que hace que la elaboración de unidades resulte complicado. Lo que he realizado ha sido unas cuantas búsquedas, observado y analizado el material, y añadido aquello que he considerado que puede ser provechoso en el aula. La puesta en práctica y su posterior evaluación… te toca a tí ;). Espero que lo que describo a continuación te sea de utilidad. Ten en cuenta que algunas actividades para descargar son totalmente gratuitas, como las de Teaching English, mientras que otras, como algunas de One Stop English, requieren suscripción o son de pago. En primer lugar, podrás ver enlaces sobre metodología y cómo organizar la clase. Vamos allá. Esta Wiki llamada Coordinación Bilingüe es un verdadero tesoro. Article: Planning CLIL lessons. By John Clegg To overcome the language barrier, CLIL teachers need to plan their lessons to include language support as well as content teaching.

Article: Planning CLIL lessons

John Clegg explores the strategies that can be applied. Teaching in L1 If you teach a subject in the first language (L1) of your learners – or in a language in which they are fluent – there are some things which you normally feel you can count on. Article: Planning CLIL lessons. CLIL Magazine. CLIL - Santillana Richmond Science, History and Geography. CLIL - a brief introduction. CO-CLIL. HANDBOOK Language in content instruction download pdf As its title indicates, it is a Handbook with a specific focus on Language in Content Instruction.


It offers information, advice and encouragement on the everyday practicalities of a wide range of relevant matters such as the learning of vocabulary, the role of grammar, the teaching of listening, speaking, reading & writing, the development and the application of thinking skills and learning strategies, the opportunities offered through task-based instruction and the possibilities which arise in the area of assessment and evaluation. The glossary of key terms is very helpful. There are downloadable versions in German and French as well. KEY COMPETENCES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING European Reference Framework download pdf Competences are defined here as a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context.

AM I READY TO BE A TEACHER TRAINER? Read on the web download pdf. GOING BILINGUAL. ESSENTIAL SECONDARY CLIL. The practice and theory of CLIL. Quaderni Tra Le Nuvole – Insegno e Imparo. 7+1 tips to make CLIL work with your class. CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) has been adopted by a growing number of schools and language schools for a number of reasons, including more opportunities for language practice, motivation for learners who are interested in subjects other than English and developing 21st century skills.

7+1 tips to make CLIL work with your class

Yet, many educators often feel that the syllabus and previously followed practices, hinder CLIL and their students are deprived of the opportunity to reap benefits from its implementation. Indeed, habits from the past may jeopardize the efforts of the leadership and the teaching staff to facilitate learning and raise the standards. The following tips may help towards creating an environment that will allow CLIL to be fruitful and boost language production and reception : 1. Balance testing with language production time Tests are tangible, measurable and go down well with parents who feel that their kids are closely monitored. 2. 3. Νο! 4. 5. 6. 7. CLIL contexts 2017. Università di Foggia. CLIL: A lesson framework. Underlying principles Classroom principles Lesson framework Conclusion Underlying principles The principles behind Content and Language Integrated Learning include global statements such as 'all teachers are teachers of language' (The Bullock Report - A Language for Life, 1975) to the wide-ranging advantages of cross-curricular bilingual teaching in statements from the Content and Language Integrated Project (CLIP).

The benefits of CLIL may be seen in terms of cultural awareness, internationalisation, language competence, preparation for both study and working life, and increased motivation. Resource Centre - Useful Material. Download free sample material from onestopclil. Try before you buy with these free CLIL resources.

Download free sample material from onestopclil

Free Young Learners worksheets and teacher's notesFree Secondary worksheets and teacher's notesFree wordlistFree methodology articlesFree CLIL fact sheetFree colour imagesFree animation on the Greenhouse Effect Free Young Learners worksheets and teacher's notes Experiments: Gone with A Bang This comprehensive lesson by Adrian Tennant pupils make a banger and use this to learn how energy can be released and turned into sound waves. There are teacher's notes, a student worksheet and a set of instructions for you to download. CLIL worksheets. TeachingEnglish. Clilstore - Teaching units for content and language integrated learning. Teaching unitsfor Content and Language Integrated Learning HelpAbout Select the language you are learning and your level to see the available units.

Clilstore - Teaching units for content and language integrated learning

Level AnyBasicA1A2B1B2C1C2Advanced This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. Disclaimer: This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. CLIL Learning Activities Repository. 001 Click and CLIL. CLIL links - A trip to CLIL. The practice and theory of CLIL. CLIL resources. Window on Britain An introduction to Britain. A Virtual trip to London Web Quest. Museum of London – Our games. Five of the best CLIL resources online - CLIL Media. In the posts on this website I usually share my opinion on CLIL as well as share some ideas of others.

Five of the best CLIL resources online - CLIL Media