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Contiki: The Open Source Operating System for the Internet of Things. Electric Imp ID: 1129 - $29.95. What is the electric imp?

Electric Imp ID: 1129 - $29.95

In essence, the Imp provides an easy, integrated way to connect almost any hardware device both to other devices and to internet services. .NET Gadgeteer. Home Technology .NET Gadgeteer .NET Gadgeteer is a rapid development platform that utilizes mainboards and plug-and-play modules.

.NET Gadgeteer

DIY Electronics Projects, Circuits Diagrams, Hacks, Mods, Gadgets & Gizmos: Chargers. Raspberry Pi News. April 12th, 2014, 00:46 Posted By: wraggster Here is the latest version of rpix86!

Raspberry Pi News

Not a lot of changes, as I still have not had all that much time to work on rpix86, but there are a couple of changes that you might find useful. Changed the joystick event file handling to use /dev/input/js? Files. Note that before this version you needed to give the event file number using the -j parameter, now you need to give the js file number (which I believe always start with zero, so you would normally use -j0) to have rpix86 use your joystick. Sorry I have not had time to work on more enhancements. To read more of the post and Download, click here! Join In and Discuss Here Grab the latest Deals on Consoles, VideoGames and Mobile Phones and Tablets for IOS/Android from NewEgg/ UK/ Server monitoring that doesn't suck - Server Density. Best Open Source Hardware(OSHW) Platforms. Another famous low cost, low power Open Source single board computer platform widely used among students, hobbyists for multimedia, mobile computing applications.

Best Open Source Hardware(OSHW) Platforms

Active since 2008, BeagleBoard-xM(2010) is newer version. Developed by Texas Instruments. It is developed to use in academics & colleges for students, to learn & make aware them the power of open source hardware & software. BeagleBoard is using Texas Instruments OMAP(Open Multimedia Applications Platform) Image-Video Processor. Having capability of Audio-Video processing, 2D-3D Graphics processing Engine(GPU), Graphics Acceleration OMAP consist of general purpose ARM & Digital signal processor cores, which can run Linux, FreeBSD operating systems.

Hardware: Above Image will give you the idea about hardware on BeagleBoard. AUTOSAR Tool Platform User Group. 1104_0 - Vibration Sensor. OpenCL - The open standard for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems. DT-SENSE AIR QUALITY SENSOR. Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor. This project, a capacitive liquid level sensor, from 1989 uses an ingenious technique where the senor is located outside the liquid container.

Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor

This is a very useful technique and has been used in later designs to create a portable liquid level sensor for locating the exact height of liquid in a plumbing system. Normal capacitive liquid level sensors work by having the sensor within the liquid and sensing the capacitance change when as they are exposed when the liquid level falls. Software Phase-Lock Loop (PLL).

Arduino UNO project, Power Quality Meter, someone would call it’s PQ Monitor or PQ Analyzer.

Software Phase-Lock Loop (PLL).

I had already published one blog devoted RMS voltage measurements on full band 20 – 20 000 Hz audio signals. ( Following my own style, I’d refer to already published materials whenever it’s possible ). This time measurements performed on single AC Power Grid frequency. ( 60 Hz in Canada. Algorithm would works with 50 Hz as well ). Features: Graphic LCD display 128×64;First 5 harmonics presentation;RMS Voltage Indicator;Frequency Monitoring;THD calculation;Internal data up to 63-d !!!

The Holy Grail of this project, is a method of sampling input waveform. It’s completely eliminate necessity of the windowing.Only ONE period of input waveform is enough for precise calculation. In it’s essence, I created a software PLL (Phase Lock Loop). Hardware. Qt - Real-Time Operating Systems. Creating an Embedded Device has Never Been This Straightforward!

Qt - Real-Time Operating Systems

Ultimate Performance for Embedded Devices The core power of Qt is in the cross-platform C++ cross-platform libraries. You get to write your application using high level libraries and you don’t need to worry about the nasty platform details. When you want to access a device driver or a 3rd party software component directly, the C++ environment gives you all the access to required resources. Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer.

Arduino tutorial industrial control box -Use Arduino for Projects. Arduino progz. Creating a New Project. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Creating a New Project

AmbientMonitor. In different blog posts, I’ve already explained how to receive data from Arduino using a .Net application or a server-side script.


Today I’m going to show you how it’s possible, using JavaScript, to receive and show data using only a Web browser. Logical architecture The project has two main elements: Arduino, connected to an AM2302 sensor to get temperature and humidity valuesan HTML page, with some external resources (JavaScript and CSS files) opened in a browser the JavaScript code in the HTML page sends JSONP requests to Arduino, which responds with a JSON message that contains the values obtained from the sensor. Resources All the files for this project (HTML page, JavaScript libraries, Arduino sketch…) are available in my GitHub’s repository: JavaScript When you open the ambientMonitor.html page in your browser, the different JavaScript libraries are loaded and executed.

Change the IP address in the url parameter with the one Arduino has in your network. Arduino Web Dashboard without the need of web-server.