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Positive Psychology

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Positive Psychology UK. Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling. Positive Psychology News Daily. Positive Psychology & Psychotherapy Martin Seligman. Positive Psychology - What Is Positive Psychology. Positive psychology is one of the newest branches of psychology to emerge.

Positive Psychology - What Is Positive Psychology

This particular area of psychology focuses on how to help human beings prosper and lead healthy, happy lives. While many other branches of psychology tend to focus on dysfunction and abnormal behavior, positive psychology is centered on helping people become happier. Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describe positive psychology in the following way: "We believe that a psychology of positive human functioning will arise that achieves a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving in individuals, families, and communities. " Over the last ten years or so, general interest in positive psychology has grown tremendously. Today, more and more people are searching for information on how they can become more fulfilled and achieve their full potential. Positivity Central. We want to take our science, knowledge and arts about positive psychology, states, feelings and experiences to the next level-- to scientifically explore, elucidate, codify, and create a unified, interwoven, integrated paradigm which collects together existing models so as to evolve a useful, practical Positive Science which spawns a collection of tools, technologies and techniques for optimizing human and social functioning, performance, health and happiness.

Positivity Central

In a world where there are hundreds of thousands of studies and meetings on what is negative, on what to move away from and eliminate, experts on what's wrong-- we need a positive vision-- somewhere and something to move towards. We need to create a science of things positive-- of Positivity. How far can we go with positive approaches? Can we heal anger, depression, anxiety, fear, etc by solely teaching positive behaviors, responses, actions, strategies? I started a conference that explores these ideas. Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology Center. Martin Seligman — Pursuit of Happiness. Martin Seligman on positive psychology. Positive Psychology Center.