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3D Human Anatomy. Science. Bio-Alive Biology and Life Science Video Share. Virtual Microscope. Periodic Table. Smart Tools, Systems, and Vehicles for Exploring and Commercializing the Frontier. Wired 12.12: To Hell and Back. Bill Stone has invented diving gear and roving robots to explore the deepest - and deadliest - caves on earth.

Wired 12.12: To Hell and Back

In the icy water 4,500 feet below Mexico he had to figure out how to bring his dead friend home. By Jeffrey M. O'BrienPage 1 of 3 next » "Ian drowned. " In a cave 4,500 feet beneath Oaxaca, Mexico, with an underground waterfall roaring in the background, Bill Stone didn't hear those words as much as he sensed them. Story Tools Story Images Click thumbnails for full-size image: View Why nerds are so unpopularHot Seat: Google News' Krishna BharatSterling: Any product, any shape, any size - made on your desktopLessig: Technology over ideology!

At the time of his death, Ian Rolland had been using Stone's latest invention - the Mk-IV, a device now referred to as a rebreather, which scrubs exhaled air and recirculates it, greatly extending the amount of time a diver can stay underwater. These days, he's absorbed by two projects. Stone's obsession has come with costs. Not Exactly Rocket Science.

Dolan DNA Learning Center. With private and federal foundation support, we continually develop educational, content-based Internet sites for audiences from middle school to adults.

Dolan DNA Learning Center

Learn About Spinal Muscular Atrophy Learn About SMA, developed with support from the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation, is a resource for SMA patients, families and researchers, including stories of living with SMA and the science behind emerging therapies. Weed to Wonder A flexible "e-book" that can be viewed as a website, an app, or a printable PDF. The interactive e-book tells the story of the development of maize, from domestication, hybrid vigor, genome sequencing, and transposons, to genetic modification and biofortification of modern maize. DNA from the Beginning Discover the concepts and experiments that define the fields of genetics and molecular biology.

DNA Interactive Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA structure and the development of "DNA science. " myDNAi Genes to Cognition (G2C) Online Simple Mapper. HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works! Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers. NOVA. Common House Dust Could Contain Cancer-Causing Molecules For scientists, dust is a goldmine of information about the chemicals we encounter every day.


From NOVA Next | Jan 9, 2017 CRISPR and Stem Cells Could Speed Studies of Rare Diseases Too much genetic information can complicate diagnoses for some deadly diseases, but a new technique using CRISPR and stem cells could change that. From NOVA Next | Jan 5, 2017 The Never-Ending Quest to Rewrite the Tree of Life.