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20 Unbelievable TED Talks for Biology Majors. Kroppen - NO i skolan. Biology Animations. ICBL: Investigative Case Based Learning. Fråga jourhavande geolog. Jourhavande geolog svara också på frågor om Sveriges berggrund och geologiska utveckling, om jordklotets uppbyggnad och utveckling, plattektonik, kontinentaldrift, vulkaner, jordbävningar och bergskedjebildning.

Fråga jourhavande geolog

Har jag hittat en meteorit? Museet får varje år in många frågor om och bilder på förmodade meteoriter från allmänheten. Riktiga meteoriter är dock väldigt sällsynta, och hittills har ingen av dessa många misstänkta fynd visat sig vara en riktig meteorit, inte ens när någon påstås ha observerat hur den föll ned. Det hindrar inte att man kan höra av sig via e-post till Jourhavande geolog om man har en misstänkt meteorit, den kan ju faktiskt vara äkta. Och är det inte en äkta meteorit kan det vara någon annan ovanlig sten som det kan vara intressant att få reda på vad den är.

Vi besvarar frågor från allmänheten med hjälp av en expertpanel från Biologiska institutionen vid Lunds universitet. Superpower: Immortality video. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection Homo Sapien Evolution An infinite amount of birthdays seems incomprehensible.

Superpower: Immortality video

Infinity is a tough concept! Using the fundamentals of set theory, explore the mind-bending concept of the "infinity of infinities" -- and how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contains unanswerable questions. Disclaimer: Due to time constraints, not all aspects of each superpower can be discussed and the science is sometimes simplified or generalized.


Fun Science Lesson Plans - Activities for Kids, Ideas for Teachers, Free Online Resources. Life Science Lesson Plans. 50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers. A 21st-century education revolves around the Internet for everything from collaboration, tools, lessons, and even earning degrees online.

50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers

If you are looking for ways to integrate online learning into your science class or science degree programs, then take a look at these cool online tools that are just perfect for both teachers and students. Science Tools to Use with Students These tools offer opportunities for learning about climate, cells, the human body, nature, and more. ChemiCool. Share this periodic table with your class for an easy to use tool with information on each of the specific elements.GPS Activities and Lesson Plans. AP Tools Whether you are setting up a new AP curriculum or are just looking for additional material to use with your AP science students, these tools will help.

Advanced Placement Biology. Websites and Resources for Science Teachers These websites are chock full of amazing resources and tools for science teachers. Discovery Education. Calculators Online Games. Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities & More. Search form Search Low-cost, teacher-tested activities for the classroom and the curious.

Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities & More

Science of Cooking • Explore the science behind food and cooking with recipes, activities, and Webcasts.PreviousNext Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities, and More Auroras: Paintings in the Sky Far north in the night sky, a faint glow appears on the horizon. Discovery Education. 20 Unbelievable TED Talks for Biology Majors. Projects for Exclusively online. Formal Verification is the process of rigorously analyzing software to detect flaws that make programs vulnerable to exploitation.

projects for Exclusively online

Performing this analysis requires highly skilled engineers with extensive training and experience. This makes the verification process costly and relatively slow. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Crowd Sourced Formal Verification (CSFV) program is interested in improving and advancing the current processes of formal verification by significantly increasing the number of people working on formal verification projects at any given time through crowd-sourcing.

CSFV augments the intensive work done by formal verification experts by greatly decreasing the skill required to do formal verification. Biology Animations. Länkskafferiet - Skolämnen. Bozeman Biology Videos. Biology Labs Online. MNN. NOVA. Why Did NASA Kill Cassini?


On September 15, 2017 NASA destroyed Cassini—on purpose. Why kill a multibillion-dollar spacecraft? Sep 20, 2017 Death Dive to Saturn Follow Cassini's final days as it skims the cloud tops before plunging into the planet. Commentary: Unsolicited and Unwelcome, Climate Denial Comes to Schools In mid-March of 2017, I saw the first indications of trouble. Life Science Lesson Plans. Microscope Imaging Station. Neurons: A Fish-Eye View of the Brain. Speed-dating neurons make connections Researchers in the Smith lab have also been able to watch the development of single neurons as they grow and connect to each other to complete the optical system.

Microscope Imaging Station. Neurons: A Fish-Eye View of the Brain

What they’ve seen helps explain how the brain's enormous complexity emerges. It now appears that brain organization happens in stages. As a developing neuron grows, it sends out tiny exploratory branches called filopodia. These projections search for partners in an effort to make connections and form synapses. Once formed, the synapse becomes a hot spot; the connected neuron sends out new filopodia, thus increasing the number of connections it has with other neurons. The wiring process happens quickly: one filopodium explores for about five minutes, retracting if it doesn’t make any connections.

Scientists used to believe that once an animal’s brain was wired up, the resulting network was final and no new connections were possible. Microscope Imaging Station. Fråga jourhavande biolog. Professor Vatten. Produkter. Nyheter & fakta -

Evolution & organismer

Fotosyntes. Fysiologi. Miljö. Ekologi. Genetik.