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Wp_enqueue_script() Enqueue a script.


Description #Description Registers the script if $src provided (does NOT overwrite), and enqueues it. Parameters #Parameters $handle (string) (Required) Name of the script. $src (string) (Optional) Full URL of the script, or path of the script relative to the WordPress root directory. Default value: false $deps (array) (Optional) An array of registered script handles this script depends on. Default value: array() $ver (string|bool|null) (Optional) String specifying script version number, if it has one, which is added to the URL as a query string for cache busting purposes.

$in_footer (bool) (Optional) Whether to enqueue the script before </body> instead of in the <head>. Top ↑ Source #Source File: wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php Expand full source code Collapse full source code View on Trac Changelog #Changelog More Information #More Information Usage #Usage.

jQuery Zoom Magnify & Lightbox

Implement Masonry in WordPress - WordPress Development Solutions. Would you like to know how to use Masonry in WordPress?

Implement Masonry in WordPress - WordPress Development Solutions

This article will show you the basics of getting it set up in your development project. The best thing about using Masonry in WordPress is that it is actually built into the core of WordPress. So we don’t actually have to do very much work to get it working. Good thinking WordPress! Set up custom filters for responsive galleries.

jQuery plugins sur

Free jQuery Plugins and Tutorials - jQuery Script. Trouver et utiliser un plugin jQuery sur votre site web. jQuery documentation, manuel en français. Kwicks for jQuery. Welcome to the Kwicks for jQuery home page.

Kwicks for jQuery

Kwicks is a plugin providing sexy sliding panels with an emphasis on navigational interaction. Kwicks was originally a port of a MooTools effect (of the same name), but has since evolved into a highly configurable and versatile UI component. Please check out the examples to see it in action. Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin. Top 10 resources for jQuery plugins. jQuery JavaScript library is very popular among website developers.

Top 10 resources for jQuery plugins

According to W3Techs, jQuery adoption is about 55%. It is normal for such a popular library to have many plugins available. Google is always an option when someone tries to find a plugin. Moreover, many plugin repositories or collections are available. The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository. A handpicked collection of jQuery plugins. jQuery Plugin Registry. jQuery Plugins, jQuery Tutorials, jQuery Articles, jQuery Examples, jQuery Demos. Awesome Bootstrap 3 Sidebar Navigation. Including jQuery in WordPress (The Right Way) If you want, you can just download jQuery, put it on your server and link to it from your header.php file in the <head> section. But that can cause you grief. For one thing, some plugins use the jQuery library, and they are going to load it as well.

This can cause problems. How was your plugin to know you already had it loaded? Ajouter correctement ses scripts jQuery avec WordPress - Le Guide WordPress Le Guide WordPress: tutoriel, astuces, plugins et hébergement. Masonry et Infinite Scroll sous WordPress sans plugin. Masonry et Infinite Scroll sont 2 scripts jQuery qui permettent respectivement de gérer des hauteurs de contenus différentes – pour une disposition en colonnes de vos articles, et d’afficher les pages suivantes sans rechargement de page – au clic sur un bouton ou par simple défilement à la manière de Facebook ou encore Twitter.

Masonry et Infinite Scroll sous WordPress sans plugin

Masonry. Install Download Link directly to Masonry files on cdnjs.


Package managers. GitHub - jlmakes/scrollreveal: Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers. jQuery Tutorial. 6 Practical Examples For Building Parallax Websites. Danny Markov Websites with scroll animations are all the rage these days.

6 Practical Examples For Building Parallax Websites

This is why today we’re going to show you a few practical examples for building them. You can think of this article as a collection of building blocks which you can mix and match into an impressive interactive web page. The Basic Idea The usual way that these websites are built is by using a JavaScript library. To use Scrollr, you only need to download it’s source and create a link to it in your HTML. Tips WordPress : bien utiliser ajax. Il relativement courant d’avoir recours à l’utilisation d’ajax pour améliorer l’expérience utilisateur, cependant cette technique n’est pas toujours bien mise en place.

Tips WordPress : bien utiliser ajax

En effet, il est vivement conseillé d’utiliser le système interne de WordPress pour gérer tous ses appels. En effet, beaucoup (dont moi même il y a peu) utilisions un fichier php externe dans lequel nous chargions le fichier wp-load.php pour accéder à toutes les fonctionnalités de WordPress. Le drag and drop avec HTML5 et jQuery - chez Syl. Dernière mise à jour : juin 2014 Vous connaissez tous le drag and drop ?!

Le drag and drop avec HTML5 et jQuery - chez Syl

jQuery UI 1.10 Documentation. BaguetteBox.js. CSS Content Filter. A slide-in filter panel powered by CSS and jQuery.

CSS Content Filter

Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ A well-designed filter is a powerful tool users can take advantage of. It is actually an essential feature if your website has lots of content, distributed across different categories. For an e-commerce, it is a way to increase conversion rates by reducing the time needed by the user to find what he’s looking for.

Building this kind of features is never easy: filters highly depend on the website content; besides a filter panel shouldn’t be distracting, the main focus should be the content/products. It takes advantage of CSS Transitions, CSS Transformations and jQuery muscles to smoothly slide in when needed. Credits: we integrated MixItUp, which is a great jQuery plugin (free to use in non-commercial projects) created by the talented Patrick Kunka. Creating the structure. 50 super plugins jQuery récents pour rendre votre site ergonomique et attrayant. jQuery Accordion Plugins and Tutorials. jQuery accordion plugins help you get the attention of visitors and save space on your homepage too. Accordions are great for giving readers a quick overview but they work best if the number of elements is low. In this article you will find 10 useful jQuery accordion plugins and some tutorials which will help you improve your website.

Need more jQuery plugins? Check out these jQuery Pagination Plugins and Tutorials and Free WordPress Mobile Plugins. Classic Accordion. Simple Vertical & Horizontal Accordion Plugin with jQuery - asAccordion. AsAccordion is a jQuery plugin that provides a simple way to create vertical or horizontal accordions with smooth CSS3 transitions. Features: A guide to the basics of jQuery.

JS NICE: pour déminifier du JS. Concevoir un portfolio responsive avec filtre via Isotope.js sous WordPress. Un thème premium qui se respecte comporte des modèles de pages de type portfolio, très utile pour mettre en valeur vos créations artistiques notamment. La plupart d’entre eux sont dotés d’un système de filtre basé sur les termes d’une taxonomie spécialement créée pour l’occasion et le redimensionnement de la fenêtre réajuste automatiquement les éléments avec une transition en CSS3. Ce tutoriel va vous apprendre comment mettre en place un tel système sous WordPress et sans avoir recours à un plugin. Avant-propos. Working with Selections. Some jQuery methods can be used to either assign or read some value on a selection.

When the method is called with a value as an argument, it's referred to as a setter because it sets (or assigns) that value. When the method is called with no argument, it gets (or reads) the value of the element. Setters affect all elements in a selection, whereas getters return the requested value only for the first element in the selection, with the exception of .text(), which retrieves the values of all the elements.

Setters return a jQuery object, allowing you to continue calling jQuery methods on your selection. Getters return whatever they were asked to get, so you can't continue to call jQuery methods on the value returned by the getter. Top 5 Responsive jQuery Lightbox. It is therefore smart that net|the online|the net} gets a lot of and a lot of light-weight with the employment of contemporary web technologies. Modal boxes square measure therefore useful in displaying any hypertext mark-up language content with a targeted interface and there square measure several nice ones around.

For this roundup we’ve got compiled an inventory of Responsive jQuery Lightbox and scripts which will facilitate developers to make and style stunning websites. You can simply add following scripts into your websites and may transfer them instantly to boost your assortment. therefore while not abundant any flurry, let’s check them out and store your arsenal with these super Responsive jQuery Lightbox. Swipebox. Generating Wordpress Menus for Zurb Foundation 5 ‹ Gareth Cooper. For those of us into writing WordPress themes, who also want to make use of the brilliant Zurb Foundation framework, here’s a quick guide on how to get WordPress to generate its menus with the added classes that Foundation expects.

For future reference, this guide applies to Foundation 5.0.3 and WordPress 3.8 Introduction Foundation expects its ‘top-bar’ menu to be laid out in the following format: We’re going to get WordPress to generate the <ul> just below <! – Right Nav Section –> in the example above. WordPress Menus Three things are required to get WordPress to output menus in the above format. Call wp_nav_menu() with Appropriate Arguments. 15 New jQuery Plugins for June 2015. jQuery is a library in Javascript which is not big in size; in fact it’s considerably small enough to make your website load faster. jQuery is fast and so efficient that it enhances the performance of your website adds value to its beauty.

With its help, you can create excellent and cool plugins, awesome animations, and navigate documents with special effects and various other tasks. Being a cross-platform library is its biggest advantage. Javascript enables you to write distinctive codes for different browsers, but with the help of jQuery, you do not have to do that much amount of work. Unheap & Jquery-plugins, deux bibliothèques de plugins jQuery - b*web. On aime tous ajouter des petites touches de modernité à nos sites, des outils dynamiques, des animations, et c’est là qu’intervient jQuery ! La majorité du temps, je n’utilise que des plugins jQuery, notamment car jQuery est nativement chargé par WordPress, et que je ne fais que du WordPress…mais aussi et surtout parce que j’adore sa simplicité d’utilisation, sa large communauté active et donc ses nombreuses ressources et plugins.

Pour ceux qui l’ignorent, et je suis sûr qu’ils sont peu nombreux, jQuery est un Framework Javascript au même titre que Mootools par exemple (bien moins populaire). Un framework est une palette d’outils basée sur un langage (ou plusieurs) qui permet d’appeler des fonctions standards plus simplement. Initiation à jQuery. Effet au passage de la souris. .hover() Bind one or two handlers to the matched elements, to be executed when the mouse pointer enters and leaves the elements. .hover( handlerIn, handlerOut )Returns: jQuery Description: Bind two handlers to the matched elements, to be executed when the mouse pointer enters and leaves the elements. version added: 1.0.hover( handlerIn, handlerOut )handlerIn A function to execute when the mouse pointer enters the element.handlerOut A function to execute when the mouse pointer leaves the element.

The .hover() method binds handlers for both mouseenter and mouseleave events. You can use it to simply apply behavior to an element during the time the mouse is within the element. Calling $( selector ).hover( handlerIn, handlerOut ) is shorthand for: See the discussions for .mouseenter() and .mouseleave() for more details. GuideDuDebutantEnJQuery-2011.pdf. Slider jquery.

jQuery : Le DOM & les sélecteurs. jQuery effects, 150+ best for web developers and designers. Vertical accordion menu using jQuery and CSS3. 20 Useful Free jQuery Plugins for Web Developers. Smooth Horizontal Slide Image Menu with Jquery. Justified Gallery. Apprendre et comprendre jQuery – 1/3. JavaScript basics - Learning the Web. jQuery Learning Center.