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Planetarium - Interactive star map and virtual sky. Tähdet ja avaruus: Tähdet ja avaruus -lehden verkkouutiset. Tähdet ja avaruus -lehden uutiset Tuoreimpia uutisia Uutiskategoriat Uutisarkisto Uusimmat havainnot Keskustelu Uutishaku avainsanoista koko tekstistä Tähdet ja avaruus -lehti Uudet lähikuvat Jupiterin pohjoisnavasta paljastivat sen ainutlaatuisuuden Uudet lähikuvat ovat paljastaneet Jupiterin pohjoisnavan ainutlaatuisuuden. Cerekseltä löytyi jäinen tulivuori Kääpiöplaneetta Cereksellä on kolme kilometriä korkea vuori, jonka uskotaan kasvaneen jäävulkanismin kautta. Grönlantilaisesta kivestä väitetään löytyneen varhaisimmat elämän fossiilit Maapallon vanhin tunnettu kallioperä Grönlannissa saattaa sisältää myös kaikkein varhaisimmat fossiloituneet merkit elämästä.

SpaceX-yhtiön raketti tuhoutui onnettomuudessa [Päivitetty klo 20.35] SpaceX-yhtiön Falcon 9 -raketti on tuhoutunut räjähdysmäisessä palossa Cape Canaveralin avaruuskeskuksessa Floridassa. Ruotsin kirkas tulipallo kuvattiin Suomessakin Keskiviikkona kello 0.25 Ruotsin yllä lentänyt tulipallo näkyi myös Suomessa ja Virossa. Auroras Now! This is a Scale Model of the Solar System Like You’ve Never Seen Before. Five friends traveled to a dry lake bed in Nevada to create an accurate scale model of the planets’ orbits.

(Screenshot) © Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh We’ve all seen illustrations of the Solar System. They’re in our school textbooks, on posters, on websites, on t-shirts… in some cases they’re used to represent the word “science” itself (and for good reason.) But, for the most part, they’re all wrong. At least where scale is concerned. Sure, you can show the Sun and planets in relative size to each other accurately. But then the actual distances between them will probably be way off.* And OK, you can outline the planets’ concentric orbits around the Sun to scale pretty easily. This is exactly what filmmaker Wylie Overstreet and four of his friends did in 2014, spending a day and a half on a dry lake bed in Nevada where they measured out and set up a scale model of the Sun and planets (not including Pluto, don’t tell Alan Stern) including their respective circular orbits.

Related. Spaced Out! 101 Astronomy Images That Will Blow Your Mind. Powers of Ten (1977) Secret Worlds: The Universe Within - Interactive Flash Tutorial. Secret Worlds: The Universe Within View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.

Once the tutorial has completely downloaded, a set of the arrows will appear that allow the user to increase or decrease the view magnitude in Manual mode. Click on the Auto button to return to the Automatic mode. Notice how each picture is actually an image of something that is 10 times bigger or smaller than the one preceding or following it. Earth = 12.76 x 10+6 = 12,760,000 meters wide (12.76 million meters) Contributing Authors David A. Questions or comments? WorldWide Telescope Web Client. The History of the Universe in 10 Minutes. ¿Pesas lo mismo en todos los planetas del sistema Solar? Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle. What-if-carbon-dioxide-was-pink. Written by Gregg Kleiner. Here’s one dads desperate attempt to slow climate change by thinking pink… As a father, I often lie awake nights tossing and twisting with worry about the climate crisis and how it will impact the lives of my children, their children, children all over the world.

As a writer, my imagination fires easily, in full color, so I can easily envision the worst. I blink in the dark and see rising seas, mountains with no snow, super storms swirling on the horizons. On one of those sleep-deprived nights, I got to thinking about how I might use my gift for writing stories to help kids better understand climate change, and then take action.

I talked to Green Diva Meg about it in a recent Green Divas Green Dude episode… It’s become very clear that we can’t wait for our politicians to ride in and slow climate change. So we can’t wait for our leaders to come around. But what if we could see carbon dioxide? Puffing from smoke stacks and tail pipes and the butts of cows? Bonus: SolarBeat. Current Weather in Turku, Finland. ARCturus - Tervetuloa. Finterest. Planetarium - Interactive star map and virtual sky. BBC Earth - Timeline - The Earth formed from a vast gas and dust cloud. From the Big Bang to Me. Space for Kids - Story of the Universe. The Birth of the Earth & Beginning of Life on Earth.