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Budget Travel 101: 8 Ways To Save on Accommodations Abroad. Travel is becoming more and more accessible to all (at least in the Western world).

Budget Travel 101: 8 Ways To Save on Accommodations Abroad

However, the bulk of the costs are still spent on flights and accommodation. Flights can be exchanged for other transport options, such as taking a roadtrip. Unless you never sleep however, you will always need a place to rest at night. Whether that be an actual bed or simply a car seat is up to you, of course. Should you opt for the former, here are 8 great ways to save on accommodations abroad: #1: Pick the Right Neighborhood It’s amazing how much of a difference a neighborhood can make. The results revealed significant differences in rates. Thus, when you are looking at accommodations, check not only the price, but a map, too. Last but not least, by staying in a less popular neighborhood, you may learn more about the local culture than by staying in the city centre!

#2: Share a Room For budget travelers, this is a popular option and may seem more than obvious. . © Juick #3: Include a Kitchen © StephenMcleod. The World’s Cheapest Countries to Live In » Travel Guides » i-to-i Campfire. Living abroad can be an exciting, mind-opening experience and is the best way to learn about new cultures.

The World’s Cheapest Countries to Live In » Travel Guides » i-to-i Campfire

But it's made even better if your money goes further than at does at home. Find out which countries offer the most bang for your buck. In the west, we’ve gotten used to over-paying for things: car parking charges, expensive housing, rip-off public transport, beers that cost as much as your hourly wage, the list goes on… Thankfully, there are plenty of countries where your money goes much further. They all share common characteristics: cheap accommodation, lots of activities to keep you occupied, and tropical climates that make food bountiful. Of course, the tropical climate also offers the not-insignificant benefit of gorgeous weather and often pristine beaches on which to while away the hours.

Thailand The Land of Smiles needs no introduction. And you know what, living here is even cheaper than visiting. Cambodia An air-conditioned apartment will only set you back £120 per month. How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!) Wise Bread Picks For the last five years, I've been traveling the world full-time, and for less money than I've ever spent (and I'd wager less money than most people would spend) to live in one place.

How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!)

My worldly possessions fit into one bag (just larger than carry-on size) and a backpack containing my laptop and computer gear. This small entourage (weighing less than 45 pounds in total) comes with me as I wander around the world, sometimes quickly, but mostly slowly. (See also: 5 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards) In 2011 alone, I traversed 13 countries and over 45,360 miles. What if I told you it wasn't? Believe it. How to Keep Your Travel Costs Low Of course, I could travel for way more than $17,000/year.

Here are a few of my secrets. Don't Pay for Accommodations In the entire year of 2011, I paid $173 for accommodation. Work-Trade/Volunteer There are lots of creative opportunities to work in trade for your accommodation (and sometimes food) and enjoy a more immersive travel experience. View from the Wing - Putting a little thought into a lot of travel. How to become a travel writer (seriously) How to plan a round-the-world trip. Include as much as you can on your round-the-world trip, like Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong.

How to plan a round-the-world trip

Buy a round-the-world ticket that uses one airline alliancePlan to be away for at least two months to make the most of the journeyResearch the weather conditions for the areas you want to visit the most (Lonely Planet) -- It's the ultimate trip: circumnavigating the planet, and stopping off wherever takes your fancy. Great for travelers who want to see it all, or who are just plain indecisive. But booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip can be a complex business.

Here's our guide to getting started. How to do it The most economical way to circumnavigate is to buy a round-the-world air ticket that uses one airline alliance. Lonely Planet: 7 reasons to go on a round-the-world trip How long you need You could whip round the world in a weekend if you flew non-stop. When to go The weather will never be ideal in all your stops. Lonely Planet: How to pack for a round-the-world trip Where to go. How much does it cost to travel the world for a year? Tips for flying cheaper in 2012. So You've Graduated from College, Now What? An update to this post is here.

So You've Graduated from College, Now What?

With graduation season wrapping up, I’m remembering my post-college days in 2000, just after the “dot com” bubble burst and suddenly all those folks who flocked to Seattle and Silicon Valley were unemployed, fresh out of school and totally screwed. Ten years later, are things much different? This spring, I’ve gotten a number of emails essentially asking the same question: “I want to wait out the bad economy, do some traveling, but I’m a broke-ass college student… what should I do?” If you want to spend your year after college traveling – but you have no money saved — here’s what I would do” 1. Defer your student loans, if you have them. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Don’t think this works? How to Travel the World for Free, Save Money and Make Friends How to Travel the World for Free (Matador Network) How to Travel the World for Free (E-how) Road Junky: Traveling Free What is Couch Surfing?

Where should I go? But I can’t get a job/save money/travel cheaply! Pic: 4gb. 20+ awesome travel jobs and how to get them. Ways To Earn Money When You’re Broke On The Road. Frugal Travel Guy. How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel for Free (even if you don't fly very often)

10 Best Travel Photography Websites. By Heather | August 19th, 2010 “Best travel photography websites”.

10 Best Travel Photography Websites

Sounds simple, right? Well, simple in the fact that there are a lot of travel photography websites out there. However, it’s challenging today to find quality, ah-inspiring photos. When it comes to photography the amount of interest about images documenting the daily life of people from around the world has exploded. With all of this in mind the search has become just that more tantalizing. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ”6. 7. 8. 9. 10. In my many hours of perusing photographs: the mainstream has fueled my desire to find the rather off-beat, and possibly a tad more unusual in content travel photography websites.

Upcoming travel blogger conferences for 2012. 10 ways travel can boost your resume. Cheap Places To Stay For Awhile Around The World. The problem with cheap places is that it’s all relative to the lifestyle someone chooses.

Cheap Places To Stay For Awhile Around The World

While I do list Xi’an, China as being inexpensive, it’s also quite easy to spend as much as you would in Tokyo, Japan. It also depends on what you’re into. Do you like big cities, beaches, comforts of home, party towns, or jungles? Here’s a few things I consider when staying in a place for a few weeks or months between traveling around: Fast and reliable internet.Good selection of food.Entertainment such as bars and nightlife. If you’re looking to take a break and stay somewhere for awhile, here is where I recommend. Xi’an, China If you’ve been following Art of Backpacking, you probably expected I would mention this city. Xi’an is well known to be one of the cheapest big cities in China. At a big fancy nightclub with VIP treatment, a bottle of Absolut, basket of fruits, snacks, and a few sodas cost $47. Pick up Mandarin classes and go sightseeing in one of China’s oldest and traditional cities.

How to Travel Around the World for $418. “I have to tell you sir, this is easily the most ridiculous itinerary I’ve ever put together,” said the American Airlines operator the other night as I finalized plans for a worldwide adventure that would make Marco Polo blush.

How to Travel Around the World for $418.

“Welp, that makes two of us!” I replied. And just like that, I had committed myself to almost nine months of international travel. Yes, that picture above is my actual itinerary. Beginning this January, I’ll start an epic journey that will take me across four continents, through at least nine countries, and into more than fifteen cities. Oh, and all of these flights are costing me a grand total of $418.36. Warning: I’m totally going to geek out on travel-hacking with this post, so if you have no interest in learning how to travel the world and visit awesome places for dirt cheap, check back in on Monday. This post is also quite lengthy at over 2500 words: grab some coffee, get comfortable, and let me show you how deep the rabbit hole of travel hacking goes.

-Steve. 29 life lessons learned in travelling the world for 8 years straight.