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Hearts In Harmony. List of Feeling Words. Faces of Product Pleasure: 25 Positive Emotions in Human-Product Interactions. Faces of Product Pleasure: 25 Positive Emotions in Human-Product Interactions Pieter M. A. Desmet Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands The study of user emotions is hindered by the absence of a clear overview of what positive emotions can be experienced in human-product interactions. Existing typologies are either too concise or too comprehensive, including less than five or hundreds of positive emotions, respectively. To overcome this hindrance, this paper introduces a basic set of 25 positive emotion types that represent the general repertoire of positive human emotions. Keywords – Emotion-Driven Design, Positive Emotions, Questionnaire Research.

Relevance to Design Practice – Positive emotions differ both in how they are evoked and in how they influence usage behaviour. Citation: Desmet, P. Received March 27, 2012; Accepted July 14, 2012; Published August 31, 2012. Copyright: © 2012 Desmet. Dr. Introduction Table 1. Figure 1. Get Into the Mood With 100+ Feeling Words : Department of Word Lists. Science of Sound. Sound’s amazing power to heal and transform Healing power of the gong The gong is one of the oldest instruments of healing and has been used for thousands of years in meditation, ceremony and rituals. Today they are used in yoga and meditation classes, sound therapy practice, group gong bath meditations and in palliative and cancer treatment centers to promote health and well-being. They are also a wonderful addition at weddings, family celebrations, workshops, and music festivals.

Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux According to Don Conreaux “The secret of the gong is its tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation.” “The gong is more accurately a force of energy, "like a divine engine, affecting the body's meridians. The so unds from the gongs travel from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve -- impacting brain waves, respiratory rate and heart rate. "We call it the Music of Wholeness," Don explains. Sound as medicine Good vibrations - how sound works Stress Dr. ISVR - Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. Let us now imagine one of those particles that moves back and forth as the high and low pressure peaks of the wave pass.

The greater the rate at which the point moves back and forth, the greater the frequency (f) of the wave (defined as the number of oscillation cycles a particle makes each second, and given the units of Hertz, Hz, which has dimensions of (1/time)). It is the inverse of the period (in seconds) which measures the amount of time it takes for a wave to complete one oscillation or cycle. More generally, the distance between similar points on successive waves is called the wavelength λ (in metres). The speed at which the wave goes from one place to the other is called the wave velocity v (in metres per second). Frequency, wavelength and wave velocity are mathematically related by the equation: The velocity of a wave in a given medium (air, water, etc) is fixed and is related to the physical characteristics (temperature, density, etc...) of the medium.

Cymatic patterns in human history. Sacred Geometry.

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Chakras. Healing frequency s. Dementia. Kantele. Qi Gong - Energy Mastery. Computer and iPad Stuff. Cymatic Sound Healing. Quantum Physics. You tube. Music saves my soul. Sheet Music, MP3's. Harp Retail Therapy (tee hee) Concsciousness. CD Baby. Tracks to buy for next CD. Music Theory. Tai Chi.

Baha'i. Fibonacci sacred geometry. Dimensional / Sacred Geometry. PHI - SOUND AND HEALING. Updated 9-12-10 by Dee Finney Author Marilyn Ferguson relates one such experience given by a physicist: "I saw cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I saw the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I heard its sound, and at that moment I knew this was the Dance of Shiva...

(Emphasis in original.) Occultist Alice A. Bailey discussed this "energy" experience as well: "The new religion will be one of Invocation and Evocation, of bringing together great spiritual energies and then stepping them down for the benefitting and the stimulation of the masses. GEOFFREY HODSON, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand 1952.. My consciousness was caught up into a realm radiant with that light which never was on land or sea. There is a complete science for invoking devatas -- gods. Actually, in the same space, there is a multidimensional existence. OM. Sound and Color. Starting With Nothing and Ending Up With Everything by Bruce Rawles.

Question: What's black and white and blinks in and out of existence 1044 (a lot) times per second? And is in every 1/1033 cubic centimeter of space (every teeny tiny bit)? Answer: Hey ... Everything! —W. Okay, it's time to dig down into the mental archives of your high school geometry class. If your geometry teacher was typical, the subject of the infinitesimal point was probably glossed over quickly to usher you into more "important" theorems and pragmatic applications.

But let's hit the virtual PAUSE button on the subject of the point for a while, and give it the attention it deserves. The Infinitesimal Point A pure, ideal, mathematically pristine and glittering point occupies no space. Wait just a picosecond. If so, or even if you did boggle on it a while, let's explore the dimensionless point a bit further ... so you'll get my point ... about the point. Now that could come in handy. I've also found, to the delight of Ram Dass fans worldwide, that "here" appears to be quite portable.

Pythagoras and Music of Life. Pythagoras & Music of the Spheres There is geometry in the humming of the strings ... there is music in the spacing of the spheres. Pythagoras From Egypt we move across the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, whose ideas dominate most of the material in this course. We'll introduce Pythagoras and his secret society of the Pythagoreans. We'll look at the Pythagoreans' ideas about numbers, as a prelude to our next unit on number symbolism. Our main link between Egypt and Greece seems to be Thales c 640-550 BC, father of Greek mathematics, astronomy, and Philosophy, and was one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Raphael's School of Athens Slide 3-1: Raphael's School of Athens 1510-11. Janson, H. Pythagoras is shown in this famous painting, done by Raphael in 1510-11, which also shows most of the Greek philosophers. Socrates sprawls on the steps at their feet, the hemlock cup nearby.

Plato's student Aristotle, the man of good sense, stands next to him. 2 Dyad. Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next p. 81 HARMONY is a state recognized by great philosophers as the immediate prerequisite of beauty. A compound is termed beautiful only when its parts are in harmonious combination. The world is called beautiful and its Creator is designated the Good because good perforce must act in conformity with its own nature; and good acting according to its own nature is harmony, because the good which it accomplishes is harmonious with the good which it is. Beauty, therefore, is harmony manifesting its own intrinsic nature in the world of form. The universe is made up of successive gradations of good, these gradations ascending from matter (which is the least degree of good) to spirit (which is the greatest degree of good). In man, his superior nature is the summum bonum.

One day while meditating upon the problem of harmony, Pythagoras chanced to pass a brazier's shop where workmen were pounding out a piece of metal upon an anvil. P. 82 p. 83 p. 84. Harmony and Proportion: Pythagoras: Music and Space. Pythagoras (6th century BC) observed that when the blacksmith struck his anvil, different notes were produced according to the weight of the hammer. Number (in this case amount of weight) seemed to govern musical tone... See if you can hear the sound in your imagination before it comes, by judging from the proportions of the string lengths. The first one's easy. Again, number (in this case amount of space) seemed to govern musical tone. Or does musical tone govern number? He also discovered that if the length of the two strings are in relation to each other 2:3, the difference in pitch is called a fifth: ...and if the length of the strings are in relation to each other 3:4, then the difference is called a fourth.

Thus the musical notation of the Greeks, which we have inherited can be expressed mathematically as 1:2:3:4 All this above can be summarised in the following. This triangular figure of numbers in the shape of the Greek letter Lamda is the Tetrad of the Pythagorians. About Sacred Geometry. Introduction Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.

On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes. As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation. The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Viewing and contemplating these codes allow us to gaze directly at the lines on the face of deep wisdom and offers up a glimpse into the inner workings of the Universal Mind and the Universe itself. 1.

Ascension Alchemy ®: Sacred Geometry, The Language Of Light. New Formula: Preface New: in the winter of 2005 we had a square wave frequency generator built for us with multiple programmable channels utilizing a quartz oscillator that creates very precise frequencies with square wave forms. With frequency generators, whether used with plasma tubes, sound waves, etc. most researchers prefer square waves because they propagate harmonics. The reason for usng multiple channels was to create a standing, or scalar wave from the six individual Solfeggio healing frequencies UT - 396 Hz -associated with releasing emotional patterns after: see RE-417Hz below.RE - 417 Hz -associated with breaking up crystalized emotional patternsMI - 528 Hz - relates to crown chakra; Dr. Puleo suggests an association with "DNA integrity"FA - 639 Hz - associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectednessSOL - 741 Hz - associated with intuitive states, non linear knowing LA - 852 Hz - associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love.

Dr. "Dr. Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry Interactive Mind Map. Online Math Education. Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code. Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing. This is a listing of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way. The following sorts of frequencies are included : Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. "Healing" Frequencies - These are frequencies that various parties claim could be used to heal illnesses of different kinds, or stimulate some region of the body (chakras).

The medium used to do this varies - some of these parties used devices that generated EM fields which were applied to a precise part of the body, while others used vibration and sound. (I don't have any experience with using EM fields - most of my personal toying about with this stuff uses a sound medium.) The original page that I began building this compiled information from is Sincerely, Michael Triggs Disclaimer!!

Vibrations, Frequencies, Harmonics. Exploring Ascension Main Page - Turtle Section - What's New? Related Articles: Dear Reader, The up coming channelling has been the most, interesting, frustrating and satisfying articles that I have done so far. Generally, when I channel something a picture is built up over the days, weeks and months. Each day adds and clarifies a new piece of information. Once it has all been compiled I sit down and allow the information to flow through to the computer, via the heart and communications channels. The Back to Basics series has been a totally new and different process of producing articles. Communicating non verbal technical information into a format that is comprehensible has certainly been a challenge.

Notwithstanding, I have found that there is usually a certain level of distortion in all information being channelled, irrespective of who that is; that which was yesterday and today may not necessarily be the same tomorrow. Regards Ken McKelvie Please read the following quote: Cube - Earth Ken. 10 Things you didn't know about sound. Shh! Make your life sound better Julian Treasure: Sounds we hear have an important effect on our lives and healthNoise can cause physical harm and sound can heal, he saysHe says headphone abuse is creating deaf kidsMore research needed to fully understand how what we hear affects our health, he says Editor's note: TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to "Ideas worth spreading," which it makes available through talks posted on its website.

Julian Treasure, the author of "Sound Business," is chairman of UK-based audio branding specialist The Sound Agency and an international speaker on sound's effects on people, on business and on society. (CNN) -- Most of us have become so used to suppressing noise that we don't think much about what we're hearing, or about how we listen. 1.) 2.) 3.) Video: Julian Treasure: Making life sound better 4.) Women, by contrast, typically adopt an expansive listening position, enjoying the journey, going with the flow. 5.)

According to a 1999 U.S. 6.) 7. 8. 9. Energy medicine. Early reviews of the scientific literature on energy healing were equivocal and recommended further research,[9][10] but more recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting clinical efficacy.[11][12][13][14][15][16] The theoretical basis of healing has been criticised,[17][18][19][20] research and reviews supportive of energy medicine have been criticised for containing methodological flaws[21][22][23] and selection bias[21][22] and positive therapeutic results have been dismissed as the result of known psychological mechanisms.[21][22] Edzard Ernst, lately Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Exeter, has warned that "healing continues to be promoted despite the absence of biological plausibility or convincing clinical evidence ... that these methods work therapeutically and plenty to demonstrate that they do not.

History[edit] Classification[edit] Polarity therapy[edit] Beliefs[edit] There are various schools of energy healing. CAN YOU HEAR THE STARS? Meditation Instruments | Sound Therapy | Crystal Singing Bowls. Back Towards Light. Quantum mechanics. What is Quantum Physics. Fibonacci. Quantum mechanics. Golden Ratio. By Mark Freitag Most people are familiar with the number Pi, since it is one of the most ubiquitous irrational numbers known to man. But, there is another irrational number that has the same propensity for popping up and is not as well known as Pi.

This wonderful number is Phi, and it has a tendency to turn up in a great number of places, a few of which will be discussed in this essay. One way to find Phi is to consider the solutions to the equation When solving this equation we find that the roots are x = ~ 1.618... or x= We consider the first root to be Phi.

Phi = or Phi = We can use a spreadsheet to see that these two series do approximate the value of Phi. Or, we can show that the limit of the infinite series equals Phi in a more concrete way. Squaring both sides we have But this leads to the equation which in turn leads to and this has Phi as one of its roots. I have creted a GSP script for dividing a segment (given its endpoints) into the Golden ratio. We can also form a Golden Ellipse. Quantum Physics, Spirituality And Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions.

Learning to Play the Harp Intuitively | Rainbow Light Foundation.