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Lauren Bailey

Sixth grade teacher in San Bruno


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Student Information - Science 6 Period SCI
Pattern Puzzles | Games | Blue Balliett's Books
Play Pentominoes | Games | Blue Balliett's Books
Science Knowledge and Skills - 6th grade
Rock Cycle Activities - Stream Erosion
Rock Cycle Activities - Physical and Chemical Weathering Activity
Rock and the Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle Activities - Wind Erosion
Science Fair Project Ideas
Gerunds Anyone Lesson Plan, Gerund Phrases Worksheet, Verbals, Teaching Activity Gerunds Anyone Lesson Plan, Gerund Phrases Worksheet, Verbals, Teaching Activity About the Gerunds Anyone? Lesson Summary A lesson about gerunds and gerund phrases. Objectives • to review the concept of verbals and gerunds;
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Student Materials: Story Map
Free Video Clips for Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Babylon, Assyria)
Pyramids Pyramids Clickable Mummy - Click on the different parts to view interesting and information about the mummification process. Deep in the Tombs of Egypt - Wow, so much to do here!! Activities, games, videos, etc. Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids - Exhibit from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Egyptian Pyramids - This Web site contains excerpts from Mark Rigby's book, The Complete Pyramids . Pyramids
Social Studies - Ancient Civilizations Here: Home > Classroom > Social Studies > Ancient Civilizations Sub-Topics Ancient AfricansAncient AztecsAncient CelticsAncient ChineseAncient EgyptiansAncient GreciansAncient GreeksAncient IncasAncient IndiansAncient JapaneseAncient MayansAncient MesopotamiansAncient MinoansAncient MongolsAncient Native AmericansAncient NubiansAncient OttomansAncient PersiansAncient PeruviansAncient RomansAncient TurksAncient VikingsAlso Try Hot Topics: American Flag, Current Events, Politics, Education, Directories, Multicultural, Middle East Conflict, Social Studies - Ancient Civilizations
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Mesopotamia: Lesson Plans
Introduction Purpose: To develop a better understanding of the Greek city-states. Children can easily become confused when studying the ancient Greek civilization. Ancient History Lesson Plans - Ancient Greek Olympics in the Classroom Ancient History Lesson Plans - Ancient Greek Olympics in the Classroom
Hammurabi and His Code
Hammurabis Code of Laws
NLVM Data Analysis & Probability Manipulatives
Equivalent Fractions
Factor Tree
Equivalent Fractions
Factor Game
Enchanted Mind Java Puzzles - Tangrams Enchanted Mind Java Puzzles - Tangrams Tangrams is an ancient art. The story goes that this form of recreation has never been improved upon since the legendary Chinese Tan first conceived of it. In Chinese this puzzle is called ch'i ch'iao t'u. This translates to 'ingenious-puzzle figure of seven pieces'. Lewis Carroll was reputed to have been a great fan of tangrams. He is said to have had in his possession a Chinese book made of tissue paper which had 323 tangram designs in it.
Math Live
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