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Operation Homecoming trailer. 01storytelling. ‘The Boat’ is an interactive online graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War.


Written as a short story by Nam Le, the storyline centres around a teenage refugee Mai who is sent on the boat by her parents after the fall of Saigon. New York-based Australian artist Matt Huynh (whose parents fled Vietnam to Australia) created the illustrations using traditional Vietnamese bamboo calligraphy brush, paper and Sumi ink. These were then transformed by Matt Smith to impressively convey the depth of the story’s message on a screen. To top it off, Sam Petty engineered the incredibly realistic and even haunting sound effects, creating a true exploration of history using superb innovative storytelling.

The entire project was produced by Australian broadcasting company SBS in commemoration of Vietnamese forty years resettlement in Australia. The story is divided into six chapters, embedded with either manual or auto-scrolling function. The Wetsuitman. A gale was blowing from the south-west as the elderly architect put on his jacket and rubber boots and went to face the elements.

The Wetsuitman

Down in the bay, four metre high waves crashed against the cliffs and sent sea spray hundreds of metres across the grazing land at Norway’s southernmost tip. The first thing the architect noticed when he approached the sea was a wetsuit. Interactive guides. ...aus dem Sonnensystem. STATE OF TERROR. Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit. Über uns - Do Not Track. A Bizarre Night in Thailand. A Short History of the Highrise. National Geographic Channel. Atterwasch - a Scroll-Doc. It may not be the end of the world, but it could be the end of Atterwasch, population 241.

Atterwasch - a Scroll-Doc

While Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised her country a future virtually free of fossil fuels, it may seem strange that this village in eastern Germany, and two neighboring ones, are still fighting plans to wipe them, quite literally, off the map. But Germany’s sudden hunger for coal has emerged as the dirty side of Ms. Merkel’s ambitions to shut down the country’s nuclear power plants by 2022 and eventually move Germans mostly to renewable energy... Read the full article on the website of the New York Times.

Hollow - An Interactive Documentary. Projects. Skip to content Exploring documentary storytelling in the age of the interface Active Filter : None. Last Hijack Interactive. Multimedia-Storytelling: Diese 25 beeindruckenden Artikel musst du gesehen haben. Egal wie man es nennen möchte: Longform-Journalismus, Scrollytelling oder Multimedia-Features.

Multimedia-Storytelling: Diese 25 beeindruckenden Artikel musst du gesehen haben

Fest steht, dass in den vergangenen ein bis zwei Jahren viele journalistische Online-Projekte das Licht der Welt erblickt haben, die nicht nur Gebrauch von Bildern, Videos und Links machen, sondern durch ein besonderes und individuelles Layout eine Einheit mit dem Text bilden. Durch den Einsatz neuester Webtechnologien und jeder Menge Arbeit werden hochwertige Texte zu Kunstwerken und Einzelstücken. Wir haben die 25 besten Vertreter für euch ausgesucht. Multiple Journalism — A field guide for independent journalists. Get ready to submit your project to IDFA DocLab 2014. DocLab is open to all sorts of interactive projects, ranging from webdocs, apps and virtual reality projects to data art, multimedia journalism, installations and live performances.

Get ready to submit your project to IDFA DocLab 2014

For those interested in the creative potential of digital technology, virtual reality and interactive media, this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (16-27 November 2016) will have more to offer than ever before. Atavist - Where Stories Begin. Alexandra Garcia Multimedia. Documentary Has The Future Covered. Documentary was once seen as the castor oil of cinematic genres: it was supposed to be "good for you," but it didn't taste very good.

Documentary Has The Future Covered

Aside from the fact that this just wasn't true -- the adjectives "boring" and "dutiful" applied equally to many dreary fiction films -- today documentary might be the coolest cultural form around, and new digital technologies are part of the reason documentaries are connecting with new audiences in innovative ways. Documentary films, at their very best, are exemplars of cinematic storytelling -- astonishing, delighting, inspiring and enlightening us, and doing so in ways fiction can't, by framing real life in ways we haven't considered before. Although some broadcasters have abandoned documentary in favour of reality television (which is akin to giving up a great painting for a really bad photocopy of it), audiences haven't.

As it turns out, international audiences really like Canadian stories. Open Documentary Lab at MIT. April 15, 2014 MIT OpenDocLab Lunch with AIR’s Localore We’re pleased to invite AIR’s Localore production team to the Spring 2014 MIT Open Documentary Lab’s lunch speaker series.

Open Documentary Lab at MIT

MIT Building E15-331 These events are open to the public. RSVP required. February 18 MIT OpenDocLab Talk with Bjarke Myrthu Please join the MIT Open Documentary Lab for a talk with Bjarke Myrthu on Tuesday, February 18. February 26, 2014 MIT OpenDocLab Lunch We’re pleased to announce Paul Turano as the first speaker in the Spring 2014 MIT Open Documentary Lab’s lunch speaker series. 11/13 OpenDocLab & The DocYard present: HOLLOW with Elaine McMillion. Interaktiver Report: Wie eine Katastrophe die Welt verbessert. Netzfilmblog » Es geht auch ohne Fernsehen » ZEIT ONLINE Blogs. America: Elect! The action-packed journey to US election day in graphic novel form.

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