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Conceptual portraits by Michal Zahornacky - Art People Gallery. L'evoluzione delle macchine fotografiche in 11 ritratti. Dark Surreal Women Portraits. Surreal Portraits Dealing with Isolation – Fubiz Media. Girls girls girls presenta i migliori scatti di debbie harry, sofia coppola e florence welch. Explosive Flour Portraits – Fubiz Media. Striking Portraits of Cure Fans. Surreal Portraits Explore the Dark Side - Feature Shoot. What would photography be if it didn’t have the power to unveil the mysteries of humanness through psychological exploration?

Surreal Portraits Explore the Dark Side - Feature Shoot

New York-based photographer Brooke DiDonato is exploring the depths of unseen human emotion in her series, Drift—attempting to identify through stunning surreal compositions that make the human mind unravel. She spoke to us about the series, which will be presented in an exhibit at Brooklyn Fire Proof East opening this Thursday.

Eyes Wide Open Make Up Art. Olivier Ramonteu - Alter Ego. "Alter ego" was for a long time in gestation in the hollow of my shady dreams.

Olivier Ramonteu - Alter Ego

For several years, I had investigated the theme of the double in literature (its ythological origins as well as its more recent expressions). For example, The Double by Dostoyevsky, William Wilson by Edgard Poe or Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse were for me sources of delight—and objects of study. Double Vision Surreal Portraits. Photographer Tests the Definition of Beauty by Constructing Symmetrical Faces. With Both Sides Of, New York City based photographer Alex John Beck tests our definition of beauty.

Photographer Tests the Definition of Beauty by Constructing Symmetrical Faces

Inspired by the theory that symmetrical faces are the most attractive, the artist constructs a pair of entirely symmetrical portraits drawn from a single visage, one made from the model’s lefthand side and its mirror reflection and the other from the right half. By definition, these uncanny faces each represent the height of physical perfection. When confronted with Beck’s images, we might try to construct the actual human face, splicing the two halves together in our mind’s eye.

The photographs, however, disallow us from completing this task; despite our efforts, we recognize the portraits as two separate and irreconcilable people. Over the course of human history, we have (often prejudicially) ascribed moral characteristics to facial features; plump cheeks indicate warmth and compassion, where an angular face expresses intellectual cunning.

Self Portraits Examine the Disparity Between Who We Are When We Wake Up and The Person We Present to the World. Mel Keiser’s Becoming Mel is a series of paired self-portraits—one taken immediately upon waking, the other after she’s put herself together for the day—repeated each day for a month.

Self Portraits Examine the Disparity Between Who We Are When We Wake Up and The Person We Present to the World

The series resembles a before-and-after beauty feature, but Keiser, a brainy Chicago photographer and artist, has more on her mind than lip gloss and hair style. Her work asks you to look at the gap between sleep-blurred Mel and bright-eyed Mel and rethink what you know about identity and the self. Start by comparing Mels: Sleepy Mel looks into the camera, squinting, one eye almost closed, an Elvis sneer forming on her lips. Conceptual Portraits of Artists and Celebrities by Adam Kuehl. Patricia Clarkson Adam Kuehl was born in Oak Park, Illinois.

Conceptual Portraits of Artists and Celebrities by Adam Kuehl

After obtaining a B.F.A. in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, he began working for the university to produce award-winning look books, national ad campaigns and other special projects. He continues to work for the SCAD while pursuing an M.F.A. in photography. Realistic Painted Portraits with Reflections. Creative Photography by Akatre. Akatre is a French graphic design studio formed by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron. Creative Photography by Akatre

The trio works in a variety of fields including typography, graphic design, photography and video. Their photography work is absolutely brilliant and unique, exploring powerful color combinations and bizarre concepts. Ritratti di persone famose, quasi quadri. Actors and Actresses Portraits. Women Portraits in Gardens of Flowers. Portrait Awards 2015. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PROJECTIONS • INDUSTRY INSIDER EXPOSURE • $22,000 in Awards 8 days, 20:29:03 hours remaining Seeking the New Photographic Portrait The LensCulture Portrait Awards is the 2nd annual call for international portrait photography.

Portrait Awards 2015

The importance of portraiture is present in cultures across the world, illustrating the power and endurance of human connection. With over 145 countries represented on LensCulture, in over 15 languages, we’re seeking new global perspectives on the modern day portrait. Portraits of Tokyo Lolitas. The clubgoers’ fake eyelashes, their hair extensions, the tattoos and character goods that cover their bodies seem almost to infinitely breed and multiply in a motley riot of colors.

Portraits of Tokyo Lolitas

Since ancient times, wearing bright colors and ornaments has been considered an effective way to call down luck from the spirits, who are said to be attracted to such brilliance. Could our modern-day basara, then, be like the shamans of yesteryear, channeling the gods and spirits of this megalopolis who have long ceased to call to the humans who live within their ken? 'Portrait of Partnership': A Photographer's Homage to a Failed Relationship (NSFW) A woman stands against a gray sky, the low light of the sinking sun glints off her glasses.

'Portrait of Partnership': A Photographer's Homage to a Failed Relationship (NSFW)

Her hair is in a bun. She is attractive, but not conventionally beautiful. Behance. Fantasy Photography by Anita Anti. Best Celebrities Portraits by W Magazine. Après leur classement des plus belles performances de l’année 2014/2015, W Magazine a organisé l’exposition Shooting Stars pour présenter leurs plus beaux portraits de célébrités.

Best Celebrities Portraits by W Magazine

L’exposition se tiendra à Los Angeles au Wilshire May Company Building, du 10 janvier au 22 février. Voici un avant-goût où on peut voir entre autres Jennifer Lawrence, Rosamund Pike, George Clooney, Keira Knightley et Jessica Chastain. Beautiful Ashes Portraits. Après sa série Stardust, voici « City of Ash » réalisée par la photographe Molly Strohl.

Hollywood Actors Best Performances by W Magazine. W Magazine a commissionné le photographe Tim Walker et le styliste Jacob K afin d’immortaliser les acteurs qui ont marqué 2014 et qui marqueront certainement 2015. Le photographe s’est inspiré de David Hockney, de l’esthétique et du Los Angeles des années 70 ainsi que de Fellini. Des portraits pleins de bizarreries montrant des visages hollywoodiens connus d’hier et de demain, pour les personnages qu’ils ont incarnés et incarneront. Portraits of the Human Body at 100 Years-Old. La photographe Anastasia Pottinger nous offre des clichés d’une grande sensibilité et d’une grande beauté, mettant à l’honneur le corps humain à un âge avancé. Des images délicates et touchantes du corps d’une femme centenaire en noir et blanc à découvrir sur Fubiz dans la suite de l’article.

Flowers Reveries Portraits. La photographe Jessica Tremp a fait la série « Atomic Occasions » dans laquelle elle voulait représenter une rêverie sur le visage d’une femme. Surreal Black And White Autoportraits. Focus sur la photographe brésilienne Luciana Urtiga qui fait des autoportraits en noir et blanc en associant des symboles surréalistes comme le dédoublement, le prolongement, la substitution ou l’effacement de l’identité. Une quête abstraite de son identité est à découvrir sur son portfolio et dans la suite de l’article. Creative Inspiration. Hi folks! Here we are with one of the first posts in english. Nothing fancy…just some amazing works for your inspiration! Elizaveta Porodina.