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Instructional Coaching for Educators

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Introduction Text. Educational Technology. Media Education Lab. ‘Sala de aula invertida faz alunos virarem autores’ Frequently Asked Questions About Childcare in Our Schools. My Child’s Day How will I know what is happening during my child's day?

Frequently Asked Questions About Childcare in Our Schools

You are always welcome to visit or call during the day. When you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Activity Report that highlights the activities and curriculum covered that day. The teacher will also provide an update on how long your child napped, what portion of lunch your child ate and how well your child is doing with potty-training. Watch Most Likely to Succeed Full Movie Streaming. Prepare Our Kids for Life, Not Standardized Tests. Free Technology for Teachers. Directory of Learning & Performance Tools & Services.

Norm's Teachers Blog. Data Collection > Fast Track Project. Conceptual Framework and Instruments The long-term goal of the Fast Track Project is to test the effectiveness of a developmentally based sequence of interventions designed to prevent antisocial and related behavior problems.

Data Collection > Fast Track Project

During the year 2003, all three cohorts at each of the four research sites completed the full intervention program scheduled through the tenth grade. Annual assessment of each cohort included multiple measures of functioning to assess reduction of negative outcomes, as well as improvement in the protective factors targeted in the intervention model. A variety of strategies were used to assess behavioral development, including parent and teacher reports, direct behavioral observation, peer ratings, child and youth self-reports, test performance, and archival school, police, and court records. As much as possible, the same instruments have been maintained over time in order to track the developmental course of behavior. Top Sample Description. Coaching Models - STEPPPA. STEPPA stands for: SubjectTarget IdentificationEmotionPerception and ChoicePlanPaceAdapt or Act We'll go over the individual steps in a minute, but first so you can better understand what this model is all about we need to go over something.

Coaching Models - STEPPPA

The underlying principle behind this model is working with your emotions. According to this model, behaviors are driven by emotion which means that action is motivated by the emotional commitment that people have to achieve a goal. SUCCESS Coaching Model. By Jean-Paul Cortes The SUCCESS coaching model is another valuable tool within a larger strategic approach of helping your clients achieve their goals.

SUCCESS Coaching Model

The GROW Coaching Model. By Jean-Paul Cortes Do you want to get things done?

The GROW Coaching Model

Of course, we all do. Learning Soft Skills In Childhood Can Prevent Harder Problems Later. Bjorn Rune Lie/Getty Images/Ikon Images Academic learning is usually in the spotlight at school, but teaching elementary-age students "soft" skills like self-control and social skills might help in keeping at-risk kids out of criminal trouble in the future, a study finds.

Learning Soft Skills In Childhood Can Prevent Harder Problems Later

Duke University researchers looked at a program called Fast Track, which was started in the early 1990s for children who were identified by their teachers and parents to be at high risk for developing aggressive behavioral problems. The students were randomized into two groups; half took part in the intervention, which included a teacher-led curriculum, parent training groups, academic tutoring and lessons in self-control and social skills. The program, which lasted from first grade through 10th grade, reduced delinquency, arrests and use of health and mental health services as the students aged through adolescence and young adulthood, as researchers explained in a separate study published earlier this year.

Teacher Training Programs. Emotional Invalidation: The First Deadly Sin - Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. Education Agencies In 2013, the project was piloted in 100 classrooms in New York City, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

Currently, 400 teachers and their principals from districts in Delaware, California, Colorado, and Georgia are participating in the project. Organizational Partners In addition to the participating teacher and administrator volunteers and leadership from the states and districts with which we work, the Best Foot Forward Project’s partners include technology companies, nonprofit organizations, and education consultants. Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. Start Empathy. This researcher asked kids what's wrong with U.S. schools. Here are their ideas. A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom. Collaborative Learning Spaces: Classrooms That Connect to the World. Editor's note: This post is co-authored by Fran Siracusa, co-founder of and educational technologist for Calliope Global.

Collaborative Learning Spaces: Classrooms That Connect to the World

As citizens of the world, students in today's classrooms seek global contexts for learning. Opportunities for networked and international collaborations are bringing both the world to classrooms and classrooms to the world. With a focus on international standards of instruction, globally-minded programs inspire students to be curious through investigation and reflective in analysis of thought. These pathways lead to the development of cultural literacy by allowing students to examine issues of global significance through interconnected sharing of experience and exchange of ideas. Revista Cult Morte da educação – a política anti-educacional e o futuro das crianças - Revista Cult. Education outside the classroom. Do you know who you are? His class attendance went from 40% to 93%. Because of a garden? How streetwiZe is your company?

Escolas Transformadoras. Apps and Tools for Teachers. Flipped Classroom Tools, Apps and Resources. Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better. Projeto Draft - Pessoas, ideias e projetos que estão mudando o mundo. Cinese e o aprender coletivo. As sócias do Cinese: Camila, Giovana e Anna.

Cinese e o aprender coletivo

Quando tinha quinze anos, Anna Haddad saiu de Campo Grande rumo a São Paulo para cumprir a meta traçada pela família: estudar no colégio Bandeirantes. A tradicional escola, que fica no bairro do Paraíso, é reconhecida pelo ensino rigoroso e por atrair alunos que não querem fazer escala (os famigerados cursinhos) para passar no vestibular. Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand - a community that promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship for boys and girls in America. Our focus is to instill the joys of being creative, taking risks, and finding a passion for kids 7-11. Dad Is (Mostly) Totally Honest On 11-Month-Old Daughter's Daycare Questionnaire. Establishing Teacher-Child Relationships.

Establishing relationships with your students is the most important factor in managing behavior in the classroom.

Establishing Teacher-Child Relationships

When an individual child knows you love them, it will become easier to guide them towards positive behavior. This is important with all children, but particularly with children with the most challenging behaviors. This post is based on the book Beyond Behavior Management: The Six Life Skills Children Need.

Instead of Framing ‘Failure’ As a Positive, Why Not Just Use Positive Words? Getty By Rolin Moe In recent months, authors, school districts, and big thinkers have promoted failure as a valuable experience for young people, specifically students. The premise behind this argument could be valuable, as evidence exists showing students do best when they have space to wrestle and struggle when engaged in trial and error, design-based or problem-based learning.

These research-defined terms and approaches have a long and successful history in educational practice and outcomes. An MIT Learning Program Challenges Many Ed-Tech Assumptions. Data Visualisation Examples. LEVERAGING THE POWER OF COMMUNITY TO TRANSFORM EDUCATION. WHOA: 4 Questions That Got 120 Rapists To Admit They Were Rapists. * The exact questions asked in the study were: Celebrating resilience - reframing the narrative around our students: Clint Smith at TEDxManhattan. A Super Smart Teacher Makes An Important Point About The Not-So-Good Parts Of His Students' Lives. Reevo. Jovens dos EUA deixam estudos para criar apps - 18/03/2014 - Tec. Ryan Orbuch, então com 16 anos, empurrou sua mala até a porta de casa e enfrentou a família. 23 anúncios de supermercado totalmente sem sentido - BatBLZ. 26 fev, 2014 Escrito por Carolina Nalon.