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London GP Clinic

London GP Clinic is a private doctor practice in London near Harley Street. We offer same-day private GP appointment and direct access to diagnostic testing!

What Benefits Comes with a Private GP? What Benefits Comes with a Private GP?

What Benefits Comes with a Private GP?

11 Mar 2021 Having the NHS is a huge benefit to people living in the UK. This service is available for everyone who has need of it, and it is based on needs rather than paying ability, plus it comes at a zero cost during delivery. In spite of that, there are people who still consult the private health sector for their health concerns. This opens up the opportunity for them to see a private doctor - especially for those who cannot have access to the NHS.

But are there advantages to non-NHS services? Advantages of having a private doctor 1. Within this timeframe, you have the advantage of the time to express all your health worries, get an examination, intensive diagnosis, and given a specialist referral if necessary. Don't be surprised if the GP decides to give you a full medical examination; ask questions about your personal and family medical history to get more information about your health condition or a risk factor. 2. 3. 4. 5. Conclusion. Private Doctor: Why You Need One. Private Doctor: Why You Need One 11 Mar 2021 These days, the concern people express about their health is greater than ever.

Private Doctor: Why You Need One

Having come to terms with the fact that it is pertinent to be in good health, more effort has been put into ensuring well-being is a top priority always. This is so relevant now that people not only seek health when they are ill but even when they are bubbling with health. Upon this realisation, a lot of persons have gone ahead to hire private doctors they can talk to as it concerns any health issue or inquiries. But what do these doctors offer? As the practice of hiring a private doctor is increasing in popularity, particularly in large cities of the UK, it will do good to explain the reasons why this service should be included in your plan. Information about Doctors. Benefits Of Having A Private GP. Benefits Of Having A Private GP 11 Mar 2021 The NHS provides healthcare services to anyone in need of it.

Benefits Of Having A Private GP

Although the NHS services are free, available to everyone, and caters to healthcare needs-based on a person’s need and not financial ability, most people still seek medical care from private general practitioners. Private Practice And GP Contract. Private Practice And GP Contract 11 Mar 2021 In terms of NHS registered patients, private practice is mostly restricted to GMS (General Medical Services ) and PMS (Personal Medical Service) contractors.

Private Practice And GP Contract

This and more restrictions about private practice and referrals will be further explained when you contact us or when you visit London GP Clinic. According to Part 5, Regulation 24 of the National Health Service ( General Medical Service Contractor) Regulation 2015, which sets out the basic exclusion in charging NHS patients for medical care, it states the following: In Regulation 25, the very limited circumstances whereby an NHS registered patient can be charged for services are outlined.

Getting Medical Help From A Private Doctor During this Pandemic. During this pandemic, most people are scared of visiting their private GP in London.

Getting Medical Help From A Private Doctor During this Pandemic

So they remain home even when they feel unwell. This has prevented many persons from getting help for their health issues. But you will have safe and reliable medical care access with the right private GP service. Why do you need a private GP? You may likely need to see a private GP if you are not getting the care and support you need from the NHS service. Docman Connect: The New Way Private GP Provider Care For Patients. It has become a lot easier to care for patients as the London GP Clinic has formed close ties with the UK’s biggest private GP and healthcare services known as the Doctors Clinic Group (DCG).

Docman Connect: The New Way Private GP Provider Care For Patients

This recent development means that the DCG will be employing the innovative Docman Connect to enhance continuous patient care, lower the use of paper works, and improve the way record is shared between private GPs and the NHS. By this, a lot of stress will be eased, and continuing care will be provided unabated. But what is Docman Connect?

Docman Connect is a new and modern system of transferring patient care electronically. Here, electronic clinic documents are shared between varying healthcare services safely and efficiently. Antibiotics May Be Causing Persistent Cold And Cough, and IBS. Recent research has shown that 81% of dentist-prescribed antibiotics are not necessary.

Antibiotics May Be Causing Persistent Cold And Cough, and IBS

Scientists report that just a course of antibiotics can cause an imbalance of bacteria in the gut for 12 months and above, which is why you shouldn't order antibiotics from your doctor. Another study suggests that dentists rethink before prescribing antibiotics since they aren't necessarily up to 81%. The significance of these studies is seen as 10% of prescribed antibiotics is by dentists. That's not all. Fresh research has revealed that taking a prescribed dose of antibiotics can disturb the balance of the microbiome (a large number of microbes present in the guts). According to experts, problems that affect the gut's health, such as IBS, a breached immune system can result from the reduction of varying bacteria in the microbiome.

The danger of having a damaged microbiome is not the only reason to steer clear of antibiotics according to a warning from experts.