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Slow School. Introduction Learning to make sharp turns at slow speeds is the single biggest improvement in my riding that I've made this year (2003).

Slow School

It really focuses on the bike's balance and how the bike responds to acceleration a steering, and I find myself incorporating the techniques into more of my everyday riding. I want to draw specific attention to the fact that, at least in the beginning, the technique for doing tight turns is a different technique than normal riding. Eventually it becomes clear that they are quite similar, but merging them probably won't happen for a while. The "Look, Lean, Roll" and "Look through the turn" that we are taught initially keeps the motorcycle and the bike's path in our peripheral vision, while the extreme version used for U-turns has you unable to see the path or even the motorcycle - it relies on your ability to use the controls without looking at them and without seeing the path you're steering.

Technique Sample Instruction Method Warmup (aka evaluation) Motorcycle Suspension Setup. Autumn, Industrial and Awesome on Pinterest. Crazy Lake Experiment. CBR 954 Fork Removal, Disassembly, Rebuild and Installation - Honda Motorcycles - Re: CBR 954 Fork Removal, Disassembly, Rebuild and Installation Now you are ready to reinstall the damper unit.

CBR 954 Fork Removal, Disassembly, Rebuild and Installation - Honda Motorcycles -

Make sure you have cleaned it the best you can. You will need the centering plate that goes on the end of the damper. You also need a new cooper crush washer and some loctite for the bottom damper bolt. Place the lower fork tube in your vise. 03 CBR954 - Hindle High Mount & Ceramic Evo Muffler, PCIII w/Hub&Quickshifter, Custom Tune 146.5HP/71, 40 Shot NOS, BMC Race Filter, Factory Pro Evo Shift Kit, Undercut Trans, Air Shifter, EK ZZZ 520 Chain -1/+5 Superlite Sprockets, Swingarm Extensions, Racetech G2R Gold Valves, GPR V4 Damper, OE Solo Cowl, Adj Lowering Link, Shinko Hook-up Tire. Fork Seal Replacement - SuperHawk Forum. This is for a 2003 RC51.

Fork Seal Replacement - SuperHawk Forum

Not a SuperHawk, but the same concept applies. Enjoy! Doing a fork seal replacement can be very messy. It’s a good idea to start off with a clean work area: Smokes are optional. How to Make Connections Like a Creative Genius. At the most basic level, new ideas are about making connections.

How to Make Connections Like a Creative Genius

Steve Jobs said, “Creativity is just connecting things,” and the inner workings of the brain confirm this: When we learn something new, the antennae-like spines on one neuron swell and reach toward the spines of another neuron, forming networks of understanding. The difference between a highly creative brain and an average brain, then, might very well come down to the quantity and strength of those connections–and the ability to make them.

In this post we’ll examine some of the neural underpinnings and behavioural traits that separate “creative geniuses” from the crowd, but we’ll also argue that anyone can improve their creative capacity by learning to make more connections on a day-to-day basis. Creativity vs. Uncommon Genius: Stephen Jay Gould on Why Dot-Connecting Is the Key to Creativity. “Originality often consists in linking up ideas whose connection was not previously suspected,” wrote W.

Uncommon Genius: Stephen Jay Gould on Why Dot-Connecting Is the Key to Creativity

I. B. Beveridge in the fantastic 1957 tome The Art of Scientific Investigation. “The role of the imagination is to create new meanings and to discover connections that, even if obvious, seem to escape detection,” legendary graphic designer Paul Rand seconded. Indeed, longer ago than I can remember, I intuited the conviction that creativity is a combinatorial force — it thrives on cross-pollinating existing ideas, often across divergent disciplines and sensibilities, and combining them into something new, into what we proudly call our “original” creations.

A slim and near-forgotten but altogether fantastic 1991 book by Denise Shekerjian titled Uncommon Genius: How Great Ideas Are Born (public library | IndieBound) synthesizes insights on creativity from conversations with 40 winners of the MacArthur “genius” grant — artists, writers, scientists, inventors, cultural critics. The Secret to Creativity, Intelligence & Scientific Thinking. When we shared this image from the @buffer Twitter account a while back, it got me thinking.

The Secret to Creativity, Intelligence & Scientific Thinking

The Tweet resulted in over 1,000 retweets, which seems like an indication that it resonated with a lot of people. There’s a key difference between knowledge and experience and it’s best described like this: The original is from cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, who came up with such a brilliant way to express a concept that’s often not that easy to grasp. The image makes a clear point—that knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections between what we know. Whether you use the terms “knowledge” and “experience” to explain the difference or not, the concept itself is sound. Lots of great writers, artists and scientists have talked about the importance of collecting ideas and bits of knowledge from the world around us, and making connections between those dots to fuel creative thinking and new ideas. Intelligence and connections: why your brain needs to communicate well with itself 1. 2. 3.

P.S. 4, Pulleys with Right Angle Transition.


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