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Art Renewal Center 2010-2011 ARC Salon™ - Honorable Mentions
Scott Waddell Portfolio
GCA Blog I recently stumbled across an intriguing paper by Professor LeRoy McDermott of UCMO, where he presents a new take on the ancient "Venus" sculptures from the Paleolithic European continent and beyond. Their perplexing distortions of the body led me to consider them as only fertility symbols - however, McDermott posits that the sculptures are in fact representational depictions of the female sculptor, looking down upon her own figure. The above sculpture is a restoration of the Lespugue Venus, a Venus figurine created in the Gravettian culture sometime between 24,000 to 26,000 years ago. It was discovered in a cave in the Pyrenees mountains of France in 1922. GCA Blog
The Teaching Studios of Art- Long Island • Brooklyn • Oyster Bay
Jacob Collins - Figure