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Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for world record $450 million despite lingering doubts over its authenticity. 'Leonardo da Vinci artwork' sells for record $450m. Media playback is unsupported on your device A 500-year-old painting of Christ believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci has been sold in New York for a record $450m (£341m).

'Leonardo da Vinci artwork' sells for record $450m

The painting is known as Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World). It is the highest auction price for any work of art and brought cheers and applause at the packed Christie's auction room. Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519 and there are fewer than 20 of his paintings in existence. Salvator Mundi, believed to have been painted sometime after 1505, is the only work thought to be in private hands. Bidding began at $100m and the final bid for the work was $400m, with fees bringing the full price up to $450.3m. Image copyright AFP The painting shows Christ with one hand raised, the other holding a glass sphere. In 1958 it was sold at auction in London for a mere £45 at auction in London. BBC arts correspondent Vincent Dowd says that even now attribution to Leonardo is not universally accepted. Record : le Qatar s'offre un Cézanne pour 250 millions de dollars. Les records sont faits pour tomber.

Record : le Qatar s'offre un Cézanne pour 250 millions de dollars

Après le palmarès 2011 des ventes aux enchères, et la photo la plus chère du monde, c’est de l’une des versions des Joueurs de cartes de Paul Cézanne dont tout le monde parle aujourd’hui. Selon Vanity Fair, la toile datant de 1895 aurait été cédée en 2011 par les héritiers de l’armateur grec George Embiricos à la famille royale du Qatar. Le montant ? 250 millions de dollars (environ 191 millions d'euros), soit le prix le plus élevé jamais payé pour une œuvre d’art. $160m Picasso's Women of Algiers smashes auction record - BBC News. Picasso's Women of Algiers has become the most expensive painting to sell at auction, going for $160m (£102.6m) at Christie's in New York.

$160m Picasso's Women of Algiers smashes auction record - BBC News

Eleven minutes of prolonged bidding from telephone buyers preceded the final sale - for much more than its pre-sale estimate of $140m. The final price of $179.3m (£115m) includes commission of just over 12%. The sale also featured Alberto Giacometti's life-size sculpture Pointing Man, which set its own record. It is now the most expensive sculpture sold at auction, after going for $141.3m (£90.6m). Both buyers chose to remain anonymous.

$142m Francis Bacon's painting of Lucian Freud is a portrait of two geniuses. It was a big night for British art.

$142m Francis Bacon's painting of Lucian Freud is a portrait of two geniuses

Once, the painters of these rainy islands were regarded as dreary throwbacks while all the glamour and fame went to modern Europeans and Americans, from Edvard Munch to Andy Warhol. But on Tuesday evening at Christie's in New York, a triple portrait by Francis Bacon of his friend and peer Lucian Freud sold for $142m (£89m), stomping all over the record auction price of $119m (£74m) paid last year for Munch's Scream. There can be no doubt the night belonged to Freud as well as Bacon. When he sat for Three Studies of Lucian Freud in 1969, this painter of harshly real faces and bodies in sparse London rooms was ever so slightly in Bacon's shadow. Now they orbit one another as the two great British artists of the 20th century, and probably will always be grouped in art history as blunt individualists who defied the supposed inevitable progress of the readymade to paint like modern reincarnations of Velázquez.

The art market is notoriously fickle. Vente historique pour "Le Cri" de Munc $119 millionhs. Botticelli painting fetches record $92m at auction. Botticelli - 92,2 millions de dollars. Jeff Koons ‘Rabbit’ Sets Auction Record for Most Expensive Work by Living Artist. David Hockney Painting Sells for $90 Million, Smashing Record for Living Artist.

Rothko, "Orange, Red, Yellow" $86,9 millions. Partager C'est un nouveau record pour une œuvre d'art contemporain.

Rothko, "Orange, Red, Yellow" $86,9 millions

Beeple: A Visionary Digital Artist at the Forefront of NFTs. Beeple’s evolution: the First 5000 Days in five key pictures ‘This was my very first everyday.

Beeple: A Visionary Digital Artist at the Forefront of NFTs

It’s a picture of my Uncle Jim, who I nicknamed Uber Jay. I probably would have spent more time on this, had I known it would eventually be part of a piece auctioned by Christie’s!’ ‘I did this image very quickly, in about three minutes at 5am, right before driving my wife to the hospital to have our first child.’ ‘This is a picture from when I had horrible food poisoning. ‘This was done in about an hour immediately after the 2020 vice-presidential debate, when then US Vice President Mike Pence had a fly unexpectedly land on his head. ‘I made this on the 5,000th day. Yves Klein (1928-1962) Frida Kahlo art fetches record $34.9m at auction. Banksy’s self-destructing artwork breaks records in £18.6 million sale. In 2018, one of Banksy’s best-known works, Girl With Balloon, was sold at Sotheby’s, fetching more than £1 million before alarms sounded and it shredded itself in its frame at the auction house.

Banksy’s self-destructing artwork breaks records in £18.6 million sale

After deciding to hang onto the artwork, rechristened Love is in the Bin, the buyer sent it back to auction this week, with a guide price of £4 million to £6 million. As expected, keeping the self-destructing piece (which was supposed to shred completely, but jammed halfway through) turned out to be a good call. Love is in the Bin didn’t just quadruple the buyer’s investment but, after a ten-minute bidding battle, went for eighteen times the original price at a record £18.6 million. The new sale took place almost three years to the day since the infamous prank, with Alex Branczik, the chairman of modern and contemporary art at Sotheby’s Asia, calling the artwork: “One of the most ingenious moments of performance art this century.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s web source code NFT sells for $5.4 million. The latest mega-auction of an NFT tied to a piece of internet history is complete, with Sir Tim Berners-Lee selling a digital item representing source code to the original web browser for $5,434,500.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s web source code NFT sells for $5.4 million

Berners-Lee is credited as the creator of the world wide web that this site is published on, and the NFT includes a time-stamped signed archive including 10,000 lines of the source code that initially made it possible to display an HTML document, among other things. For comparison, the highest price for an NFT remains the $69 million or so MetaKovan paid to own Everydays: the First 5000 Days by the artist Beeple, while Jack Dorsey’s digital collectible representing the first tweet on Twitter sold for a little less than $3 million. After the auction was announced, there was some backlash to the plan, whether due to general unease over NFTs, environmental concerns, or otherwise.

Berners-Lee and his wife say they will use the proceeds to benefit causes they support. La couverture du Lotus Bleu de Tintin, vendue à 3,2 millions d'euros, nouveau record pour le monde de la BD. Disputed Banksy Mural Sells for More Than $1.1 Million. A mural by Banksy which divided the art world after being removed from a London street sold last night at a private event in London for more than 750,000 pounds ($1.1 million), according to the event organizers.

Disputed Banksy Mural Sells for More Than $1.1 Million

The 2012 spray painting “Slave Labour,” showing a boy making Union Jack bunting with a sewing machine, was being shown by the Sincura Group, a concierge company, at a members-only event in the basement of the London Film Museum in the Covent Garden area of the U.K. capital. The work’s sale, earlier planned for an auction in Florida, enraged street art enthusiasts who argue that Banksy murals are gifts to communities and should remain in situ. Others point out that unsolicited graffiti becomes the property of the building owners, who are legally entitled to do what they want with them. Prospective buyers had been invited to make offers for the painting of more than 900,000 pounds in a 3½-hour silent auction that closed at 9:30 p.m.

Miami Sale Pest Control Owners Named. A Banksy artwork self-destructed after being sold at auction for over £1m. One of Banksy’s most famous artworks, Girl With Balloon – voted the UK’s best-loved work of art last year – tripled estimates to sell at London’s Sotheby’s auction for just over £1million on Friday evening.

A Banksy artwork self-destructed after being sold at auction for over £1m

Then it promptly self-destructed. “It appears we just got Banksy-ed,” said the Sotheby’s senior director Alex Branczik after the sale ended and the iconic image passed through a shredder mounted in its frame. And later, Banksy himself seemed to delight in the prank, posting a picture of the half-shredded Girl With Balloon hanging from its frame with the caption “Going, going, gone…” Banksy - Sotheby's NY - 368,500$ 11.14.12. Would you pay $2,000 for a GIF? The artist Molly Soda, 24, is what you might call "Tumblr famous. " The short, green-haired Chicago native has about 30,000 followers on the platform, where she posts GIFs, selfie performance pieces, and undulating word art. "I've never sold any work that I wasn't directly commissioned to do," she says.

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Joan Mitchell named most successful female artist. New York, 9 August 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). A study conducted by Artnet and Bloomberg has sought to establish art market rankings for female artists, publishing a list of the most significant sales for both dead and living artists. Results for the total sales of works by both living or dead female are topped by artist Joan Mitchell (1925-1992), a painter belonging to the Abstract Expressionism movement, whose works have reached $239.8m at auctions since 1985 – a figure which represents the sale of 646 works, including a record sale of $9.3m for a piece sold in 2011.

Enchères : Rothko, la nouvelle idôle de New York. FC1, l'œuvre testament d'Yves Klein, fera flamber les enchères de Christie's New York. Eric Clapton Fetches 34 Million for Gehrard Richter Painting.