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Design Pickle - 14 Day Risk-Free Trial. Freelance Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design. FreeLogoDesign Create your free logo design and GET IT FOR FREE. Freelance Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design. Free Logo Maker & Logo Design, Totally Free Logo Creator! Fiverr: The Marketplace for Creative & Professional Services.

Logos, Web, Graphic Design & More. Logo Design, Web Design and More. Unlimited Graphic Design - Design Pickle - Design Pickle. Create beautiful lead magnets without writing a single word. Free Logo Maker - Create your own logo in minutes! Significado de los colores y su aplicación en la vida y el trabajo. Tailor. After Effects: Conviértete en un Animador Experto. Las animaciones en cualquier presentación siempre sorprenden a todos.

After Effects: Conviértete en un Animador Experto

Un simple movimiento o una cadena de sucesos animados esconden secretos complejos en su interior. Hoy, con este curso de After Effects, es tu turno de convertirte en un experto en animación. En este curso de After Effects aprenderás todo sobre el programa. Desde cómo abrir y crear un keyframe hasta los efectos más complicados. QUIENES SOMOS. Bienvenido a mi tienda on line!!!


Retail buyers, International Distributors, Sales Reps. Welcome to!

Retail buyers, International Distributors, Sales Reps founded by Kelli Benson in 2007 provides an informational platform for emerging and established designers through multi line independent sales rep, fashion retail buyer, and international distributor databases. Along with a classifieds section that enable all fashion professionals to post and search forty job descriptions in wholesale, retail, executive & internship levels.'s social media venue frequently features many of the 13,000 U.S. and international subscribers through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and two weekly blog posts. Let us know who you are!! We love to write about cool, upcoming designers, industry events, fashion enthusiasts and influencers. The press kit: why you need it and how to use it - PR Academy (news) Te presentamos las mejores apps para diseñadores, Twitter 557 557 facebook 14.3K 14.3K pinterest 12 12 google plus 14 Share14 linked in 3 3 email 1 1 stumbleupon 3 Share3 meneame 10 Share10 El diseñador actual usa la tecnología, se vale de aplicaciones en sus celulares o tabletas para realizar y agregar elementos a su trabajo; las dificultades presentadas hace años han quedaron en el pasado, pues debido a la eficiencia de la tecnología, hoy cualquier emprendedor que requiera aplicar su creatividad puede hacerlo por medio de esta.

Te presentamos las mejores apps para diseñadores,

Lo mejor de todo es que la innovación y avances en ella facilitan el desarrollo del diseñador de manera fácil, gratuita y sin tener que salir de su hogar. Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Guidelines for form layouts - Windows app development. Design forms that provide a great touch experience, optimize the use of screen real estate, and minimize panning/scrolling in your Windows Store app.

Guidelines for form layouts - Windows app development

See this feature in action as part of our App features, start to finish series: User interaction: Touch input... and beyond Recommendations Use a form layout that is appropriate for the content and app.Use the same style of label placement for all controls in a form.Use in-line place holder text when form content is simple or easily understood.Don't use multiple columns when there is extensive vertical panning.Don't place labels to the left when there is a lot of variance in the length of the labels.Don't automatically launch the touch keyboard without touch input. Additional usage guidance When you design a form and the control layout, think about how you want the user to fill out the form and the effects panning/scrolling might have on the experience. 9 "Must Haves" for a Graphic Designer.

In the world of Graphic Design we face constant challenges.

9 "Must Haves" for a Graphic Designer

The biggest challenge we face is coming up with original creations and ideas over and over again on a daily basis. Designers in creative agencies don’t just magically make amazing logos, websites, or ads appear on the computer, they research and get inspired from some bizarre idea, individual or some other tangible element. I recently came across a blog that showed 15 things Graphic Designers must do to be successful.

After reading through the blog and thinking about how I personally go through solving a design problem, I realized how relatable the blog was. This lead me to write my own post about what I believe is a “Must Have” for Graphic Designers. Wallpaper* Magazine: design, interiors, architecture, fashion, art. Make a stunning animated video. In minutes. Storyboard That - The Internet's Best Storyboard Creator. Autos clásicos Vs su versión moderna.

Good Design Needs Good Fonts - YouWorkForThem. Piff GIFs on Giphy. A beautifully simple tool to create moodboards. Niice. Ui Parade – User interface design inspiration & design tools. Mockups. Take a second.


Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. CardBoard. Techniques for gathering requirements in Agile scrum. Gathering or generating requirements in an Agile development system is unique because it's flexible.

Techniques for gathering requirements in Agile scrum

Often customers, product owners, testers and the development team (all available stakeholders) take an active role in generating user stories for new features and determining requirements. Requirements in Agile scrum are ever-changing and designed to remain flexible as needs change or as new design considerations are discovered. Razorfish: The Agency for Marketing, Experience and Enterprise Design. A Creative New Way To Encourage Employees And Support Causes At The Same Time. Think about the last time you gave one of your coworkers a shout-out for a job well done.

A Creative New Way To Encourage Employees And Support Causes At The Same Time

It's been a while, right? Now think of the last time you donated to a charity. It's been even longer, most likely. Pats on the back and philanthropy may seem like two random bullet points on life's to-do list, but employing them in concert at your organization may be a worthwhile endeavor. Just ask the team at advertising agency Grey New York. "Grey puts a ton of emphasis on culture; we think it’s one of the most important drivers of our business," says Zachary Treuhaft, chief digital officer at Grey. How it works: Grey allots employees a designated number of points worth a predetermined sum.

"Our belief as a business is that creativity can make the world better," Treuhaft says. And as Charles Best, CEO and founder of Donors Choose, points out, there's usually a disconnect in altruism at most companies. The Typeface for Chattanooga Tennessee. M.C. Escher - The Official Website. Glen Keane - Duet HD. There's a Man in the Woods. Flat design vs realism: which side are you on? Last year, flat design took over the world of digital design.

Flat design vs realism: which side are you on?

The hallmarks of skeuomorphic design - embossed and bevel effects, 3D artificial textures, drop shadows and reflective shimmers - all but disappeared and were replaced with minimalist design, bold colours sharp edges and lines, simple typography and very little, if any at all, shadowing. To highlight this design trend, interactive agency inTacto created this brilliant interactive infographic Flat Design vs Realism.The cool project also includes interactive game, in which users pick a side and then battle the enemy. We spoke to inTacto's creative director Alejandro Lazos to find out more about the project.

How did the concept come about? At the end of each year, we create a self-promotional interactive greeting from the agency, where we like to demonstrate our creativity along with high production values. HTML5 games were also becoming popular and gaining a lot of attention, so we wanted to demonstrate our skills in this area. Interactive Archives - Infographic Design Agency – Hire Expert Infographic Designers. Interactive infographics are very powerful, for several reasons. One reason is that it causes your reader/user to engage with the infographic, which means they are spending more time with your content, and are interacting with it in a way that is very powerful for your brand. Secondly, interactive infographics allow you to put a lot of information into 1 infographic without it being overwhelming for the reader.

The ability to have layers and sub-layers means you are not throwing too much at someone at once, and therefore not scaring them away. HALFCREATIVE - Premium One Page HTML/CSS Template. Photography and photoshop contests - 20 películas que todo diseñador o creativo deben ver.

Todo diseñador o creativo tiene el don de contar con el gusto por la cultura visual. Consientes de que el ser diseñador es estar trabajando dentro de las ramas del arte, la exigencia se vuelve aún mayor. Una de las muchas inspiraciones con las que puede contar un diseñador o creativo es la del séptimo arte. Como espectadores se busca un estimulo visual por parte de éstas, ya sea por su dirección de arte, vestuario, guión o fotografía.

Notas relacionadas:LOS 13 COMERCIALES MÁS VISTOS Y COMPARTIDOS EN AGOSTO15 MARCAS QUE UTILIZAN “VINE” ADECUADAMENTE10 CASOS DE PLAGIO: CARTELES, LOGOS E ILUSTRACIONES5 SEÑALES PARA DETECTAR LA ACTUALIZACIÓN DE LOGOTIPO En constantes ocasiones se buscan películas que tengan una propuesta visual impactante y original, no es necesario que tengan el mejor guión dentro de la industria, si no que sean únicas. 99U - Insights on making ideas happen. Photography and photoshop contests - Trend List. The World's Marketplace for Visual Content. Magnolia - Infographics & Data Visualization Elements Pack. Magnolia is the biggest pack of Infographic and Data Visualization Elements we offer.

It contains more than 150 ready-to-use elements that are perfect for building almost any infographic, from visualizing numbers to tables and charts.