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Pooktre. "The Good Wife" Fifty years ago the relationship between men and women was vastly different, especially if “The Good Wife’s Guide” from the 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly bares any truth. In the interest of fairness, we decided to come up with a few modern additions, though all we’re really sure of is that men have no business writing for a women’s magazine. “The Good Wife’s Guide” was originally circulated as a fax, and then became a widespread email which lists 18 bullet points that all “good wives” should keep in mind when preparing the house for the husband’s return home from work.

The list was supposedly first published in the May 13th 1955 issue of “Housekeeping Monthly.” Although the validity of the article has been questioned , it does serve as a reference of how our view of women has changed, and a gauge for further improvement towards our significant others. As originally printed : Belle maison. Pinterest.