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8 bits of plastic you can quit right now - Sarah Wilson. The Earth can’t digest plastic.

8 bits of plastic you can quit right now - Sarah Wilson

Plastic things are bought and used and that’s it – the Earth is burdened further. This issue has reached critical point. And we have to act. All of us. Because we are the issue. Can’t watch now? Earth can’t digest plastic. So. 1. Do this: Carry a splade in your purse/bag* (a spoon, fork and blade in one). 2. Do this: Sip your drink, only use if there are biodegradable ones available at your cafe or invest in a stainless steel reusable one. 3. Do this: Drink from a tap. 4. In Australia, takeaway coffee cups are the second biggest contributor to waste after plastic bottles.

Do this: Use a JOCO Cup instead. 5. Care About the Ocean? Think Twice About Your Coffee Lid. Transforming Ottawa: How Jacques Gréber’s plan forever changed the capital, for better and worse. It’s difficult to imagine what Ottawa would look like today had city planner Jacques Gréber never set foot here.

Transforming Ottawa: How Jacques Gréber’s plan forever changed the capital, for better and worse

We would most certainly not have the Greenbelt that rings the city, nor perhaps as many of the national museums, galleries and performance venues we now enjoy. Car traffic throughout downtown might have slowed to a crawl as scores of trains criss-crossed their way to and from Union Station on Rideau Street. The tall, gritty smokestacks of industry, meanwhile, might otherwise now be photo-bombing every tourist snapshot of the Peace Tower, chewing up our precious waterfront and blotting the skyline with their grey effluent clouds.

On the other hand, LeBreton Flats, left to its own devices, might well have evolved into an exciting and vibrant warehouse district similar to Toronto’s Distillery Historical District or Vancouver’s Yaletown, instead of being razed and left empty for 40 years, then handed over to developers to turn into mean towers of condominiums. An expert reveals why you've been recycling wrong this whole time. Most of us go to great lengths to recycle our products, and feel pretty good when we dump our old envelopes and coffee cups into the designated paper bin instead of the regular trash.

An expert reveals why you've been recycling wrong this whole time

But now an expert in waste management has filled Vicky Gan from City Lab in on what actually ends up being recycled, and what holds up the process, and it turns out we've been doing it wrong all along. To encourage people to recycle, most cities around the world give homes and workplaces bins broken down by plastic, paper or glass recycling bins. In some suburbs, these have been replaced by 'catch-all' recycling bins that take all these materials. This has worked in one sense, because it gets people to recycle more and throw away less, but it's also led to much more contamination in the system.

Because in reality, not all papers, plastic and glassware is made equal, and there's a lot more that dictates whether something is recyclable or not. Paper, cardboard and polystyrene food containers. Worse than Bad. Return the rubbish. Posted by Marc van Gurp | 11-06-2011 22:19 | Category: Environment An action from Surfrider Foundation Brasil, called “Return”.

Return the rubbish

The action has as purpose to raise awareness and alert people about the consequences of the garbage left on Rio’s beaches. From a mailing list of surf shops and accredited NGOs, 10,000 boxes containing objects thrown on the sand were sent to people’s houses. Besides plastic cups, ice-cream packages, cans and water bottles, each box also contained a label with the following message: “The garbage thrown on the sea returns someday. The action was also performed in bars in the city of Rio de Janeiro. See the Portuguese version after the break.

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