Feminism and Women's issues

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Women. Welcome to XY online. Looking at Muslim women in the media and pop culture » Muslimah Media Watch. Women Living Under Muslim Laws. Womensnewsnetwork.net. Radio 4 - Woman's Hour. IWMF - International Women's Media Foundation. Women's eNews. The Dawn Chorus. Hoyden About Town: a mixed bag of uppity women blogging from Australia. Feminist.com. Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. The XX Factor. Thanks to the BuzzFeed quiz, we now all know which city we should live in (Paris), what kind of sandwich we are (grilled cheese), and which Twin Peaks character we are (Agent Dale Cooper).

The XX Factor

BuzzFeed quizzes exploit our urge to belong, to categorize ourselves into an identifiable group that we are instantly a part of. (Oh, you’re a Miranda? Me too!) Which is why the latest BuzzFeed quiz, “How Metal Is Your Period?” National Foundation for Australian Women — Just another WordPress site. Women's Electoral Lobby. YWCA Australia. CWAA. The Happy Feminist: FEMINISM 101. Feminism is not a monolith, nor is it a dogma.

The Happy Feminist: FEMINISM 101

The only thing you have to believe in order to call yourself a feminist is that ensuring women's freedom and equality of opportunity in all spheres of life is a crucial priority. That's it. Feminists all work from that basic axiom, but aside from that we are an incredibly diverse group. We are diverse in five ways: 1) We come from every conceivable background and life experience.

Intro to Feminism and Women's Studies: Welcome. Feminist Lexicon. Feminist Lexicon: “Angel in the House” A concept of desirable femininity (from Coventry Patmore's nineteenth century poem) critiqued by Virginia Woolf who argued for the necessity of killing this internalised aspect of the feminine for women to be fully effective.

Feminist Lexicon

She argued further in Three Guineas that it was also necessary to kill 'the lady'—although even then 'the woman still remained'. Women's eNews. Women's Rights. Feminist Response to Pop Culture. Feminist Majority. 2011 Reading List « A Year of Feminist Classics. A Year of Feminist Reading - 12 Months of Important Feminist Books. Are you new to feminism?

A Year of Feminist Reading - 12 Months of Important Feminist Books

Do you need an overview of feminist ideas? Perhaps you already know a bit about feminism but want to become more well read. Feminist Texts. Feminist books -- both novels and non-fiction -- influenced and reflected the feminist movement.

Feminist Texts

Read more about some of the key texts of feminism. A Year of Feminist BooksTwelve books (plus one to grow on!) Containing essays, theory, novels and poetry from important feminist writers. Feminist Memoirs - A List of Feminist Memoirs by Famous FeministsAre you looking for a great feminist memoir? Many women s liberation movement activists have written books recollecting their lives and what drew them to feminism . The Feminist eZine - StumbleUpon. Contemporary UK Feminism. Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass. Why was I sent to this blog? « Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. AKA: I asked some feminists a question, and instead of answering they sent me here.

Why was I sent to this blog? « Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog

Why? Last updated 2010/05/25 Your question was probably (a) not actually on-topic for the discussion they were having and/or (b) covered ground they have gone over many times before and do not wish to repeat and/or (c) has in their past experience been a question that attracts antagonists and is likely to erupt into a flamewar that they prefer to avoid. Not wanting to have that topic derailed [1], this site was suggested as an alternative place to find an answer to your question.

People find questions that do not further the current discussion frustrating and are often not inclined to answer those questions (off-topic questions in internet forums are also a breach of Netiquette, so some people simply ignore them on principle). Shakesville.