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How To Develop Android Apps. Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine with a Simple UI (5-8 hrs) Starting by installing Android Studio, you’ll create your first project with a simple list-based user interface and built and deploy it to virtual and actual devices.

How To Develop Android Apps

You’ll also discover what makes mobile - and Android in particular - a unique environment for app development. Android Studio, Gradle, and debugging toolsUser Interface and Layout managersListViews and Adapters. How to Print From Anywhere. קהילות ynet - חשבון משותף עם הורים מזדקנים - פורום ירושות וצוואות - כסף וקריירה. Israeli Airport Security - What to Expect. The Most Popular Words Used in Viral Headlines. 6.3K Flares 6.3K Flares × There is no one way to create viral content.

The Most Popular Words Used in Viral Headlines

So many different variables go into a viral post—timing, emotion, engagement, and so many others that you cannot control. There is no viral blueprint. The greatest chance we have to understand viral content is to study the posts and places that do it best, figure out what worked for them, and try it for ourselves. Thanks to some incredible work by the team at Ripenn, we have access to headline analysis from four of the top viral sites on the web—who happen to be really good at headline writing. 10-short-stories-by-gabriel-garcia-marquez. “Our independence from Spanish domination did not put us beyond the reach of madness,” said Gabriel García Márquez in his 1982 Nobel Prize acceptance speech.


García Márquez, who died yesterday at the age of 87, refers of course to all of Spain’s former colonies in Latin America and the Caribbean, from his own Colombia to Cuba, the island nation whose artistic struggle to come to terms with its history contributed so much to that art form generally known as “magical realism,” a syncretism of European modernism and indigenous art and folklore, Catholicism and the remnants of Amerindian and African religions.

מאני טיים - אתר חדשות כלכלה ונתוני בורסה מישראל ומהעולם TheMarker דה מרקר. 14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed. Now that you've written your eulogies for Google Reader, it's a good time to remember that Google has an abundance of other resources that may not be as popular but still deserve a spotlight.

14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed

We rounded up some lesser-known Google tools and applications that could help you cope with the loss of Reader and rekindle your love for Google. From fun tools like Google Ngram Viewer to useful resources like Full Value of Mobile Calculator, you'll find an array of tools for developers to small business owners to the average consumer. Take a look at the gallery and let us know what your favorite Google tool is in the comments. Image courtesy of Flickr, Scobleizer. 7 Things You Can Legally Steal from Successful Companies. Denis Duvauchelle is CEO and co-founder of Twoodo, helping your team organize itself using simple #hashtags.

7 Things You Can Legally Steal from Successful Companies

The essence of innovation and the foundation of many start-ups are to imitate and adapt from existing concepts. New ideas are mostly incremental improvements of past ideas, just as we as a biological species have evolved improvements over centuries. We at Twoodo are trying to make team collaboration tools a little bit better, for example. One thing that never gets old in business is knowing your customer – and that’s because of how often we get it wrong. Make your Android Device Smarter with These Apps. 11 January '14, 04:10pm Follow The leap from feature phones to smartphones didn’t happen overnight.

Make your Android Device Smarter with These Apps

נצלו את הטבות המס לפני שהשנה מסתיימת - חדשות הכסף שלי. 5 Core Workouts for Stronger Running. I don't know that I'm what you'd call a beginner but I think I am.

5 Core Workouts for Stronger Running

I've been running for a long time but with no guidance or goals or plans as a stress reliever. But just recently I've decided to take it seriously so I've started myself on a running plan to get me ready to do a half marathon. I was just wondering if you could recommend some strength and core training for me? I've always neglected this part of fitness because I hate going to the gym, that's why I love running! - Zach. הקשר המבלבל בין מתמטיקה לפיזיקה - מגזין אודיסאה. איגוד האינטרנט הישראלי - מדריך נגישות מקוצר. GoodUI. The Mobile Playbook.