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15 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Online Presence and Productivity. UPDATED: More suggestions at 21 Amazing Twitter Tools for Brand Visibility and Time Management.

15 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Online Presence and Productivity

Twitter is a valuable source of news updates. Without proper management, it can be a real time suck! There’s only so much time in a day, you need to make each tweet, each following count for something. Why not utilize some free Twitter tools to lighten your load so you can focus more on building relationship with your tweeps? Twitter News Aggregators: These apps summarize the most relevant and popular updates from your Twitter stream with very simple setup procedures.

. #1 The Tweeted Times. 10 Tips: How to filter discussions on Twitter? I follow more than 570 users on Twitter that leads to more than 100 new tweets an hour and I don’t have hours a day to check all the messages.

10 Tips: How to filter discussions on Twitter?

Co-bloggers frequently ask me how I can follow all of them efficiently. Well, I have a few tips on this and feel free to share yours with us: Tweetdeck: The best tool to organize your tweets. I created a Health 2.0 group to filter the tweets of the users who are writing about medicine or health 2.0. How To: Follow Yourself on Twitter. Check out this link (Shared via. CoTweet Gone: Here Are 7 Great Alternatives. The popular social media management application CoTweet will no longer exist after Feb. 15, but we've found 7 free or low-cost alternatives that'll take its place.

CoTweet Gone: Here Are 7 Great Alternatives

What happened to the free Co-Tweet? The service's parent company, ExactTarget, announced in a blog post this week that it will soon re-christen CoTweet as SocialEngage — a premium-only service the company says will feature enhanced integration and marketing powers. The free version will be gone forever. CoTweet was a hit with Twitter users, and many consumers of the free option are unhappy. A long string of comments following that ExactTarget blog post showed displeasure at the company for the abrupt move and its opaque pricing information. Margaret Francis, ExactTarget's vice president of social products, declined to elaborate on pricing information in a recent interview with Mashable, beyond that there will varying costs for different levels of service. But what might that something else be? How to Join the Healthcare Conversation with Twitter « Radian6 - Social Media Monitoring and Engagement.

The social web is awash with health-related conversations every day.

How to Join the Healthcare Conversation with Twitter « Radian6 - Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

The sheer volume of online healthcare discussion can be tough to keep track of for any seasoned social media veteran, much less for a newcomer to the space. And on no platform is the conversation moving faster and more furious than Twitter. Many healthcare communicators have taken to their Twitter feeds to share interesting healthcare articles, make connections in their field on opposite sides of the world (or their country) and engage in real time discussions. 6 Cas d'Utilisation de Twitter comme Outil eMarketing - Blog eCommerce. Aux États-unis, Twitter est devenu incontournable depuis un moment.

6 Cas d'Utilisation de Twitter comme Outil eMarketing - Blog eCommerce

Les stars US , comme Oprah, Ashton, Britney…, l’ont adopté depuis un moment. 5 Apps to Help Manage Your Twitter Account. Spot/#/@lionelreichardt. Docteur Tweety - Solution de veille. Hcsmeufr - home. Twitter : 10 astuces pour récupérer les flux RSS. Twitter : 10 astuces pour les flux RSS. Twitter a supprimé l’accès direct à ses flux RSS.

Twitter : 10 astuces pour les flux RSS

Seulement, pour les veilleurs, difficile d’automatiser un tant soit peu sa veille sans RSS. Voici donc 10 astuces, très simples, pour récupérer rapidement des flux sur Twitter : ceux de votre timeline, de votre compte, des recherches ou encore des listes. 38 Astuces Rapides Pour Bien Débuter Sur Twitter. Make Your Twitter an SEO Machine. Optimize Your Twitter Account In 4 Easy Steps. Today your consumers are the most detrimental members of your marketing department.

Optimize Your Twitter Account In 4 Easy Steps

They don’t spend hours analyzing and constructing best practices, they simply share and publish their raw emotion and opinion of your product to billions of people. If you are utilizing Facebook to join the conversation, you are among the 70 percent of small business owners. Currently, only 40 percent of businesses are utilizing Twitter- but this social media platform’s popularity is only predicted to increase. In fact, Twitter has been deemed the conversational search engine of our time. Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity » Helping groups communicate privately via Twitter - Twitter Groups are here!

Twitter_mindmap.jpg (1813×850) Sérieusement, tu fais de la veille sur Twitter ?! Je peux le dire d’emblée : je suis un grand fan de Twitter et il s’agit de mon outil principal de veille technologique, après en avoir testé bien d’autres : flux RSS, Facebook, Google, blogs favoris, etc.

Sérieusement, tu fais de la veille sur Twitter ?!

Les principaux problèmes de Twitter… sont ses aspects éphémères, incomplets, précipités, abruptes. Twitter Marketing Tips: 4 B2C Examples. If you are a B2C company, interaction on a social platform like Twitter can increase engagement and even sales if executed properly.

Twitter Marketing Tips: 4 B2C Examples

Small businesses like Tender boutique in Birmingham, Michigan have promoted special offers on Twitter and sold out in just a few days. Social interaction via platforms like Twitter allow companies to gain a true understanding of their prospect base and serve as a real-time source of market research. Customer engagement is a key benefit of executing a B2C Twitter marketing strategy. A recent survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey found 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from or recommend a brand they follow. 7 Simple Rules to Success on Twitter. Welcome - Timely by Demandforce. 12 Steps to Creating a Successful Twitter Chat.

A growing trend over the past 2 years, if not longer, is the use of Twitter chats.

12 Steps to Creating a Successful Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are sometimes spontaneous, but are typically organized as reoccurring events. What defines a Twitter Chat from the general back and forth tweets in your Twitter stream is the use of a common hash tag (for example #SocialChat which takes place on Monday night’s at 9pm eastern). By uniting all relevant tweets with a common hash tag, organizers and participants can easily follow the group conversation. With the ever growing number of chats out there, how do you determine if organizing a chat is the right move for you, and how do you create a successful one? 6 Incredible Examples Of How Twitter Predicts The Future. 859 Flares 859 Flares × Whilst in the past week, I wanted to focus on tips to help you get the most out of Twitter and using Facebook, there is something quite different about today’s post.

How does predicting the future with the likes of Twitter and Facebook sound for you? Personally, I think this is really fascinating. At over 250 million Tweets sent every day, there is a hell of a lot of information out there. A few smart people have said, that analyzing all these messages can give a significant insight over what will happen in the future.

Let’s take a look at these 5 examples and see, if there is any truth in this. 1.) Records : les tweets qui ont fait 2011. 7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Twitter Addicts. With over 300 million users, Twitter has evolved from a simple micro-blogging site to what is now known as the ‘SMS of the internet’. Based in San Fransisco, this social networking site is used by politicians, celebrities, and pretty much everyone who’s famous on the internet. The service allows users to share their thoughts in a succinct but fun way. So, if like millions of tweeters, you too have become a Twitter addict, then it’s about time you twitterized your Chrome with these essential tweeter-friendly extensions. Tweet Button: Twitter is not just about writing out haikus or relaying what you ate for lunch, it’s also about sharing what you love.

Twitter users often tweet links to interesting articles and help spread interesting content to the world. Let’s say you come across an interesting article, and you want to share it with your followers. Download Twitter Notifier, once installed, notifies you of tweets, DMs, and replies using Chrome’s notification system. Twitter : 5 outils marketing indispensables !

A geekier, faster way to bulk add quality followers. Twitter : Le Guide. 5 astuces pour avoir plus de followers sur Twitter. 10 façons d'augmenter son nombre de followers sur Twitter. Vocabulaire Twitter : 15 Mots et Symboles à Connaître ! 3 Tips for More Effective Twitter Brand Pages. In Share in Share 18 Throughout the end of 2011 we saw many changes from all of the main social media networks. These changes will affect the way social media marketing occurs this year. One of the biggest announcements near the end of the year were Twitter brand pages . These pages haven’t only been given to a few select brands, but will be rolled out to every brand soon. . – There are a few options for what to do with your header image.

Offering entry into a competition or promotion with the header is a great way to get users involved with your page as well as encourage them to share it with their friends. A promoted tweet featuring an image draws users in. Top 10 Healthcare Influencers to Follow on Twitter. 10 Innovative Twitter Tools For The Busy Freelancer. Twitter is one of the most valuable channels online. Using it to connect with potential clients or simply building a strong network is crucial. Yet, moving forward on Twitter can also be very time consuming. Finding tools which help us to focus more on the work we are doing is key.

So here are 10 new and innovative tools to harvest more of Twitter’s power 1. Although there exist a few different apps measuring your best times to Tweet, Tweriod comes out as the best. Best bit: What I love is that you will be sent a DM straight to your inbox once the report is ready, as gathering all this data takes a little while. Twitter 101: 55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter. Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them. For some reason you just can’t seem to get the engagement you are seeking, desiring and yearning for in social media and Twitter. You may be new to Twitter and simply don’t know what the heck you are doing, how to get a retweet or why the retweets even matter.

This post won’t teach you what Twitter is but provides good tips for tweetable content which you need regardless if you know what you’re doing or not (joking). Or you may be a Twitter and social media veteran who just wants to boost your ego, increase your Klout score or simply show off for Grandpa this weekend how popular you are on the social waves?

Retweets are good in that they help spread your message, can increase brand awareness, visits to your blog, and help you meet business and marketing objectives if you have properly integrated social media into your business. 70 outils indispensables pour Twitter. Cet article a été publié il y a 4 ans 11 mois 23 jours, il est donc possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour. Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. Cet article n’est que la première partie d’une série consacrée aux “outils du web”, une suite d’articles destinée à rendre votre web plus “agréable” ! Utiliser et maîtriser le micro-blogging : Twitter.