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Helping groups communicate privately via Twitter - Twitter Groups are here!

Helping groups communicate privately via Twitter - Twitter Groups are here!

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Trailmeme creates retraceable, social Web history SANTA CLARA, Calif.--When it comes to bookmarks, most browsers use the same system for organization: folders and tags. A new Xerox-incubated company called Trailmeme is taking a different approach by putting Web pages in a nested hierarchy that can show how they're related. The goal is to create a browsing experience with context, and one that can be shared with others. Trailmeme, which launches as part of the Demo conference taking place here this week, is not a replacement for your browser's bookmarking system though. It's more of a tool for creating self-guided trips of Web sites.

Joint brings IM and group chat to Twitter If you want to hold a private conversation on Twitter, your only option is to use the direct messaging system. While it’s an easy way to converse, it doesn’t exactly work in real-time, and it doesn’t allow for group chat. A new desktop app, Joint, is bringing the flow of instant messaging and group chat to your existing Twitter contacts.

Gov. Branstad, Lt. Gov. Reynolds announce participants of education roundtable discussions ★ Linda Fandel View Broadcast of Roundtable Discussion Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds will hold three hour-long roundtable discussions on Wednesday, July 13, to gain a deeper understanding of changes needed to create world-class schools across the state. The conversations will be live-streamed and videos will be posted afterward.

Introducing WordPress 3 Custom Taxonomies WordPress 3 fills in a number of important gaps towards being a serious content management system. The easy-to-use custom taxonomies function gives site designers some powerful tools for building a good information architecture. Learn what taxonomies are, why they're useful, and how to use them in today's tutorial! Optimize Your Twitter Account In 4 Easy Steps Today your consumers are the most detrimental members of your marketing department. They don’t spend hours analyzing and constructing best practices, they simply share and publish their raw emotion and opinion of your product to billions of people. If you are utilizing Facebook to join the conversation, you are among the 70 percent of small business owners. Currently, only 40 percent of businesses are utilizing Twitter- but this social media platform’s popularity is only predicted to increase. In fact, Twitter has been deemed the conversational search engine of our time.

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration By Jacob Gube No man (or woman) is an island – and this statement can’t be any truer if you’re a designer or developer. Though paid/subscription services like Basecamp and Zimbra are great, individuals strapped for cash have a ton of alternatives that provide similar (if not better) features.

Keep Twitter Group Discussions Private with Privately If you’ve ever wanted to have a private conversation on Twitter with just a group of people (instead of the whole world) then Privately is for you. Privately is a mixture of threaded group conversations and DMs. Conversations can only be seen by users who have been invited and replies are displayed chronological order. Our Future Depends on World-Class Schools ★ Linda Fandel Our Future Depends on World-Class Schools May 3, 2011 Dear Iowans, Thank you for your interest in the Iowa Education Summit. 5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Journalists It’s no secret that one of the keys to being a successful journalist these days is mastering the art of combing the Internet. And, a large portion of finding great stuff on the Internet relies on properly and efficiently utilizing clever tools that elevates your online skills from “great” to “practically superhuman.” Chrome is now the most popular Internet browser, and for plenty of good reason: in addition to having a straightforward search bar and integration with all of Google’s great tools (auto-complete in the browser!), users can customize their web experience with a host of add-ons. These add-ons, called “extensions” by the browser itself, can do amazing things — and boost your reporting abilities to make you more organized, connected, and efficient.

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