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Reviewing the School Year: A Lesson. Learn English Through Movies » Blog Archive » The BFG – Trailer 3.

Death Penalty Ressources

Games and quizzes. Australia. Argumentative and persuasive writing. Socratic Seminars Using Informational Text. Photo Look at the front page of any day’s New York Times and you’ll find plenty for teenagers to discuss, whether meaty matters of global geopolitics, or lifestyle topics that hit closer to home.

Socratic Seminars Using Informational Text

Here on the Learning Network, we’re discovering via the enthusiastic response to our first persuasive essay contest just how central the skill of argument is in many curriculums this year. (We’ve already reached 2,000 submissions, and expect to receive hundreds more before the March 17 deadline.) So when Jonathan Olsen and Sarah Gross proposed that this week’s Skills Practice focus on the age-old inquiry-and-discussion format of the Socratic method, we agreed that it was a perfect complement to the contest — and, beyond that, a wonderful tool to help students wrestle with real-world questions and issues. Below, Mrs. The Task: The announcement that the College Board is creating a new version of the SAT made headlines and inspired editorials last week. 1. 2. 3. . — Answer the following questions:


Empire. Canada. Grammatik. Ordforråd. Skriftlighed ideer. Speaking. Digital literacy. Educational Hip-Hop. Our language. The English language is written and spoken in many different ways.

Our language

The way we speak varies according to who we are, where we are, and who we're talking to. Language can make people feel superior or inferior, included or excluded, well informed or ignorant, impressed or appalled. But language is not only about individual identity. Specialist ways of writing and speaking have been developed for all sorts of reasons: for different media, or for particular audiences, for particular professions or technologies. This kind of lanugage helps to create precise effects.

In the following pages you can look at the way people have used language in different ways for different reasons. Persuasion Explore the contexts in which persuasive language is used as well as how it works. Who's in control? Learn how language is power - how it is used to create balance and control, to flatter and to encourage but also to deceive and dominate. Shared language Identity and prejudice. En del færdige øvelser og skabeloner. Browse resources Find Secondary English teaching resources for poetry, prose, plays, non-fiction, media and skills.

En del færdige øvelser og skabeloner

Teaching packs Choose from topics including ‘Argue and persuade’, ‘Reading non-fiction texts’ and ‘Survival' (KS3). Interactive resources Word games, text exploration and activities for your interactive whiteboard. The Times in Plain English. Get English Lessons. Educational resources for : Story Starters for New Writers. Webbkurser/tester elever. Engelsk.

Tashtees materiale i TES. Poetry. TES - Masser af færdige øvelser og skabeloner. The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog - We Are Teachers - foreløbigt utestet. American Beauty | analyse.

Film i undervisningen

Lyttefærdighed. Mundtlig sprogfærdighed. Evaluering. Repetition. WW1. Heroes. Poetry.