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Hi, you can send a private message to the people who are connected to you, which means to the people who picked one of your pearltrees or who are members of your teams.
You can "unteam" with someone, but you can leave him a message asking him to leave the team :) by amsika Oct 26

This is some great news :) We will investigate on this issue to understand what happens. Thank you very much for your feedback :) by amsika Oct 5

Think I figured it out! I downloaded and installed the lastet version of Adobe Flash player on my work computer and now I can see the contents of my drop zone! Yeah!!! by lindalib Oct 4

Am using the same browser at home as at work, Firefox. Both are the most current versions. Also, I only have one account, so yes, I am logging in the same at each place. Also, just tried to accesss my account through a different browser at work - Internet Explorer - and there is still nothing in my drop zone. Very odd. by lindalib Oct 4

Thanks for your answer. What browser do you use at home and at work ? Have you checked that you have closed and reopen your browser at work ? last thing, are you sure to be logged in with the same account at work and at home ? by amsika Oct 4

At my home computer last night everything was there. Back at work today and the drop zone is empty except for one item addeded yesterday. Maybe something going on with my browser on my work computer? by lindalib Oct 4

Hi, we have checked and it seems that there are many pearls and pearltrees in your dropzone. If you can't see them, can you please log out, close your browser and restart it ? It should solve this issue. Let me know if everything's ok. Kind regards by amsika Oct 4

HELP!! Everything in my dropzone dissappeared today!! by lindalib Oct 3

I'm definitely the right person to ask these questions :)
1/ Yes, your dropzone is private, only you can see what's in it
2/We will implement the option to keep some pearls private in a few months :)
3/There's no difference : when you drag and drop someone else's pearl or pearltree you will actually pick it. It's just two ways to do the same things :) by amsika Jul 1

I have a couple questions about how things work. I have watched and read the tutorials and help pages - just can't seem to find the exact answers. Are you the right person to ask?

1) Is the drop zone private or can everyone see what is in there?

2) Is there any way to make a select pearl private?

3) What's the difference between "picking" a pearl and simply dropping it into one of my pearltrees? I've done both and can't see any difference.

Thanks! by lindalib Jun 30