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Glogin?URI= The Best Teacher I Never Had. Unbroken - Motivational Video. Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain. It has become a cultural cliché that raising adolescents is the most difficult part of parenting.

Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain

It’s common to joke that when kids are in their teens they are sullen, uncommunicative, more interested in their phones than in their parents and generally hard to take. Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain. The CDC Gives U.S. Schools Low Marks In Sex Ed : NPR Ed. Fewer than one-fifth of middle schools — and half of high schools — are teaching all of the sex education topics recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a new study reveals.

The CDC Gives U.S. Schools Low Marks In Sex Ed : NPR Ed

The CDC report found that, for every age group, the least likely topics to be taught were how to get and use condoms. The results, from the 2013-14 school year, did not surprise Stephanie Zaza, the director of the CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health, who oversaw the survey administration. "As far back as I can recall," she says of the low rates of compliance, "it's been pretty flat. " The research confirms what students like Marcella Morales-Lugo in New York City have long experienced. Car stolen with 8-year-old inside, father helps rescue him. SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, GA (WXIA) -- A carjacker stole an SUV just moments after the driver got out to get gas, and when the SUV began to pull off with an 8-year-old boy still inside, his father put his own life on the line to save his son.

Car stolen with 8-year-old inside, father helps rescue him

Sunday morning, the father was about to fill up his car at a Murphy USA gas station on Old National Highway. His fiancée pulled her SUV right behind him to fill up her vehicle as well, and his son was inside her SUV. Woman who accused former Florida State QB Jameis Winston of 2012 rape files civil lawsuit. Mark Schlabach, College Football Reporter CloseCollege football writer for ESPN.comAuthor of seven books on college football Formerly at the Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution The woman who accused former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of raping her in December 2012 filed a civil lawsuit against him Thursday in a Florida state court in Orlando.

Woman who accused former Florida State QB Jameis Winston of 2012 rape files civil lawsuit

In the lawsuit filed in Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, Erica Kinsman, the former FSU student who said Winston sexually assaulted her in his off-campus apartment, accused Winston of sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Guest Commentary: Coats vs. Dish decision is a call for real change. By Keith Stroup Posted: 06/16/2015 05:00:00 PM MDT Brandon Coats, left, and his attorney, Michael Evans, right, say they are disappointed in the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Monday affirmed lower courts rulings that businesses can fire employees for the use of marijuana even if it s for medical use and even if it's done off-duty.

Guest Commentary: Coats vs. Dish decision is a call for real change

Coats, who is a quadriplegic, was fired from his job at Dish Network in 2010 for testing positive for marijuana in a random company drug test. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post) Many observers were shocked and saddened when Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic who is authorized to use medical marijuana under Colorado law, was fired from his job with Dish Network in 2010 after a positive drug test. "Therefore, employees who engage in an activity, such as medical marijuana use, that is permitted by state law but unlawful under federal law are not protected by the statute," Justice Allison H. Colorado Supreme Court upholds firing of medical marijuana-smoking Dish employee. DENVER — The Colorado Supreme Court affirmed Monday a lower courts’ rulings to uphold the firing of an employee for using medical marijuana while not on duty.

Colorado Supreme Court upholds firing of medical marijuana-smoking Dish employee

The case involved Dish Network employee Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic who smoked marijuana at home to control seizures. Coats failed a random drug test in 2010 and Dish, citing its zero-tolerance policy of drug use, fired him. “If we’re going to allow people to smoke marijuana are we just not going to allow them to work?” Coats said. Coats sued, but lost at trial court, the Colorado Court of Appeals and now the Colorado Supreme Court, which ruled 6-0 that Dish had the right to fire him.

The Colorado Pot Firing Decision Underlines Employers' Right To Hire And Fire At Will. Markell signs Delaware marijuana decriminalization bill. Medical Use of Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Youths’ Use, Study Finds. First State Compassion. Colorado’s Effort Against Teenage Pregnancies Is a Startling Success. The surge in Colorado has far outpaced the growing use of such methods nationwide.

Colorado’s Effort Against Teenage Pregnancies Is a Startling Success

About 7 percent of American women ages 15 to 44 used long-acting birth control from 2011 to 2013, the most recent period studied, up from 1.5 percent in 2002. The figures include all women, even those who were pregnant or sterilized. The share of long-acting contraception users among just women using birth control is likely to be higher. Photo But the experiment in Colorado is entering an uncertain new phase that will test a central promise of the Affordable Care Act: free contraception. The private grant that funds the state program has started to run out, and while many young women are expected to be covered under the health care law, some plans have required payment or offered only certain methods, problems the Obama administration is trying to correct. Colorado County man dies after setting off firework on his chest. Tea Consent.

Michael Phelps rehab ahead of swimmer's last Olympics in Rio 2016 - Olympics. An abridged version of this story appears in the Nov. 16, 2015, issue of Sports Illustrated.

Michael Phelps rehab ahead of swimmer's last Olympics in Rio 2016 - Olympics

To subscribe, click here. For almost five days in the fall of 2014, the most decorated Olympian in history lay curled in a fetal position in his Baltimore home, crestfallen and fearful, embarrassed at his behavior and uncertain of his future. America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs. Karen Jennings patted her heavily made up face, put on a sardonic smile and said she thought she looked good after all she’d been through.

America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs

“I was an alcoholic first. I got drunk and fell in the creek and broke my back. Then I got hooked on the painkillers,” the 59-year-old grandmother said. Over the years, Jennings’ back healed but her addiction to powerful opioids remained. Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Employers’ Right to Terminate for Use of Medical Marijuana During Nonworking Hours. On June 15, 2015, in Coats v.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Employers’ Right to Terminate for Use of Medical Marijuana During Nonworking Hours

Dish Network, No. 13SC394, the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously held under the plain language of C.R.S. § 24-34-402.5, Colorado’s “lawful activities statute,” that the term “lawful” refers only to those activities that are lawful under both state and federal law. Therefore, employees who engage in an activity such as the use of medical marijuana, permitted by state law but unlawful under federal law, are not protected by the statute. In doing so, Colorado’s highest court affirmed the split decision of the Colorado Court of Appeals. Ex-prosecutor gets 18 months for boy’s rape. Former Delaware criminal prosecutor Daniel Simmons made a tearful apology Tuesday to his teenage rape victim, ex-colleagues and the “people of Delaware” before a judge sentenced him to 18 months in prison for raping the 16-year-old boy during a threesome with a college student last year.

Simmons, 35, had pleaded guilty in late March to one count of fourth-degree rape, punishable by zero to 15 years in prison, under a plea deal that saw his former employer, the Attorney General’s Office, drop the other three fourth-degree rape counts. Simmons must serve six months in home confinement after his prison terms ends, and then two years of probation, Superior Court Judge William L. Ex-Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck pleads guilty to rape. GEORGETOWN, DEL. – Former Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck pleaded guilty Tuesday to fourth-degree rape at a brief Superior Court hearing. Shattuck, the ex-wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo A.

Shattuck, was accused of having a relationship with a 15-year-old classmate of her son — including performing oral sex on him in a rental property in Bethany Beach, prosecutors allege. No statement of facts was read aloud Tuesday and Shattuck said little except to answer the judge's questions. "Did you commit the offense you are pleading guilty to? " he asked.

BadDecisions. Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia School of Journalism Report. A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Last November, we published a story, 'A Rape on Campus' [RS 1223], that centered around a University of Virginia student's horrifying account of her alleged gang rape at a campus fraternity house. Within days, commentators started to question the veracity of our narrative. Then, when The Washington Post uncovered details suggesting that the assault could not have taken place the way we described it, the truth of the story became a subject of national controversy. As we asked ourselves how we could have gotten the story wrong, we decided the only responsible and credible thing to do was to ask someone from outside the magazine to investigate any lapses in reporting, editing and fact-checking behind the story. We reached out to Steve Coll, dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter himself, who accepted our offer.

Sex On The Beach: Charges. A Florida couple convicted of having sex on a crowded beach face up to 15 years behind bars and must register as sex offenders and for illicit public sexcapades. A Manatee County jury on Monday deliberated for about 15 minutes, before finding 20-year-old Elissa Alvarez and 40-year-old Jose "Benny" Caballero guilty of lewd and lascivious exhibition. The conviction came following a 2-day trial, during which the prosecution showed the jury a video filmed by a grandmother during a July visit to Cortez Beach in Bradenton. Bradenton woman sentenced to time served for having sex on the beach. 20 students charged in Cape May County sexting investigation.

Penn state

Students release 72,000 ladybugs at Md. school for senior prank. LIVE UPDATES: Emma Sulkowicz allowed to bring mattress into Class Day ceremony. Does marijuana stunt growth in boys? Boys who smoke marijuana go through puberty earlier but grow more slowly than those who have never smoked the drug according to a study presented today at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Dublin, Ireland.

The findings will lead to a better understanding of the dangers of drug abuse on growth and development of children. Scientists at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University Rawalpindi in Pakistan studied the levels of certain hormones involved in growth and puberty in the blood of 220 non-smoking and 217 marijuana-addicted boys.

Levels of puberty-related hormones such as testosterone and luteinising hormone (LH) were increased in the marijuana smokers. In contrast, growth hormone levels were decreased in this group. Graphic selfies show tanning bed dangers. Chlamydia Outbreak at Texas High School. Four Seniors Charged For Senior Prank. Sayreville Hazing. 2 Wesleyan students expelled following Molly drug arrests. Revenge Porn: Sentenced to 18 Years. 11 of 12 found guilty in APS cheating trial. March, 2015: Man who sold deadly MDMA at Electric Zoo fest avoids jail. Cell. To view the full text, please login as a subscribed user or purchase a subscription.

Click here to view the full text on ScienceDirect. March, 2015: DEA Approves Study Of Psychedelic Drug MDMA In Treatment Of Seriously Ill Patients. March, 2015: 5 Female UMBC Lacrosse Players Suspended For Threatening Violence. 18 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Health. Mom: Newborn Could Have Died From a Kiss Due to Herpes Virus. What You Should Know About Statutory-Rape Laws. Is Something Lost When We Use Mindfulness as a Productivity Tool? 'Slender Man' Girls Plead Not Guilty. DA: Malvern Prep counselor promised teen Harvard admission for sex. Ex-Tower Hill leader appeals child porn search, conviction. Ex-Tower Hill headmaster appeals child porn sentence. 2 Sayreville Football Players Cleared of Serious Charges in Hazing Case. What adderall does to your brain. Cops: Dad Lets His Teen Girl Dance, Do Drugs at Club. Here's Why Marijuana Probably Won't Be Legalized by the Federal Government Before 2020. Friends Tried to Stop Maine Man From Lighting Firework Off Head: Official.

Women's Triumph at World Cup Was Most-Watched US Soccer Game Ever. Another Example of When You Shouldn't Call 911. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Heroin Use Surges Among Women, Middle Class. Marijuana Talk Kit for Parents. Does Not Compute: Millennials Aren't Tech Savvy. Using Adderall to Get Ahead, Not to Fight A.D.H.D. - Room for Debate.

Why Google joined fight against revenge porn. Adderall abuse not harmless. Diseases & Conditions: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments. Tips for Talking to Kids About Drugs. Toddlers Have a Sense of Justice. FILM BROTHERS. Curious. Scholastic TrueFlix. Edits to Wikipedia pages on Bell, Garner, Diallo traced to 1 Police Plaza. How You Can Plan to Pay for College. Rutgers students react to ban on fraternity and sorority parties. Rutgers University bans fraternity and sorority parties. Woman 'Inserts Potato Into Vagina As Contraceptive, Is Hospitalised After It Grows Roots' March, 2015: No Charges in Death of Girl Who Left Party, Fell into Creek. UD Soccer Player Rape. 7 Sayreville football players charged. Woman whose call caught Jesse Matthew Jr. Hannah Graham's Accused Killer May Face Death Penalty. VIDEO: John Oliver on Bud Light Label Approval. Bud Light apologizes for 'removing no' label. Emma Sulkowicz’s performance art draws support from campus activists.

The New ‘Normal Barbie’ Comes With an Average Woman’s Proportions — And Cellulite Sticker Accessories. Students face federal charges in Wesleyan MDMA case. Manhattan woman, 26, falls to her death from fire escape - NY Daily News.