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The education system would fall over without many hours of teacher overtime. How long until this goodwill is withdrawn? There is no doubt that the vast majority of teachers do far more work than they are either contracted or paid to do.

The education system would fall over without many hours of teacher overtime. How long until this goodwill is withdrawn?

Recent BBC research showed that the average primary class teacher, if there is such a thing, worked 59 hours per week. If we consider that only 20 hours of this time is actually in front of a class, then it means a phenomenal amount of time is spent on preparation or marking or taking on the many additional responsibilities a class teacher now has. These extra hours teachers work are interesting when our unions expect a 32.5 to 35-hour week. The truth therefore is that the education system is surviving only because of the additional work all our teachers do – otherwise known as teacher "goodwill". This goodwill means teachers teachers attend far too many meetings, both before and after school.

Useful this "goodwill", eh? The reality, however, is that nearly 60 hours per teacher per week has become a norm. For government, schools, leaders and parents this is now the norm. Studentfocusgrp0311. A2 Deviance bc1. Interview technique. Education. Apps and Tools for Teachers. Flipped Classroom info. Add Voice Over to PowerPoint Presentations in 5 Easy Steps. Social Reform- Social Reform- Sneaking Around the Headquarters of Australia’s Most Notorious Cult. In 1987 the Australian Federal Police raided a Family property at Eildon to remove six children brought up in virtual isolation.

Sneaking Around the Headquarters of Australia’s Most Notorious Cult

Are the Kardashians to Blame For Your Teen's Unhappiness?  American teens are really unhappy.

Are the Kardashians to Blame For Your Teen's Unhappiness? 

They report experiencing as much or more stress than adults, while feeling less supported at home. 6 reasons why the Tory Government is turning your life into a disaster if you're under 25. Reports that young British adults could miss out on access to benefits as a consequence of David Cameron's EU renegotiation is just the latest in a long line of Government measures that will hit those under the age of 25.

6 reasons why the Tory Government is turning your life into a disaster if you're under 25

The age group already faces higher tuition fees, an end to maintenance grants at university, having to repay their student loans sooner, no more housing benefit and they are not even eligible for the new compulsory national living wage. Now all those under the age of 22 face the prospect of having their access to tax credits and child benefits cut off so the Government avoids breaking EU law with its plan to restrict EU migrants' access to benefits for the first four years they live in the UK.

Ministers are considering the move to get around warnings from lawyers that David Cameron's key pledge to restrict EU migrants' access to in-work benefits would be unlawful, according to documents seen by the BBC. Is It Time for Some Facts About Those Migrants?  Perhaps you'll think I'm naïve, but I still believe that when you have a debate, it's a good idea to have some facts readily to hand.

Is It Time for Some Facts About Those Migrants? 

Question Time in Liverpool - Unqualified Teachers in Free Schools 24/10/2013. 'Poshness tests' block working-class applicants at top companies. Unacknowledged “poshness tests” at elite British companies are thwarting the career prospects of talented working-class applicants and reinforcing social division, according to a government study.

'Poshness tests' block working-class applicants at top companies

The research by the social mobility and child poverty commission found that old-fashioned snobbery about accents and mannerisms was being used by top companies to filter out working-class candidates and favour the privileged. The commission examined the recruitment processes at 13 elite law, accountancy and financial companies who between them appoint 45,000 of the best jobs in the country.

It found that 70% of jobs offered by those firms in 2014 went to applicants from private or selective schools, even though such schools only educate around 11% of the population. It found that as university education has become more prevalent employers have turned their attention to other characteristics “such as personal style, accent and mannerisms, adaptability, team working”. The World’s Biggest Popstars are Walking Contradictions.

Left in the Dark: The Story Behind the Families of Three Girls Groomed by the Islamic State. As night fell over East London on February 17, Renu Begum sat wondering why her sister hadn't returned home from the wedding she had left for that morning.

Left in the Dark: The Story Behind the Families of Three Girls Groomed by the Islamic State

"We had no clue whatsoever where she was," Renu said. "We expected her to be home at 5, 6 o'clock and it was already 8. Beauty queen and vigilante female hackers declare online war on ISIS. Anonymous-affilated GhostSec was formed in the aftermath of the January Charlie Hebdo attacks in France.

Beauty queen and vigilante female hackers declare online war on ISIS

You’ve hit your limit of 5 free articles this month.Try our subscription options: How to Talk to Little Girls. I went to a dinner party at a friend’s home last weekend, and met her five-year-old daughter for the first time.

How to Talk to Little Girls

Little Maya was all curly brown hair, doe-like dark eyes, and adorable in her shiny pink nightgown. I wanted to squeal, “Maya, you’re so cute! Look at you! Turn around and model that pretty ruffled gown, you gorgeous thing!” But I didn’t. What’s wrong with that? Our Changing Language  Anyone who has ever tried to read Shakespeare in the original English, must be aware that the language (any language) is always changing.

Our Changing Language 

Life in the Boomer Lane's mother-in-law left Turkey decades ago and took all of her language with her. Islamic State Twitter Accounts Flooded With Anime Images By Anonymous. Anonymous has broadened its fight against the Islamic State by targeting those who sympathise with the terrorists on social media using Japanese anime characters. The hacktivist group has published a list of 750 Twitter accounts on sharing site pastebin it claims are spreading propaganda in support of the organisation.

It is said to have also flooded some accounts with an image of an IS-inspired anime character. The BBC reports that Anonymous hope to influence search engine results for phrases connected with IS. Anonymous has published a list of 750 Twitter account belonging to IS sympathisers and has posted an image of an Is-inspired Japanese anime character to their accounts in an attempt to influence search engine results. Hodder Education - Philip Allan Magazines - Sociology Review extras. Ucas warns some students may be disadvantaged by A-level changes.

Ucas, the organisation that handles British university admissions, is warning that some students applying for places may be disadvantaged by the uneven and confusing wave of A-level exam changes taking place later this year. BBC iPlayer - Storyville - 2014-2015: 8. Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds. Why people are marching against austerity: These are the biggest Tory cuts so far (and the worst is yet to come) Big Jeff Has Been to Seven Gigs a Week for 13 Years. Photo by Sofi Nowell All this week on Noisey, we’ll be falling arse-backwards into the state of UK music in a special series of articles about scenes outside the capital: from club closures to brain drains to free parties to local legends. Follow all the content on our Fuck London hub here. Anyone who’s ever been to a gig in Bristol can tell you who Big Jeff is. Why Generation Y is unhappy. 9 Ways Privileged People Can Reduce the Negative Impact of Gentrification.

There was once a small brick barbeque joint on Divisadero Street in San Francisco known as Da’ Pitt. Its customer base was small, but loyal, comprised mostly of low-income African-American families. Theresa May impressed with work by Bath charity Mentoring Plus. #Revision: How sport science can improve exam results. Mapping out your sessions. Save Portobello Road from the Portobello Village/Westway Space. Save Our Soul - Carriage Works — The Bristol Party? Fifth Capital... Hush hush tactics shrouded their interest until they had the opportunity to submit their application. Landlords to blame for Britain's rising house prices. My Year Ripping Off the Web With the Daily Mail Online. Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society (BIAS) Bristol Carriageworks BIAS try to keep an eye on planning applications which affect old industrial archaeological sites. The reconfiguration of London is akin to social cleansing. Scientists think they have spotted the only black flamingo in the world.

New Benefits of Marriage Study Actually Hints at the Horrors of Middle Age. Marriage has long been linked to greater happiness, health, and well-being, at least in wealthy, Western cultures. Why do we ignore the mental health aspects of crime? - BBC News. Winston Churchill: the Imperial Monster. The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit.

British Raj. Sun, sand and inequality: why the British seaside towns are losing out. Differentiation: setting learning objectives and outcomes. The Differentiator. Teachers TV: The New Academies. The Society Pages. How To Use Blogger.