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Zaatari Refugee Camp

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Text in PDF Format Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989 entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49 Preamble The States Parties to the present Convention, Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, Bearing in mind that the peoples of the United Nations have, in the Charter, reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity and worth of the human person, and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, Recalling that, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has proclaimed that childhood is entitled to special care and assistance, Have agreed as follows: Article 1 Article 2 1. 2.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Girls Inspire at the Zaatari Refugee Camp: Why All Children Deserve an Education – Medium. Four doctors, two teachers, a lawyer, an artist, an architect, and an engineer.

Girls Inspire at the Zaatari Refugee Camp: Why All Children Deserve an Education – Medium

That’s the response we received when we asked a group of girls at the Zaatari refugee camp what they want to be when they grow up. Children around the world have big dreams for their futures, and these girls are no different. Syrian Girl Chooses School Over Marriage - Jordanian Refugee Camp. Empowering Syrian refugees with higher education. With the crisis in Syria showing little sign of abating, millions of Syrians who have fled the country face an uncertain future as refugees.

Empowering Syrian refugees with higher education

Of the estimated 4.8 million who have made it to the relative safety of neighbouring countries, hundreds of thousands of Syria’s young and most gifted citizens face stifled futures as refugees and displaced people. With the average protracted refugee situation being estimated by UNHCR at 25 years, postponing the needs of Syria’s youth is not an option that the world can afford to entertain. If a lasting solution for Syria’s future is to be found, educating Syria’s youth is the vehicle to achieve it.

While providing access for Syrian refugees to universities in Europe is encouraging, less attention is being paid to the higher education needs of those who haven’t moved beyond their neighbouring countries. Accessing education is surely the door to not only individual and community success, but also global peace, security and prosperity. Without education, Syria’s children will be a lost generation. Amid the Syrian chaos of carnage, starvation and evacuation, there is a tiny glimmer of hope.

Without education, Syria’s children will be a lost generation

The Lebanese government has declared that it has taken 207,000 Syrian refugee children off the streets and given them places in their country’s public schools. And today I am setting out a plan to extend the opportunity of education to 1 million refugee boys and girls across Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey during the course of 2016 – with the ambition that by next year every refugee child will be offered a place at school. Through a combination of generous European Union funding by development commissioner Johannes Hahn and contributions from both public and private sectors in the region itself, $250m has been raised – the first instalment of the $750m we need to deliver this bold initiative. Despite war, Syrian girls dream of a bright future. Young Rappers Work to Educate Syria’s Refugee Children  An appeal to world leaders is calling on them to raise $750 million to educate a million Syrian refugee children living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Young Rappers Work to Educate Syria’s Refugee Children 

A short movie has been produced to highlight the transformational opportunities a place at school can have. ‘With a smile and strength we will shape tomorrow.’ The optimistic rap lyrics of Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohamed – three refugee brothers who want to be Syria’s hottest hip hop stars. "Our band is called Fire Rap. Syria's Lost Generation: The Plight of the Youngest Refugees.

50,000 children live in Zaatari camp — director. 263 million children and youth are out of school from primary to upper secondary. "Countries have promised to provide every child with a primary and secondary education by 2030.

263 million children and youth are out of school from primary to upper secondary

These new findings show the hard work ahead if we are to reach this goal,"said UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova. “Our focus must be on inclusion from the earliest age and right through the learning cycle, on policies that address the barriers at every stage, with special attention to girls who still face the greatest disadvantage.” 229562E. Educating Refugees and IDPs. Theconversation. As migrants and refugees begin to settle into new lives across Europe, they face many challenges – from securing residency papers, to learning a new language and finding work.


For children, new schools can also be difficult places to grow up. In our recent research we found that migrant and refugee children in Italian schools were more likely to be bullied than their peers, many because their schoolmates already held prejudices against them. Rates of bullying among children are high across the world, according to a recent report from the UN’s special representative on violence against children.

There is a big social cost to being bullied and these children face a greater risk of poor health, internalised stress, and suicidal thoughts. Migrant and refugee children face higher rates of bullying - Evidence for Action. As highlighted in the recent UN Secretary General’s report, Protecting children from bullying, rates of bullying among children are high across the world.

Migrant and refugee children face higher rates of bullying - Evidence for Action

The social costs of bullying are also high: bullied children face a greater risk of poor health, internalized stress, and suicidal thoughts. At last, some relief for Syrian children traumatised by war. When Saeed arrived in Jordan as a seven year old, he was in shock and angry at the world.

At last, some relief for Syrian children traumatised by war

A bomb had left him half blind and half deaf, wheelchair-bound and without an arm. Three years on, he has been transformed. He can still recount the ball game that ended with most of the children in his neighbourhood in Syria dead, but he is a new boy, full of life and energy. Za'atari Refugee Camp. Possessions they may carry: but the soul of the refugee is left behind. The upheaval in Syria unfolded fast.

Possessions they may carry: but the soul of the refugee is left behind

It left Abd al-Rahman’s entire family dead. He abandoned his home in Damascus, which had become a slaughterhouse, and fled across the north African desert in search of refuge. At barely 20 he was his family’s sole survivor. His mother was a Berber from the Maghreb, and his father was a “desert Arab” – a descendant of the prophet Muhammad’s companions, who had established the Umayyad dynasty. Abd al-Rahman’s flight as an orphan refugee took place in the year 750, when the Umayyad’s rivals, the Abbasids, had taken power in Syria and were liquidating all Umayyad influences.

Five years later he finally crossed the Mediterranean to a place the Romans had called “Hispania” or “Iberia”. Life in a Syrian refugee camp. Isolated in Camp, Syrians Desperate to Get Online. Michael Pizzi The U.N. refugee agency’s (UNHCR) innovation team has already released a mobile app designed for Syrians in Lebanon that explains refugees’ legal rights, dispels myths and points them to the nearest U.N. office in the event of an emergency.

Two Syrian refugees have also designed a similar app that functions in Turkey, called Ghurbetna, which already has 11,000 users, said co-founder Ayham al-Jazzar. It posts jobs that refugees are eligible for, advice about landlords who might rip them off and explains rules that “we had no idea about before arriving here,” said Al-Jazzar. The dangerous boat ride to Greece through the eyes of a Syrian refugee girl. Syrian Refugee Children: The Future of Syria Report. “Enough pain" - A Syrian refugee girl pleads for dignity. A Photographer’s Look Inside the Zaatari Camp for Syrian Refugees – Medium. Refugee camps, Syrian refugees and Camps on Pinterest. Australia for UNHCR - Journal. Au.pinterest. Booming bike business in Zaatari. Bus for refugee transport at the Zaatari camp. Zaatari Syrian refugee camp fertile ground for small businesses.

Image copyright AFP Wheelchair-bound Mohamed Harib does not let his infirmity get in the way of a chance for business. He has joined hundreds of compatriots setting up shops in Zaatari camp, Jordan's largest facility for Syrian refugees. "I opened the shop to try to support my family because there are eight of us here," Mr Harib said of his tiny mobile phone stall sandwiched along Zaatari's bustling main drag, nicknamed the Champs-Elysees, after the famous Parisian street - a wink at Syrian humour. The entrepreneurial acumen of Syrians, like Mr Harib, championing their own grassroots businesses have helped to transform the camp of 85,000 into Jordan's fifth biggest city, while turning a profit for many as well.

Stories of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon – Life on Hold. Syrians at Zaatari camp: 'We can't live here forever' Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan - Hamdan sits on a thin mat in his small, white caravan in the Jordanian desert. His daughter crawls onto his lap, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention, while his wife stirs a pot of coffee, smiling as her children peep inside the room from behind a curtain. Outside, the sun is beating down on endless rows of caravans cobbled together. Located just 13 kilometres from the Syrian border in northern Jordan, Zaatari is the largest refugee camp in the Middle East. Hamdan is one of the roughly 81,000 Syrians that call the camp home.The family fled from Khirbet Ghazalah, a town in southern Syria, two-and-a-half years ago. "I thought we were going to stay here for a month - two at most - to wait until things calm down," Hamdan said. The family of nine now shares a cramped, 19-square-metre space, leaving them with little to no privacy.

UNHCR: Refugee stories. Syria war refugees in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan don't all want to come here. Bestselling author Mark Haddon visited the Zaatari refugee camp in JordanThere are 600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, 80,000 in the Zaatari campMany of the refugees are living in difficult conditions since leaving SyriaSome refugees have started businesses in the camp to earn a little money By Mark Haddon For The Mail On Sunday Published: 00:18 GMT, 27 September 2015 | Updated: 07:50 GMT, 27 September 2015 Mark Haddon (pictured) , author of bestseller The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, recently visited the Syrian refugee camp of Zaatari in Jordan This is two stories.

One is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. I’ll skip the politics, except to repeat what most people know, that the war in Syria is complex and violent, and God knows when it will end. Most of the families I’ve spoken to over the past few days come from an area in the south of the country that has been hard hit by fighting. Inside Zaatari refugee camp: the fourth largest city in Jordan.

Indeed, Zaatari’s basic structure was constructed in just nine days and was initially home to just 100 families, but after exponential growth it is now home to 81,000 inhabitants, all living within its five-mile circumference. Since the civil war began, approximately half of the country's 22 million population has been displaced. High cases of rape and young marriage Due to the unplanned nature of the camp’s growth, administrators have found it particularly challenging to manage; people can move their tents and caravans and services are unevenly distributed across its vast expanse.

For many residents, accessing basic services is a daily challenge as health and education services can be far away from where they live. Jordan Times Amman-based Newspaper. Three new schools open at Zaatari camp. Zaatari Refugee Camp. Life inside Syrian refugee camps. Three years ago this week, Syria began to be torn apart. Syrians took to the streets, demanding democratic and economic reforms from the government of Bashar al-Assad.

What they got instead was a civil war that has turned cities to dust, killed more than 100,000 people, and forced millions more to flee. Arriving at Zaatari refugee camp. The Only Scary Thing About Syria’s Refugees Is That They’re Just Like Us. UNHCR - Syria Emergency. Millions of Syrians have escaped across borders, fleeing the bombs and bullets that have devastated home. Turkey hosts over 3.2 million registered Syrians. Visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp. Details. Syria war refugees in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan don't all want to come here. Refugee Camp for Syrians in Jordan Evolves as a Do-It-Yourself City. Year In Preview: How 2015 changed the future. The For-Profit Refugee Camp. The Global Refugee Crisis.

What Do Children Want1. 560be1629. Access to education for Syrian refugee children in Zaatari camp, Jordan - Jordan. More than three years on from the start of the crisis, Syrian refugees continue to flee their homes and seek safety in neighbouring countries. REACH JOR Report SyriaCrisis ZaatariCamp. Jordan: Syrian refugee teacher opens camp school. Teacher Talk – A network for educators to learn, share and enjoy! Education in Syria. Copyrighted image Copyright: Lion TV. Syria Regional Refugee Response - Jordan - Mafraq Governorate - Zaatari Refugee Camp. Syria Regional Refugee Response - Documents. Syria Crisis September 2016 Humanitarian Results. Lebanon: A tiny computer lets Syrian refugees learn​ 3 Ways Technology Can Support Education for Displaced Children. How Technology Can Revitalize the Worst Refugee Crisis of Our Time. Can't Wait To Learn! Little Thinking Minds. Refugee Code Week. Refugeecodeweek. Zaatari Locator – Android Apps on Google Play.

SAP Refugee Code Week: ICT Education Without Borders. WhatsApp. Cybersmart Hero. IST researchers explore technology use in Syrian refugee camp. Wi-Fi ‘Saves’ Residents in Jordan Refugee Camp. Logging On In Zaatari – Part II: What Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Are Doing Online - 7iber. Bnw info sheet cybersafety. Education Kits User Manuals Module 1. SAP, UNHCR team to impart refugees with coding skills - Education Kits User Manuals Module 2. Education Kits User Manuals Module 3. Education Kits User Manuals Module 4. Education Kits User Manuals Module 5. Education Kits User Manuals Module 6. Activity Guide EnglishFINAL. 1 Disability Guide Basic Primary Education. 2 New Disability Guide ECD. Supplies and Logistics. Government and UNICEF provide support and training for Syrian teachers in Turkey's refugee camps.

UNICEF School-in-a-box. Supplies and Logistics. Center for Education Innovations. Upgrading “Digital School in a Box” (Mobi Case) – Stories of UNICEF Innovation. Self learning brief note Spread English.