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Techniques d'interview

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Smartphone Video Production, Simple Gear Basics for Interviews using an iPhone 6. How to Interview Influencers (Even If You'd Rather Curl up and Die) What is it with interviews?

How to Interview Influencers (Even If You'd Rather Curl up and Die)

All the top bloggers seem to do them. They get to know each other. They share their knowledge and stories. And they engage, educate and entertain their fans. Interviews are the mark of a professional blogger, and you’re dying to join that club. How to interview someone like a journalist. Interviews matter.

How to interview someone like a journalist

A good interview is the foundation of good reporting. They are the best way of understanding a complicated situation and seeing it from someone else’s perspective. A wise, old editor of mine used to say ‘report it out.’ She meant ‘go talk to people, don’t rely on your own opinions and judgment.’ It’s a good maxim. Interviewing people, as seen on TV. If you’re shooting video for a special occasion or even a family day out, you’ll usually want to have people in front of the camera to help tell the story.

Interviewing people, as seen on TV

If you’re preparing a video to preserve the memory of an event or a special moment, these shots can become very valuable. They allow you to show the context and purpose of the video, and have your message presented by people who were there. Ask open questions When you put someone in front of your camera, it is always better to let that person talk freely rather than asking a new question every three seconds. Les techniques de l’interview.

Tips and Techniques for Interviewing People on Camera - dummies. 13 simple journalist techniques for effective interviews. Photo: magnusfranklin LIKE ANY creative profession, travel journalism forces you to use your perception to reinterpret the world around you.

13 simple journalist techniques for effective interviews

You try to engage an audience with ideas and issues — you create something meaningful from all the incoherent information and noise out there. The finished product may be a piece of writing that you craft, but the material a result of the interviews you conduct. But here’s the catch: Good journalism is dependent on a total stranger’s cooperation and participation. At the heart of this issue is the interview. 30 Tips on How to Interview Like a Journalist. As a 16-year tech journalist and founder of a brand journalism business, I’ve conducted tons and tons of interviews. While I have “lots of experience” I also realize it’s a synonym for “I’m getting stale.”

In an effort to reboot my interview style, I decided to look for inspiration from other journalists. This article began with me questioning fellow journalists for their best advice on how to interview. What follows is some of my own advice, but a ton more from industry colleagues on how to conduct a journalistic interview for print, blog, radio, TV, and films.