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Forensic computer analyst Job Information. Page Content Forensic computer analyst HoursVariableStarting salary£20,000 + per year Forensic computer analysts investigate computer-based crime (cyber crime).

Forensic computer analyst Job Information

If you have an enquiring mind, can interpret data and want a career in IT, this specialist role could be ideal for you. To do this job you should have good problem solving skills, be able to pay close attention to detail and be able to spot trends in large amounts of information. To work in this job you will usually need some background experience in IT. WorkDesc The work As a forensic computer analyst, or cyber security professional, you could be involved in a range of investigations, such as: hacking, online scams and fraudpolitical, industrial and commercial espionageterrorist communicationspossession of illegal pornographytheft of sensitive company information by employees.

One of your first tasks on a project would normally be to secure the IT system or hardware, so that it could not be tampered with. IT security coordinator Job Information. Page Content IT security coordinator Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£25,000 + per year.

IT security coordinator Job Information

Downloads. Cyber Security. The term cyber security is now familiar to most people.

Cyber Security

The scene of a hacker nonchalantly infiltrating some top secret government system with has become a cliché in films. The cultural fascination with cyber is now increasingly matched in reality with a rising profile in the news and government. Despite this ubiquity, many people remain unclear on what ‘cyber security’ means. Indeed those working within the industry sometimes express dissatisfaction with the ambiguity of the term. Broadly though, cyber security refers to the security of the internet, wider telecommunications networks and computer systems.

As such the work of cyber security includes ensuring that a company has the necessary safeguards in place to protect the integrity of its internet operations, wider telecommunications networks and computer systems. Forensic Computing and Computer Security Careers. Computer security is a fast developing area within Forensic Services.

Forensic Computing and Computer Security Careers

The work involves close contact with lawyers, commercial organisations and investigation agencies. Issues may involve fraud, child pornography, terrorism and ID theft. Both mathematicians and computer scientists are recruited. There is a good market for penetration testing skills in finance, e-commerce and national security organisations. Organisations involved include: Police Forces. Where are the jobs? Forensic IT Computer security Cryptology Forensic accounting Expert decision making systems (e.g. Careers in Cryptology. Factsheet cybersecurityspecialists feb17. Careers - Cyber Security Challenge UK. Developing a cyber talented and security aware workforce - Cyber Security Challenge UK. The skills gap is one of the most pressing issues facing the IT industry today.

Developing a cyber talented and security aware workforce - Cyber Security Challenge UK

Organisations across the world are struggling to find adequate talent that is required to fill the increasing number of roles that demand technical skills. This is impacting businesses’ bottom lines: in a recent survey, UK businesses said that the dearth of IT talent affected their productivity (44%), customer services (30%), speed to market (27%) and new product development (26%). Crucially, organisations are being left exposed to cyber threats at a time when they need protection the most. Organisations are finding it difficult to mitigate against serious data breaches because of the shortage of skilled professionals, and are under serious pressure to remedy the situation, with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation due to swing into effect in a matter of months.

Careers at the National Cyber Security Centre - NCSC Site. M1 Codebreakingandencryption. M1 SoYouWanttobeaCryptographer. The Cryptology Profession: Its Evolution, Growth, Skill Set and Career Prospects. Upasana Gupta • May 28, 2009 0 Comments "Cryptology is as old as mankind itself and dates from antiquity," says Patrick Weaden, curator at the National Cryptology Museum.

The Cryptology Profession: Its Evolution, Growth, Skill Set and Career Prospects

People very early on realized that they needed to share certain information with certain people, so they developed devices to protect that information. Cryptology is the art and science of making and breaking codes. William Friedman was the father of American cryptology, and his work still significantly shapes the business today. Friedman realized in the 1920's that the future of cryptology rested not just on linguistics, but on statistical analysis and mathematical skills as well, which was needed in breaking and making codes. Use your IT skills. Everyone uses IT, including terrorists.

Use your IT skills

Help us unlock their secrets At MI5, our Digital Intelligence team is playing an increasingly central role in countering threats from terrorism to espionage. Digital Forensics and Network Specialists and Digital Intelligence Tactical Solutions Developers work closely with our investigative teams, leveraging their knowledge of computer security systems and networks as well as gathering, analysing and interpreting digital data.

Data is then pieced together to develop the intelligence picture and this helps progress high-profile operations. If you have sound knowledge of current technologies, a good understanding of present technical threats and an inquiring and analytical mind, we would like to hear from you. We have developed a challenge that tests some of the technical skills that candidates interested in joining our Digital Intelligence unit should be comfortable applying on a routine basis. Day in the life. After graduating from university with a degree in IT, I spent eighteen months working in the finance sector.

Day in the life

I enjoyed the work, which had good prospects, but I realised that I wanted to do something that offered me the chance to put my IT skills to use whilst making a real, tangible difference. When I saw that MI5 were recruiting for forensic specialists, I decided to apply. I am currently working in the Digital Intelligence unit, carrying out forensic analysis of digital media acquired legally from a range of sources. Our Skills Framework. The IISP Skills Framework describes the range of competencies expected of Information Security and Information Assurance Professionals in the effective performance of their roles.

Our Skills Framework

It was developed through collaboration between both private and public sector organisations and world-renowned academics and security leaders. It defines the skills and capability expected of security professionals in practical application and not just an assessment of their knowledge. Not all roles require detailed experience in all competency areas, and for more information about how the framework can be applied, please contact the Institute. IISP Skills Framework Issue 2.0 by The Institute Of Information Security Professionals (IISP) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Cyber Security Employers Exclusive Access to 40 of the UK’s Best Employment. New approach to cyber skills gives UK employers exclusive access to 40 most talented cyber-defenders SANS’ first Recruitment Fair offers unparalleled access to the UK’s best employment–ready cyber security talent, selected from over 24,000 candidatesInitiative designed for direct and immediate impact on organisations’ cyber skills gap The first ever SANS Cyber Academy Recruitment Fair will offer employers a unique chance to meet the 40 highest-potential cyber defenders the UK has to offer, who are fully trained and ready to start in cyber security roles.

Cyber Security Employers Exclusive Access to 40 of the UK’s Best Employment

The students have been carefully selected by SANS, the world’s largest and most trusted source of information security training, from over 24,000 candidates. Each will be provided with world-class cyber security training, ensuring they are ready to add value from the moment they start work. Introduction to Cyber Security - The Open University. We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important. This free online course will help you to understand online security and start to protect your digital life, whether at home or work.

With cyber security often in the news today, the course will also frame your online safety in the context of the wider world, introducing you to different types of malware, including viruses and trojans, as well as concepts such as network security, cryptography, identity theft and risk management. Your guide for the course is Cory Doctorow, a visiting professor at The Open University. Infosec-prospectus. CPNI Website. Computer Forensics World. Government info security news, training, education - GovInfoSecurity. Behind the job title: Cyber security consultant. WikiLeaks and the Stuxnet worm are raising the profile of cyber security, says Piers Wilson.

Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Recently the concept of cyber security has become an increasingly familiar one for governments, industry and the public alike. Whether it's the aftermath of the WikiLeaks scandal or the headlines around the Stuxnet worm [ the words 'cyber attack' are increasingly part of the public conscience and of growing importance to government and business. CREST - Ethical Security Testers.

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional. What is CISSP? The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification has become a pre-requisite for anyone developing a senior career in information security. The CISSP certification provides information security professionals with an objective measure of competence and a globally recognised standard of achievement. The CISSP credential suits mid- and senior-level managers who are working towards, or have already attained positions as, CISOs, CSOs or senior security engineers. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - EC-Council. This course will immerse you into the Hacker Mindset so that you will be able to defend against future attacks. The security mindset in any organization must not be limited to the silos of a certain vendor, technologies or pieces of equipment.

This ethical hacking course puts you in the driver’s seat of a hands-on environment with a systematic process. ISO/IEC 27001 - Information security management. The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organizations keep information assets secure. Using this family of standards will help your organization manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to you by third parties. ISO/IEC 27001 is the best-known standard in the family providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).

What is an ISMS? An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process. Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research - EPSRC website. National Cyber Security Strategy 2016 to 2021. The Underestimated Social Engineering Threat in IT Security Governance and Management. IAAC Information Assurance Advisory Council - Home. Home. Date: 22nd February 2017Event: IISP Scotland CCP & Development EventLocation: Edinburgh Date: 28th February 2017 Event: IISP AGMLocation: London.

Internet Crime Forum. Information Technology - Information Security – Information Assurance. National Crime Agency - Home. National Crime Agency - National Cyber Crime Unit. NCSC Site. About ReactionIS Penetration Testing. Reaction Information Security Ltd was founded in the summer of 2009 by Director Joseph Sheridan to provide a penetration testing capability to small infosec companies. Since that time our client base and testing team has expanded to accommodate demand from public and private sectors across the UK. ReactionIS was awarded membership of the CESG CHECK scheme in August 2011. CHECK Green Light. Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

SANS Information Security Training. Home.