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The end of drug discovery? 21 May 2012Last updated at 20:32 ET By Smitha Mundasad BBC Radio 4 Will we find new cures for the 21st Century?

The end of drug discovery?

Half a century ago, in the drug industry's golden era, we were bestowed with countless pills to lower blood pressure, control blood sugar and get rid of infections. But today it costs about $1bn to bring a new medicine to market, a process that can take 15 years. The industry faces multiple crises as budgets are squeezed and tough scientific challenges loom. Academics and patients' groups are concerned we will not have the drugs necessary to treat future ills. Last year, the World Health Organization's director general, Margaret Chan, warned that the world was heading for a "post-antibiotic era".

She raised fears that many common infections might no longer have a cure and could once again "kill unabated". Major problems, Dr Chan suggested, included growing resistance to antibiotics. 'Inefficient model' How Life Begins in the Deep Ocean - YouTube. Fab's Themes in Twitter & Blogs - Filed under 'human' World of 7 billion: What's your number? World Population: 7 Billion. The UN predicts the world's population explosion: visualised. Turn autoplay off Edition: <span><a href=" Sign in Beta About us Today's paper Subscribe Custom Search.

The UN predicts the world's population explosion: visualised

When analogies go bad. Lots has been written about the scientific method (and even I have written about it in a minor way in the past).

When analogies go bad

The cycle of “make hypothesis, make predictions, test predictions, revise hypothesis, repeat” is the main thing people focus on when talking about how scientific progress happens. What’s less talked about is where the hypothesis comes from in the first place, which starts with someone (maybe you, dear reader) noticing something that needs to be explained. This is harder than it may sound, because in order to see something that needs to be explained, you need to be able to see past the existing explanations. Welcome. What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?* The question of how a genotype (the arrangement of letters in DNA) maps to a phenotype (the shape and behavior of an organism) can be examined at many levels.

On the one hand, we’d like to know how small differences in DNA sequence determine differences between individual humans, such as susceptibility to disease, height, IQ, maybe musical talent… the list is long. On the other hand, we’d like to know which DNA differences determine the crucial differences between species. Carbonnation - The Movie. Energy Information. We launched Google PowerMeter as a free energy monitoring tool to raise awareness about the importance of giving people access to their energy information.

Energy Information

PowerMeter included key features like visualizations of your energy usage, the ability share information with others, and personalized recommendations to save energy. We partnered with device manufacturers and utilities around the world. Many of our partners now have new options available for accessing energy information. We are pleased that PowerMeter helped demonstrate the importance of access to energy information, and created a model for others. We retired the service on September 16, 2011. We continue to see encouraging results about the importance of access to energy data.

Momentum is building toward making energy information more readily accessible, and it’s exciting to see others drive innovation and pursue opportunities in this important new market. LUNA RING/Shimizu's Dream - Shimizu Corporation. LUNA RING Shimizu Corporation‬‏ Développement durable et territoires - Économie, géographie, politique, droit, sociologie. Médiaterre - toute l'actualité du développement durable en langu. Hans Rosling on global population growth.

Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool - Subscription. EcoLocalizer - Celebrating Local Environmental Action. Ecological Footprint Quiz by Redefining Progress. How Many Times Can You Recycle Paper: How Paper Is Recycled. Photo: tonx (flickr) How many times could you recycle a single sheet of paper before the fibers got too short and weak to hold together? You’ve seen the recycling logo, three arrows pointing around in an endless loop. HOME - Ecological Footprint - Ecological Sustainability. Earth Overshoot Day. In 8 Months, Humanity Exhausts Earth's Budget for the Year August 20 is Earth Overshoot Day 2013, marking the date when humanity exhausted nature’s budget for the year.

Earth Overshoot Day

We are now operating in overdraft. For the rest of the year, we will maintain our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Just as a bank statement tracks income against expenditures, Global Footprint Network measures humanity’s demand for and supply of natural resources and ecological services. And the data is sobering. In 1993, Earth Overshoot Day—the approximate date our resource consumption for a given year exceeds the planet’s ability to replenish—fell on October 21. Earth Overshoot Day, a concept originally developed by Global Footprint Network partner and U.K. think tank new economics foundation, is the annual marker of when we begin living beyond our means in a given year. The Cost of Ecological Overspending. Colibris - Mouvement pour la Terre et l'Humanisme. Tout savoir sur le tri et le recyclage - Eco-Emballages.

Développement durable. Sources d'énergie des réseaux de chaleur.